Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Tekin Team! The 2019 season is just around the corner and there are positions open for racers, rock racers and scale enthusiasts. This year we are going to change things up and let YOU tell us why you think you’d be a good fit for the Tekin family of drivers. We want to see a Snap Shot of your RC career up to this point. This can be anything you choose such as a picture portfolio, a video, a write-up or a combination of whatever you think you need to show us. To help get you started, here are a few things we look for and value in our Team:


• Are you a helpful member of your R/C Community?

• Do you volunteer at or are you a part of your local race track(s) or crawling events?

• Are you an approachable person capable of helping others?

• How often do you compete and do you travel outside of your immediate area?

• Do you carry yourself in a professional manner online and at the events/tracks you attend?

• Do you understand the Tekin products and are you able to help fellow drivers with product  recommendations, setup, troubleshooting and tuning?

• Are your electronics installs clean and professional?

• Do you possess above average soldering skills?

• Are you active on social media? Instagram, Facebook, etc.


We value dedicated individuals that are genuinely outgoing and wish to represent the Tekin brand on local, regional, national and international stages. This means more than just placing well at events or being the fastest; both are great qualities but not the only things we look for in a driver. As a member of our Team you represent us both online and at any events you attend, which means others will approach you with questions and seek your help and advice. If you think you are a good fit for our team, tell us why! You could very well be the next Tekin Driver.






Click Apply to open the Team Application.

Right Click and "Save As" to download the file.


Take your time putting your application together. We receive thousands of applications and the competition is fierce, so give us something that really makes you stand out above the rest. Gather up your Snap Shot content and Team Driver Application and send them in!


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