Tekin pioneered the electronic speed controller by developing leading edge designs in the 1980’s.  The electronic speed controller changed the game forever compared to the mechanical speed controllers of the time.


In 2002, while looking for some information on Tekin products, Jim found they had closed the doors.  A former employee offering service on Tekin products claimed that everything was still there. In 2003 Jim found the original building looking as though everyone had just left yesterday.  It appeared to be the perfect combination of a love for RC and experience with motion control and surface mount electronic assembly.  With persistence and determination he found the original owner, and many months later Tekin was moved from the Golden State to the mountains of Idaho.


We are a family owned and operated business that design and manufacture high performance electronics and motors for the radio control enthusiast.  We are a small group of passionate and dedicated people hiding in a small mountain town where the pace is slower and we can think clearly.  Most of our employees have been with us for many years and are very active in RC hobbies.


Coming from a background of RC hobbies as a whole, we know what the hobbyist is looking for; high performance products that are straightforward to set up, highly tunable and reliable.  We offer the best support and service in the industry with pro level setup help and quick turnaround times when unfortunate things happen.  We are all about the grass roots family racing and local hobby shops where you can get some help and make some friends.


Jim Campbell is the president and a Mechanical Engineer with a background in electronic assembly and motor controls.  Jim started racing RC in the late 80's after seeing the local RC track from the window of the hospital where his son Ty was born.


At just weeks old Ty was at the track and the journey had started for the family.  When Ty was about 10 years old he built his first competition level off-road kit and the father son team got serious about racing.  Ty is currently the webmaster and involved in product development, testing and promotions.


Known as the LadyBoss, Sherri Campbell is the CFO and has a background in banking.  The journey would not have been possible without her dedication to keeping the ship on track and the boys in line.


In 2003 the industry was on the edge of evolving to LiPo batteries and brushless motors.  With Tekin’s experience and modern advances in technology came the perfect opportunity to pioneer new products and change the game again.  RC racing quickly evolved to what we know today as consistent performance, back to back batteries and long run times.  This evolution in technology also allowed more people to enjoy the hobby by reducing the cost and effort per minute of driving time.


Tekin products are available worldwide and have won numerous Readers Choice Awards in recent years. All of our products are unique to Tekin and you will not find them under any other brand.  Proudly designing and manufacturing our products in the USA (using foreign and domestic components) allows us to always be listening and constantly improving.


We are typically well represented on the podium at any major event or local race, and our team drivers around the world help us test our products and support our customers. When you choose Tekin products you are joining a family of dedicated people and loyal users that are helpful and just fun to be around.



To provide quality products for the RC enthusiast with world class performance, reliability and support. We are all about getting out and doing something fun, be it at the racetrack, out on the trails or in the back yard.


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