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ESC Programming: Throttle Frequency
Tune throttle feel with Throttle Frequency.
ESC Programming: Push Control
The exact opposite of Drag Brake! Add some coast rather than drag.
ESC Programming: Brake Minimum
Initial Brake strength.
ESC Programming: RPM Brake
Increase Brake Strength at lower speeds.
ESC Programming: Active Brake
Extra braking power.
ESC Programming: Brake Strength
Brakes, you need less than you think.
ESC Programming: Drag Brake
Setting Drag Brake on-board and through the HotWire.
ESC Programming: Voltage Cutoff
Voltage Cutoff is 100% necessary for LiPo batteries. Protect those cells!
V280 Drag Racing Features
New tuning options specifically for Drag Racing!
Servo Programming
Program your Tekin Servo with the HotWire on PC!
Servo Installation & Setup
Install and Setup your new Tekin Servo!
Radio Calibration
How to calibrate a Tekin ESC to your radio!
GEN3 Ceramic Motor Bearing Install
Installing a set of Precision Ceramic Bearings in a GEN3 Brushless Motor
On-Board ESC Adjustments
Randy Pike from Tekin shows you how to use the on-board programming on Tekin electronic speed controls!
Auxiliary Drag Brake Adjustment
Ty demonstrates how to set up your radio to adjust Drag Brake strength on the fly!
GEN4 Rotor Shimming
Set your rotor sensor gap and float range.
Element Proof Your Motors
Protect your motors, drive where you want!
RX4 Trail Preparation
Prep your RX4 for trail domination!
Brushed Motor Maintenance
Keep your Tekin crawler motor running strong with our easy maintenance tips!
Pre-Race Checklist
Jeremy Potter goes over his pre-race shakedown.
Clean Wiring Tips
A few options and tips to get a factory install look!
Find Your Saved Data Logs
Did you save your data logs but can't find the files? Look no further...
How to Tech Inspect a Motor
Randy Pike shows how to tech inspect a 1/10 540 style motor.
Keep Your Motor Looking New
Motor Mounting Screw Length
Does motor screw length matter? Yes read more to see why...
How to install a Tekin RSX
Randy Pike shows his tips and tricks to install a Tekin RSX like the pros!
Don't know what your radio settings do?
Learn more about your radio settings and how they affect your Tekin ESC?
Tekin Spectrum AVC Calibration How To
AVC causing odd throttle control issues. Find out how to fix it....
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