Tekin wins the CRCRC Midwest Champs!

The 2014 CRCRC Midwest Championships held at the Ohio RC Factory. In attendance were some of the fastest guys in the country competing in all classes including Ryan Maifield, Max Flurer, Ryan Cavalieri, Dylan Gerard, Matt Schreffler, along with a number of others. The format for the week was controlled practice on both Wednesday and Thursday, Qualifying on Friday and Saturday, and then Mains on Sunday. A unique part of this race is that there is bump ups, followed by Triple-A-Mains for all classes, which is quite unusual for an electric race of this caliber. Tekin’s own CS Manager Jeremy “PG” Potter was in attendance to support the team drivers and customers.

The practice days went according to plan and pretty laid back. A big conversation piece was the front section of the track which was seeing to be the “make it or break it” part of the track. In all of my classes, I used different rhythms through this section, and in all classes my Tekin powered Serpent cars had no problem making it through. Late on Thursday, a seeding round was set to go.

Friday morning rolled around, the mood slightly changed in the building and it was time for qualifying to get underway. 2wd Mod Short Course Tekin factory driver Joe Bornhorst started second right behind Maifield and would get a 2nd place for the round only a few seconds off of TQ using the Tekin RSX esc and Redline 7.5 Gen2 motor. In E-Buggy, Bornhorst came out swinging with a flawless run and got the TQ for Round 1!

Saturday morning was more qualifying. In Short Course, Bornhorst had another good run for another 2nd place for the round, with Maifield locking up TQ for the class. In E-Buggy, Bornhorst focused all of his attention towards E-Buggy. Bornhorst had 1 TQ, and Flurer had two TQ’s, leaving it all up to him for being the only other person with a chance to get overall TQ. Bornhorst not only had to win the round, but had to be under a certain time to win the tie breaker! No pressure right!? The first couple minutes of the run went to plan and Bornhorst was in the lead on a new TQ pace. The announcer that Bornhorst had won the round, but I didn’t know the time. was it enough? Bornhorst’s time was just enough to win the tie breaker by less than a second giving him overall TQ for the E buggy class! 

Triple A-mains in 2wd Mod Short Course went well for Bornhorst starting out with a 3rd in A1, and 2nd in A2, and a Win in A3! This would put Bornhorst 2nd overall for the class for the second year in a row! 
In 1/8 E-Buggy had Tekin powered Joe Bornhorst starting from pole with two pretty flawless runs in A1 and A2 pulling away from the pack and leading every lap, grabbing the win in both giving him the overall win for the class! Tekin teammate and MIP’s own Matt Olson would fight it out with Dylan Gerard for the remaining podium spots taking it all the way to A-3. The two were swapping places the entire race every few laps.  
L-R Matt Olson(Tekin), Joe Bornhorst(Tekin), Dylan Gegard(Tekin)
“It was one of the coolest feelings I’ve had so far in my racing career! ” Joe Bornhorst
Joe Bornhorst equipped his Serpent with the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc, and T8 Gen2 1900.
Matt Olson equipped his MIP Pro8 with a Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc, and T8i 1950.
Dylan Gergard used a Tekin 1900 T8 motor.

Tekin teammate Matt Olson racing in Pro4 would take A1 and A2 to clinch the overall win. Olson was using  the Tekin Gen2 RX8 as well as Tekin 4300kv HD motor.

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