Tekin and Cravotta win Maine State Champs!

Maximus RC hosted the Maine State Champs this past weekend. Huge props go out to them because a water main broke inside the building and it took them all day Saturday to fix it and then get the track ready. The very cold weather and snow kept some of the racers from showing up. They still had 98 entries considering the conditions. Tekin factory driver John Cravotta was in attendance. He recaps his weekend:

“My Tekin powered X-Factory X6 Squared Buggy felt great in practice. The new Tekin RSX and GEN2 8.5 was super smooth all day allowing me to put crazy power down in every corner. Rd1 went well making a couple of mistakes but still setting TQ with 17 laps 5:14 with a .708 Deviation . Left some time on the track that I knew I could get back in Rd2. Rd2 had the run I was waiting for and improved my TQ by 3 seconds with 17 lap run in 5:11. In the A Main I Checked out and won start to finish with 17 laps 5:07.

Rd1 2wd SC went well, but also made mistakes and missing TQ by 3 seconds.  Left a lot of time on the track. Rd2 started off great, on a TQ run by over 5 seconds.  Made a mistake and got tied up with lap traffic and did not set TQ and qualified 2nd in the A Main. A Main started great myself and the leader trained for the whole race. He never gave me a inch to pass until he made a mistake trying to go inside on lap traffic without slowing down. He rubbed fenders with him and slowed him down enough for me to pass on the outside with only 25 seconds left in the race. My Tekin powered X-Factory SCX-60CF felt great on the Jconcepts Black Pressure  points. The Tekin Rsx and GEN2 7.5 combo put the power down through the B-Fast diff and MIP CVD’s allowing me to take the win. He did everything to get by me but I shut the door, It was a crazy fun race.

What a great way to start the 2014 Season! I want to thank all my sponsors for the continued support for another year. ” John Cravotta

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