Tekin’s third generation motors are re-engineered from the ground up resulting in a smaller, lighter and faster sensored motor. On Road or Off, the new GEN3 handles the task in stride, delivering the smooth power across all RPMs that you’ve come to expect from a Tekin motor. Much more than a re-hash and new look, the GEN3 Redline Sensored Motor is now ready for any situation and able to create the speed you need to win.

The GEN3 21.5T, 17.5T and 13.5T are available in an RPM version as well as the standard versions. Designed for applications where higher RPM is more beneficial than torque, these motors are perfect for 1/12 and touring car racing classes.

The GEN3 modified group of motors are custom tuned with rotor sizes to give you the performance needed for your application. The 21.5T down to 8.5T group come standard with 12.5mm performance rotors and the 7.5T to 2.5T group are equipped with a 13mm rotor for that extra torque needed in modified racing.

Input Voltage: 2S - ALL

                         3S - 10.5 and up

Weight: 5.7oz / 161g

Shaft Dimensions: 3.2mm (1/8") x 15.3mm

Motor Diameter: 35.85mm / 1.40"

Motor Length: 50mm / 1.909"

Bearing Dimensions: Front: 4x13x5mm

                                     Rear: 1/8x3/8x5/32"

Rotor Size: 12.3mm - 25.5T

                   12.5mm - 21.5T rpm* / 17.5T rpm / 13.5T rpm / 21.5T

                                   17.5T / 13.5T / 10.5T / 9.5T / 8.5T

                    13mm - 7.5T / 6.5T / 5.5T / 4.5T / 4T / 3.5T / 2.5T

                    13mm Torque - 3.5T / 2.5T

 Rebuildable: Yes


*RPM = High RPM On Road Version




1:10 2WD Buggy

1:10 2WD Truck

1:10 2WD Short Course

1:10 4WD Buggy

1:10 4WD Truggy




1:12 2WD Pan Car

1:10 2WD Pan Car

1:10 World GT

1:10 Formula 1

1:10 4WD Touring Car

1:10 Drift




1:10 2WD

1:10 SK Car

1:10 Stock Car

1:10 Winged Sprint

1S LiPo Classes

CNC Machined 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Heat Sink Can

Neodymium Sintered Magnet

Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion

High Purity Copper Windings Maximize Conductivity

Low Resistance, High Power Solder Tabs

Gold-plated Solder Posts for Easy Wire Replacement

Dual-Plug Sensor Wire Harness for all Sensored and Sensorless systems

Anodized End-bell plates maximize corrosion and wear resistance

High RPM Precision Bearings

Rebuild-able Design

Solder-less Sensor PCB replacement

Adjustable Timing

Standard and RPM versions



TT2701 - GEN3 25.5T

TT2702 - GEN3 21.5T RPM

TT2703 - GEN3 21.5T

TT2704 - GEN3 17.5T RPM

TT2705 - GEN3 17.5T

TT2706 - GEN3 13.5T RPM

TT2707 - GEN3 13.5T

TT2708 - GEN3 10.5T

TT2709 - GEN3 9.5T

TT2710 - GEN3 8.5T

TT2711 - GEN3 7.5T

TT2712 - GEN3 6.5T

TT2713 - GEN3 5.5T

TT2714 - GEN3 5T

TT2715 - GEN3 4.5T

TT2716 - GEN3 3.5T

TT2717 - GEN3 2.5T









TT2725 - Redline GEN3 Rebuild Kit:

End Caps / Bearings / Solder Tabs / Isolator / Hardware


TT2726 - Redline GEN3 End Caps / Hardware

TT2728 - Redline GEN3 Sensor PCB

TT2729 - Redline GEN3 Solder Tabs / Isolator



TT2727 - Redline GEN3 Bearing Set

Front: 4x13x5mm / Rear: 1/8x3/8x5/32"
TT3849 - Redline GEN3 Ceramic Bearing Set
Front: 4x13x5mm / Rear: 1/8x3/8x5/32"




TT2719 - 12.3mm Spec Rotor - GREY

TT2721 - 12.5mm Spec Rotor - BLUE

TT2722 - 12.5mm Spec Rotor Strong - YELLOW

TT2723 - 13mm Modified Rotor - GREEN

TT2724 - 13mm HT* Modified Rotor - RED




TT3835 - FlatWire 100mm Ribbon Sensor Cable

TT3836 - FlatWire 150mm Ribbon Sensor Cable

TT3837 - FlatWire 200mm Ribbon Sensor Cable

TT3838 - FlexWire 100mm Sleeved Sensor Cable

TT3839 - FlexWire 150mm Sleeved Sensor Cable

TT3840 - FlexWire 200mm Sleeved Sensor Cable

TT3841 - FlexWire 275mm Sleeved Sensor Cable




TT3009 - FlexWire 12awg Pink 3ft

TT3012 - FlexWire 12awg Red 3ft

TT3013 - FlexWire 12awg Black 3ft

TT3014 - FlexWire 12awg White 3ft

TT3015 - FlexWire 12awg Red 50ft

TT3016 - FlexWire 12awg Black 50ft

TT3017 - FlexWire 12awg White 50ft

TT3018 - FlexWire 12awg Pink 50ft



TT1451 - HotWire 2.0
TT1452 - HotWire 3.0 BLE




We guarantee our motors to be free from manufacturer defects for 180 days from date of purchase. All items are tested in a controlled environment prior to the packaging process to ensure you receive a top quality Tekin product. We strive to provide the highest grade professional components possible and we appreciate and treat every Tekin user as part of our family. We are RC enthusiasts designing and manufacturing quality products to give our fellow RC enthusiasts the best hobby experience possible.


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