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T8 GEN2 Images

T8 GEN2 1/8th Scale Competition Sensored Brushless Motors

T8 GEN2 Motors
TT2355 - T8 GEN2 2650kV
TT2356 - T8 GEN2 2050kV
TT2357 - T8 GEN2 1900kV
TT2358 - T8 GEN2 1700kV
TT2359 - T8 GEN2 1400kV

TT2365 - T8 GEN2 2250kV
TT2366 - T8 GEN2 2000kV
TT2367 - T8 GEN2 1700kV
TT2368 - T8 GEN2 1550kV
TT2369 - T8 GEN2 1350kV

Street Price - $179.00

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Tekin's Redline T8 GEN2 motor defines large scale, high-performance racing. Featuring sensors for flawless, reliable on-track operation, the T8 GEN2 provides pro-level controlability and power. Capable of both sensored and sensorless operation, the T8 GEN2 motors are the leading edge of large scale motor technology. Utilize the torque and speed of your T8 to propel you across the finish line!

With the GEN2 name comes exceptional performance, superior smoothness and control. The award-winning and track-proven reputation of the T8 series received a new look and extensive tuning to better an already dominant design. The optimized stack design and ultra-smooth powerband bring unrivaled professional performance to uphold the GEN2 name.

Couple the power of a Redline T8 GEN2 with the RX8 GEN2 for the ultimate in 1/8 racing equipment!

CNC Machined 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Ribbed Heatsink Can
Matte Anodized for Maximum Corrosion Resistance
Sensored and Sensorless Operation
High Current Solder Tabs
Rebuildable Design
Solderless Sensor PCB Replacement
4-Pole Neodymium Sintered Magnet
Dual-Plug Sensor Wire Harness
ABEC5 Precision High Speed Oversized Bearings
Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion
Designed to be paired with the RX8 GEN2 ESC
ROAR Approved

Weight: 4030: 11oz (311g)  4038: 13oz (368g)
Shaft Dimensions: 19 x 5mm w/flat
Motor Diameter: 1.57” (40mm) / 1.65” (42mm) including fin
Motor Length: 4030: 2.71” (69mm)  4038: 3.03” (77mm)
Bearing Dimensions: Front: 5x16x5mm / Rear 5x11x5mm


T8 GEN2 2650 (B) TT2355 4S 2650 18.5mm
T8 GEN2 2250 (T) TT2365 4S 2250 18.5mm
T8 GEN2 2050 (B) TT2356 4S 2050 18.5mm
T8 GEN2 2000 (T) TT2366 4S 2000 18.5mm
T8 GEN2 1900 (B) TT2357 4S 1900 18.5mm
T8 GEN2 1700 (T) TT2367 4S-5S 1700 18.5mm
T8 GEN2 1700 (B) TT2358 4S-5S 1700 18.5mm
T8 GEN2 1550 (T) TT2368 4S-6S 1550 18.5mm
T8 GEN2 1400 (B) TT2359 4S-6S 1400 18.5mm
T8 GEN2 1350 (T) TT2369 4S-6S 1350 18.5mm