Fasnacht and Tekin 2013 Turkey Derby Champion

It was a great day of racing at the 6th annual Turkey Derby held at the Strand RC Raceway. The track is roughly a 108′ run line and everyone decided to run super truck which uses 17.5 motors and blinky speedos. on the tight track.

The day started off with not much traction in the rug so lap times weren’t very great. A few hours later and we were pulling 3.3 second lap times and finishing on mid 3.5 second laps. In attendance were team drivers Cory Fasnacht, Mike O’brien, and Bill Osborn. Bill and Cory were fast early on and kept stepping it up round after round.

The track record fell that day numerous times. First round Cory Fasnacht took down the record with a 68 4:00. Bill Osborn took it down in the 2nd round with a 69 4:02. Franklin Brink took it down in the 3rd round with almost a 70 lap run. In the end Bill Osborn took the A-main win, Cory Fasnacht was on his bumper for 4 full minutes and brought home the 2nd spot followed by Mike O’brien in 3rd.

Cory Fasnacht was crowned 2013 Turkey Derby Champion as he finished 2nd and had the highest average of people running multiple classes. More details at www.strandrcracing.com.

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