Tekin wins the CRCRC Midwest Champs!

The 2014 CRCRC Midwest Championships held at the Ohio RC Factory. In attendance were some of the fastest guys in the country competing in all classes including Ryan Maifield, Max Flurer, Ryan Cavalieri, Dylan Gerard, Matt Schreffler, along with a number of others. The format for the week was controlled practice on both Wednesday and Thursday, Qualifying on Friday and Saturday, and then Mains on Sunday. A unique part of this race is that there is bump ups, followed by Triple-A-Mains for all classes, which is quite unusual for an electric race of this caliber. Tekin’s own CS Manager Jeremy “PG” Potter was in attendance to support the team drivers and customers.

The practice days went according to plan and pretty laid back. A big conversation piece was the front section of the track which was seeing to be the “make it or break it” part of the track. In all of my classes, I used different rhythms through this section, and in all classes my Tekin powered Serpent cars had no problem making it through. Late on Thursday, a seeding round was set to go.

Friday morning rolled around, the mood slightly changed in the building and it was time for qualifying to get underway. 2wd Mod Short Course Tekin factory driver Joe Bornhorst started second right behind Maifield and would get a 2nd place for the round only a few seconds off of TQ using the Tekin RSX esc and Redline 7.5 Gen2 motor. In E-Buggy, Bornhorst came out swinging with a flawless run and got the TQ for Round 1!

Saturday morning was more qualifying. In Short Course, Bornhorst had another good run for another 2nd place for the round, with Maifield locking up TQ for the class. In E-Buggy, Bornhorst focused all of his attention towards E-Buggy. Bornhorst had 1 TQ, and Flurer had two TQ’s, leaving it all up to him for being the only other person with a chance to get overall TQ. Bornhorst not only had to win the round, but had to be under a certain time to win the tie breaker! No pressure right!? The first couple minutes of the run went to plan and Bornhorst was in the lead on a new TQ pace. The announcer that Bornhorst had won the round, but I didn’t know the time. was it enough? Bornhorst’s time was just enough to win the tie breaker by less than a second giving him overall TQ for the E buggy class! 

Triple A-mains in 2wd Mod Short Course went well for Bornhorst starting out with a 3rd in A1, and 2nd in A2, and a Win in A3! This would put Bornhorst 2nd overall for the class for the second year in a row! 
In 1/8 E-Buggy had Tekin powered Joe Bornhorst starting from pole with two pretty flawless runs in A1 and A2 pulling away from the pack and leading every lap, grabbing the win in both giving him the overall win for the class! Tekin teammate and MIP’s own Matt Olson would fight it out with Dylan Gerard for the remaining podium spots taking it all the way to A-3. The two were swapping places the entire race every few laps.  
L-R Matt Olson(Tekin), Joe Bornhorst(Tekin), Dylan Gegard(Tekin)
“It was one of the coolest feelings I’ve had so far in my racing career! ” Joe Bornhorst
Joe Bornhorst equipped his Serpent with the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc, and T8 Gen2 1900.
Matt Olson equipped his MIP Pro8 with a Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc, and T8i 1950.
Dylan Gergard used a Tekin 1900 T8 motor.

Tekin teammate Matt Olson racing in Pro4 would take A1 and A2 to clinch the overall win. Olson was using  the Tekin Gen2 RX8 as well as Tekin 4300kv HD motor.

Tekin takes Round 2 of the JConcepts Top Notch Winter Series

Round 2 of the JConcepts Top Notch Winter series would be hosted at  Coyote Hobbies Indoor RC Raceway in Victorville, CA. Team Associated’s Kevin Motter, TLR’s Shawn Blackwell and James Raschko, Tekno RC’s Rudy Rico and Chris Blais, Kyosho’s Cody Turner and Mike Bustamante, Josh Mitchell and a number of very fast local racers were all in attendance. Two rounds of 5 minute qualifiers, followed by 5 minute A Mains and  announcing would be handled by Notch Johnson. There were 280 entries this round!

Tekin team driver Lucas Sanford would take his Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen2 6.5 powered RT6 truck to an overall Tq and victory for the round.

2wd Mod Buggy was a close between some of the fastest drivers around. Sanford would take 3rd overall with his Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen2 7.5 Rb6 buggy.

Lucas had this to say “I cannot be happier with my new Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen2 7.5 turn motor!”

Sanford would also go on to Tq the 1/8 Pro E buggy class and Tq 4wd Mod buggy!

Tekin driver Barry Pettit turns a negative into a positive!

Barry talks about this past weekend: “What a wet weekend on the East Coast! Our original plans to race at the Colonel’s Classic in Savannah, Ga., were cancelled due to a gloomy forecast of rain for the entire southeast. We were fortunate to be able to travel to Knoxville, Tn. to a track that is located in a Knoxville Zoo pavillion, which means it is fully covered!

This was our first trip to this track and we were pleasantly surprised. The name of the track and the RC club is ROCCK Racing and they are a great bunch of guys. Although this was a regular scheduled club race, the attendance was high due to the rain and the race in Savannah being cancelled. I ran two classes, Nitro and Electric Buggy. I went on to TQ and win E-Buggy with my Tekin Rx8 Gen2 T8 Gen2 powered Mugen Mbx Eco buggy.

I look forward to going back in a couple of weeks to a featured race at the ROCCK.”

Fasnacht and Tekin 2013 Turkey Derby Champion

It was a great day of racing at the 6th annual Turkey Derby held at the Strand RC Raceway. The track is roughly a 108′ run line and everyone decided to run super truck which uses 17.5 motors and blinky speedos. on the tight track.

The day started off with not much traction in the rug so lap times weren’t very great. A few hours later and we were pulling 3.3 second lap times and finishing on mid 3.5 second laps. In attendance were team drivers Cory Fasnacht, Mike O’brien, and Bill Osborn. Bill and Cory were fast early on and kept stepping it up round after round.

The track record fell that day numerous times. First round Cory Fasnacht took down the record with a 68 4:00. Bill Osborn took it down in the 2nd round with a 69 4:02. Franklin Brink took it down in the 3rd round with almost a 70 lap run. In the end Bill Osborn took the A-main win, Cory Fasnacht was on his bumper for 4 full minutes and brought home the 2nd spot followed by Mike O’brien in 3rd.

Cory Fasnacht was crowned 2013 Turkey Derby Champion as he finished 2nd and had the highest average of people running multiple classes. More details at www.strandrcracing.com.

Tekin and Cravotta win Maine State Champs!

Maximus RC hosted the Maine State Champs this past weekend. Huge props go out to them because a water main broke inside the building and it took them all day Saturday to fix it and then get the track ready. The very cold weather and snow kept some of the racers from showing up. They still had 98 entries considering the conditions. Tekin factory driver John Cravotta was in attendance. He recaps his weekend:

“My Tekin powered X-Factory X6 Squared Buggy felt great in practice. The new Tekin RSX and GEN2 8.5 was super smooth all day allowing me to put crazy power down in every corner. Rd1 went well making a couple of mistakes but still setting TQ with 17 laps 5:14 with a .708 Deviation . Left some time on the track that I knew I could get back in Rd2. Rd2 had the run I was waiting for and improved my TQ by 3 seconds with 17 lap run in 5:11. In the A Main I Checked out and won start to finish with 17 laps 5:07.

Rd1 2wd SC went well, but also made mistakes and missing TQ by 3 seconds.  Left a lot of time on the track. Rd2 started off great, on a TQ run by over 5 seconds.  Made a mistake and got tied up with lap traffic and did not set TQ and qualified 2nd in the A Main. A Main started great myself and the leader trained for the whole race. He never gave me a inch to pass until he made a mistake trying to go inside on lap traffic without slowing down. He rubbed fenders with him and slowed him down enough for me to pass on the outside with only 25 seconds left in the race. My Tekin powered X-Factory SCX-60CF felt great on the Jconcepts Black Pressure  points. The Tekin Rsx and GEN2 7.5 combo put the power down through the B-Fast diff and MIP CVD’s allowing me to take the win. He did everything to get by me but I shut the door, It was a crazy fun race.

What a great way to start the 2014 Season! I want to thank all my sponsors for the continued support for another year. ” John Cravotta

New Teking factory driver Griffin Hanna wins 1st time out!

Tekin factory driver Griffin Hanna rolled out to “The Pit” for the annual New Years race located in Columbia SC. Around 94 entrees for the race.Griffin ran 1/10 mod 2wd buggy and Pro nitro buggy. After 2 rounds of qualifying in 2wd buggy Griffin was Top Qualifier. Double A-mains for electric allowed Griffin to go 1-1 for the overall win! “My Team Tekin Racing Gen 2 RS esc and Redline Gen2 8.5 motor was screaming.” Griffin

Big thanks to all our sponsors Tekin, Mugen Seiki Racing,Maxy Velazco motors,Competition Suspension Inc.,Mitchell Looper M2C Racing,Advantage Racing Products Sweep Racing Tires and Leadfinger r/c. Thanks to Joe Peregoy for the sick paint jobs.Looking forward to the 2014 race season.

Tekin wins at the 2013 USOWC

2013 USOWC (Us Open Wheel Championship) is over and Tekin Team driver Eric Salvas recaps his successful weekend.

4WD mod late model class. Tq’d round 2, but qualified 2nd overall. I would win the dash which gave me the top starting spot in the A-main.  The A-main kicked off and I managed to dodge all the bullets to WIN the fastest class of the week!  I used a Tekin RX8 Gen2 along with a Redline Gen2 4.5. Others would suffer from heat or shut down but my Tekin powered CW dominator was strong all week.

Sprint car 17.5. Car ran great…had a bad draw for the dash (6) (dash were 2 min race that determined the starting positions for the mains)…came back from behind to grab 3rd place to start from there in the main. In the main had a crash early…but rallied back to a close second 0.3 behind the winner…a couple more laps but time ran out.

Late model 17.5. Again had a bad draw for the dash (5) and again came back to second in the 2 min race to start outside pole in the main. Had to deal with traffic in the main that cost me some the top spot. Pushed hard and fast at the end to finished less than a car lenght of the winner just 0.1sec back so another close 2nd place in the A final!

EDM 17.5. Got the TQ just in front of brother and teammate Steve!  A bad car in the dash gave me a 6th starting position in the main feature. Car back to its normal performance allowed me to rally back to a real close second behind the winner 0.3 second. Had the car to win it…but the error in the dash cost me a win in the main!

Moberly wins the Pay it Forward race!

The Pay it Forward race at Outback Raceway in Chico, CA was held right before Christmas week. Racers from all around the region converged for some good racing and to support a great cause.

Tekin factory driver Jason Moberly qualified 2nd in 2wd Open Short course and won the A main with my Tekin RSX Gen2 7.5 powered mid motor TLR 22sct. “The new RSX’s smooth power and brakes help me keep it clean for the entire 8 minute main event. ” Moberly

Matt Olson and Tekin win 2013 Jconcepts Series Title!

The JConcepts Nationals Series is comprised of five races at different tracks around the country with 3 out of 5 races counting towards the overall Championship. Tekin Factory driver Matt Olson talks about his Series Title:

“I was able to come full circle on this years JConcepts Nationals Series Championship in 4×4 SC, powered by Tekin/MIP/JConcepts. With the help of my main sponsor and employer MIP I was able to make the required amount of races each of which was located in different states, these were Smactrac (St. Louis, MO), A Main Hobbies Outback Raceway  (Chico, CA), and the finals at Hobby Town / Hobby Plex  (Omaha, NE). At each event I battled out for the top spot and came away with Two TQ’s, Two Wins, and one second place finish to clinch the overall championship.

Throughout this 2013 National event I was using all Tekin products comprising of the RX8 , RX8 Gen2, Pro 4 4600KV 4 Pole, and Pro 4HD 4300kv 4 Pole. All of Tekins products preformed flawlessly without a failure the entire year, and if anyone knows how I drive you can be assured that the equipment was definitely put though the ringer. I can safely say that when I have Tekin under the hood I will be rolling past that finish line with all four tires blazing. Thank you Tekin for the continued support and looking forward to a successful 2014! ”  Matt Olson

Tekin RS Spec wins the RCinsider Race at Rainman’s Hobbies!

Rain Man’s RC and Hobbies hosted the Rc-Insider race on the 14th.

The race started on Saturday very early. The track opened at 6:00am and racing started at 8:30am. The track guys really put in a nice flowing layout. Not to technical but very racey. Two rounds of IFMAR quals and single A mains. Top drivers from all around were in attendance. Notable drivers such as Zack Rogers, Chris Wesson, Nathan Lavery and Andrew Smolnick ,Wayne Ashmore and Mango were in attendance.

Stock buggy which was open to chassis sponsored racers which would make for intense and very close racing. In stock buggy Craig Patterson would end up qualifying 3rd overall behind Rogers and Wesson which were about 6 seconds in front of me. A few back markers to deal with which slowed his pace a little. “Overall, very pleased with my results for the first round.” Patterson

Nothing really notable for round 2. Patterson would remain tq in 40+ stock buggy and remain 3rd overall in stock buggy. They had all the TQ drivers get together for a photo op before the mains started and each driver recieved an AKA pit towel for their efforts. Pretty cool!

A Mains:

“40+ stock buggy Patterson simply checked out and had a flawless run. Wayne Ashmore would finish some 10+ seconds behind. Lap times were low 16’s. My Tekin RS Spec and Redline Gen2 17.5 motor gave me constant fast lap all day long in both classes and my top 5 / top 10 were the best also out of everyone. ” Patterson

Stock Buggy A Main Patterson would have P2 open in front of me with Rogers having sat out due to ESC issues. So starting basically in 2nd, the tone would go off with Patterson following Wesson through the sweeper and then passing him just after the first double double to hair pin corner when he spun out over shooting the landing. Patterson then was able to completely get away from the pack by well over 35 feet going into the center jump section. All of a sudden race director Notch Johnson announces “RE START……RE START”. Apparently there were a few guys who collected each other in the sweeper and he thought it best to restart the race.

Patterson a bit frustrated having to give up his commanding lead calmed down lined up with the rest to get started again. A few mistakes throughout the beginning of the race placing Patterson in a chasing situation this time around. Patterson was able to get to P3 with 3 laps to go but was cleaned out by some back markers in the jump section and fell to 4th where he finished when the tone sounded.

My Tekin RS Spec esc ran flawlessly along with my Gen2 17.5 Redline motor. Geared 72/31 with endbell timing set to 34 degrees. Motor temp was only 110 degrees.

“Special thanks to Craig Patterson for helping out many Tekin customers and showing off the new Android app. Patterson also updated the hobby shops software to the current hotwire version.” Randy Pike