Welcome to the Tekin FAQ Section! We strive to provide you with the best service possible, so we have compiled a list of questions we are frequently asked to better help you find what you're looking for! If there is anything you are looking for that is not on this list, please contact us and leave a suggestion!




Q1. How fast will my vehicle go after putting X motor and X battery in?


A1. This is a tricky question. Not all motors, batteries and ESCs are created equal and not all cars are geared internally the same. Pinion/spur gearing plays a direct part in top speed, as does motor kV, battery voltage, etc. There is no right answer to this question as there are too many variables. Bottom line is; you can go as fast as you want and gear anything the way you want to try to get there, but it is expensive and will likely cost a couple ESCs and motors in the process.



Q2. What is the proper gearing for my Tekin brushless motor?


A2. Gearing is a very important part of any setup and should not be overlooked. Track size, level of traction and motor choice all come in to play. Gearing is also car-specific, so there is no one answer for say a 10.5 GEN2 Redline to be geared. A good rule of thumb is to keep ANY Tekin motor, be it 1/10 or 1/8, under 180*F at all times. Usually being geared properly for your track, conditions and car will yield temperatures between 150*F and 180*F. Pay attention to run-time, if your motor is coming off at 180*F after 5 minutes, don't go run a 15 minute practice session as you will likely overheat the rotor, causing permanent magnet/stator damage.



Q3. How much will overheating damage my Tekin brushless motor?


A3. This depends on how overheated the motor was and for how long. Temperatures exceeding our recommended maximum of 180*F have shown to cause rotor damage, which can weaken the magnet strength and cause the motor to lose power and continue to run hot due to stress. In extreme cases, the motor amp draw will spike high enough to start de-soldering connections internally. Replacement rotors can be purchased for all of our motors, you can find part numbers here.



Q4. Does Tekin offer replacement rotors and parts for Redline brushless motors?


A4. Yes, we offer parts for all of our motors. Part numbers can be found here.



Q5. What's the difference between the HotWire 1 the HotWire 2 and the HotWire 3?


A5. Besides the obvious change in case color and decal, the  HotWire 2 was introduced as our HotWire App for Android phones was released as it has built-in OTG support, eliminating the need for an OTG cable. Cables needed are still device-specific, so it's up to you to find a USB that will connect to your device and the HotWire 2. Both HotWire 1 & 2 units can be used with the app, however the original black case version will need an OTG cable and they can be found very cheap online.


The HotWire 3 was introduced as our HotWire App for iOS was released and the Android App was updated. Our newest HotWire 3 is a wireless unit that links your Apple or Android device through Bluetooth Wireless Technology.



Q6. My HotWire won't connect to my Mobile device, what do I do?


A6-a. Check out our Android FAQ!

A6-b. Check out our iOS FAQ!



Q7. Do I have to run the silver cap that comes with Tekin ESCs?


A7. In short, YES. By not doing so, you void our 120-day warranty and subject your ESC to conditions that may damage it beyond repair. The cap absorbs voltage spikes between the battery and ESC, protecting vital components from damage and heat issues.



Q8. Are Tekin ESCs waterproof?


A8. Our Element Proof lineup of products are of water resistant design. Proper care and usage are required to maintain our 180-day warranty. All other Tekin ESCs should not be used in or around water as they are not sufficiently protected. Warranty does not cover damage from normal use, misuse, abuse, poor maintenance, usage outside of the specifications, modification or other and is limited to judgment by Tekin technicians.



Q9. Are Tekin ESCs protected from reverse polarity?


A9. No, Tekin ESCs are not protected from reverse polarity. Pay close attention when wiring and plugging in batteries!



Q10. How do I get a Tekin product repaired?


A10. Check out the Service page for information on how to submit and RA Request and print off our Request for Service Form.



Q11. How long are Tekin products covered under warranty?


A11. All Tekin products are covered under our 120-day quality warranty. The 120-day period starts on the date of purchase (a few days leeway is given for customers who purchase online and have shipping times.)  Our warranty covers manufacturing defects only, damage due to normal usage, neglect or usage outside of the product specifications will not be covered. We reserve the right to refuse warranty service. 180-day warranty information.



Q12. Can I use another company's sensor cable on my Tekin Redline brushless motor?


A12. Yes, the sensor plugs are an industry standard (for ROAR specs) and are interchangeable between brands.



Q13. Can I use another company's tuning device on my Tekin ESC?


A13. No, only the HotWire device will work to tune our ESCs. You will also need the software on your PC or app on your Android device.



Q14. Why does my Tekin ESC flash between LEDs 1 & 4 when in neutral?


A14. This is the on-board temperature indicator operating normally. The ESC shows you the internal temperature while in neutral and is a good tool for tuning your setup. See our ESC Codes page for examples!



Q15. Why does my Tekin ESC flash LEDs 3 & 5 rapidly, then LED1 and back?


A15. This means your ESC is in SPEC mode, which locks out any timing features. It flashes to let techs at races know your ESC is in the SPEC-legal operating mode. The temperature monitor will still give readings every few seconds as normal. See our ESC Codes page for examples!



Q16. My Tekin ESC won't calibrate properly or find neutral, what do I do?


A16. The first thing that should be done with any Tekin ESC is a Radio Calibration. The procedure for this can be found in your User Manual. Tekin ESCs always look for a neutral signal when first turned on, which means your radio needs to be on, bound to your receiver and all trims set at 0. EPAs (End Point Adjustments, or Travel) may need to be increased for proper calibration. Make sure you do not have any ABS systems or braking mixers turned on in your radio settings. You may also need to reverse the throttle channel BEFORE calibrating your ESC. Tekin ESCs look for specific signals and will not calibrate or arm properly until it sees what it wants for signals.



Q17.  What is the difference between Sensored and D2 Dual Mode?


A17. Sensored Mode operates by using the sensors in our brushelss motors to track the position of the rotor. Timing boost and turbo rely on these sensors to operate properly and can only be used if the ESC is set for Sensored Only Mode. D2 Dual Mode is our proprietary algorithm that uses the motor sensors for the first few thousand RPM which then transitions to Sensorless operation as the RPMs increase. Boost and Turbo can't be used and sometimes this D2 mode can increase the smoothness and efficiency of a modified setup and decrease operating temperatures.



Q18. How Do I know if my motor sensors are working?


A18. Each Tekin brushless ESC has a built-in sensor checker you can use to verify proper sensor operation. With the ESC on and in neutral and motor connected rotate the motor shaft by hand slowly and watch the far right LEDs on the ESC LED bar. They should rotate through as each sensor is activated. It's best to take the ESC out of SPEC mode when doing this as it makes the LEDs easier to see.



Q19. Where can I find specifications on Tekin products?


A19. Each product page on our website has the specs to said product listed for you. Just navigate to the product in question and click the specs button in the description area. Any discontinued products can be found in the Product Archive.



Q20. What is the difference between the HD Brushed Crawler Motor and Pro Handwound?


A20. The Pro Handwound motors are hand wound, which means they will be wound tighter and use less wire for the same amount of turns as the same turn motor if it were machine wound. The Pros also come with an upgraded brush and spring combo.The HD motors have stronger magnets and are machine wound.



Q21. What's the difference between the FX and FXR?


A21. The FX is a forward-only ESC, the FXR has reverse.



Q22. What's the difference between the FXR and FXR Pro?


A22. The FXR Pro has twice the FETs as the FXR and can handle lower turn motors. It is also a little taller due to the extra power board inside. They both use the same firmware and have all the same features.



Q23. Can I run a brushless motor on my FX or B1 series ESC?


A23. No, the FX and B1 series are brushed-only ESCs.



Q24. How does the Tekin ESC Data Logging work?


A24. Check out our Data Logging section here!



Q25. My ESC is flashing a code I've never seen, what does it mean?


A25. Tekin ESCs are intelligent pieces of equipment and will tell you if something is wrong. Take a look at our ESC Codes section to find out what you're looking at!



Q26. What are the torque and speed ratings of Tekin Servos?


A26. Please head over to our Servo FAQ for information on Tekin Servos!


Q27. Why am I getting a .NET Framework error when attempting to install the HotWire Software on my PC.

A27. Please see our tutorial on enabling
.NET Framework on Windows 10.




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