Tekin wins at the 2013 USOWC

2013 USOWC (Us Open Wheel Championship) is over and Tekin Team driver Eric Salvas recaps his successful weekend.

4WD mod late model class. Tq’d round 2, but qualified 2nd overall. I would win the dash which gave me the top starting spot in the A-main.  The A-main kicked off and I managed to dodge all the bullets to WIN the fastest class of the week!  I used a Tekin RX8 Gen2 along with a Redline Gen2 4.5. Others would suffer from heat or shut down but my Tekin powered CW dominator was strong all week.

Sprint car 17.5. Car ran great…had a bad draw for the dash (6) (dash were 2 min race that determined the starting positions for the mains)…came back from behind to grab 3rd place to start from there in the main. In the main had a crash early…but rallied back to a close second 0.3 behind the winner…a couple more laps but time ran out.

Late model 17.5. Again had a bad draw for the dash (5) and again came back to second in the 2 min race to start outside pole in the main. Had to deal with traffic in the main that cost me some the top spot. Pushed hard and fast at the end to finished less than a car lenght of the winner just 0.1sec back so another close 2nd place in the A final!

EDM 17.5. Got the TQ just in front of brother and teammate Steve!  A bad car in the dash gave me a 6th starting position in the main feature. Car back to its normal performance allowed me to rally back to a real close second behind the winner 0.3 second. Had the car to win it…but the error in the dash cost me a win in the main!

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