At Tekin, we don't compromise. Included with every Tekin ESC is our FlexWire professional grade silicone wire. Available in 12AWG, 14AWG and 16AWG, FlexWire is engineered to outperform the rest. Pre-tinned strands ensure better solder flow for quality solder joints and our high strand count, braided and corded configuration provides ultra low resistance and high performance. Multiple lengths available in black, red, white and even pink, so choose your color combination and give your setup the wire it deserves; Tekin FlexWire.



TT3009 - FlexWire 12AWG 3ft PINK

TT3011 - FlexWire 12AWG 3pc 12" R/W/B
TT3012 - FlexWire 12AWG 3ft RED
TT3013 - FlexWire 12AWG 3ft BLACK
TT3014 - FlexWire 12AWG 3ft WHITE

TT3015 - FlexWire 12AWG 50ft RED
TT3016 - FlexWire 12AWG 50ft BLACK
TT3017 - FlexWire 12AWG 50ft WHITE
TT3018 - FlexWire 12AWG 50ft PINK



TT3031 - FlexWire 14AWG 3pc 12" R/W/B
TT3032 - FlexWire 14AWG 3ft RED

TT3033 - FlexWire 14AWG 3ft BLACK
TT3034 - FlexWire 14AWG 3ft WHITE

TT3035 - FlexWire 14AWG 50ft RED
TT3036 - FlexWire 14AWG 50ft BLACK
TT3037 - FlexWire 14AWG 50ft WHITE



TT3041 - FlexWire 16AWG 3pc 12" R/W/B
TT3042 - FlexWire 16AWG 3ft RED

TT3043 - FlexWire 16AWG 3ft BLACK
TT3044 - FlexWire 16AWG 3ft WHITE

TT3045 - FlexWire 16AWG 50ft RED
TT3046 - FlexWire 16AWG 50ft BLACK
TT3047 - FlexWire 16AWG 50ft WHITE

The FlexWire line also includes our sensor cables. Available in multiple lengths and in either flat or sleeved options, there is a Tekin sensor cable that is right for your application.



TT3838 - 100mm FlexWire Sensor Cable
TT3839 - 150mm FlexWire Sensor Cable
TT3840 - 200mm FlexWire Sensor Cable
TT3841 - 275mm FlexWire Sensor Cable



TT3835 - 100mm FlatWire Sensor Cable
TT3836 - 150mm FlatWire Sensor Cable
TT3837 - 200mm FlatWire Sensor Cable


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