Tekin RS Spec wins the RCinsider Race at Rainman’s Hobbies!

Rain Man’s RC and Hobbies hosted the Rc-Insider race on the 14th.

The race started on Saturday very early. The track opened at 6:00am and racing started at 8:30am. The track guys really put in a nice flowing layout. Not to technical but very racey. Two rounds of IFMAR quals and single A mains. Top drivers from all around were in attendance. Notable drivers such as Zack Rogers, Chris Wesson, Nathan Lavery and Andrew Smolnick ,Wayne Ashmore and Mango were in attendance.

Stock buggy which was open to chassis sponsored racers which would make for intense and very close racing. In stock buggy Craig Patterson would end up qualifying 3rd overall behind Rogers and Wesson which were about 6 seconds in front of me. A few back markers to deal with which slowed his pace a little. “Overall, very pleased with my results for the first round.” Patterson

Nothing really notable for round 2. Patterson would remain tq in 40+ stock buggy and remain 3rd overall in stock buggy. They had all the TQ drivers get together for a photo op before the mains started and each driver recieved an AKA pit towel for their efforts. Pretty cool!

A Mains:

“40+ stock buggy Patterson simply checked out and had a flawless run. Wayne Ashmore would finish some 10+ seconds behind. Lap times were low 16’s. My Tekin RS Spec and Redline Gen2 17.5 motor gave me constant fast lap all day long in both classes and my top 5 / top 10 were the best also out of everyone. ” Patterson

Stock Buggy A Main Patterson would have P2 open in front of me with Rogers having sat out due to ESC issues. So starting basically in 2nd, the tone would go off with Patterson following Wesson through the sweeper and then passing him just after the first double double to hair pin corner when he spun out over shooting the landing. Patterson then was able to completely get away from the pack by well over 35 feet going into the center jump section. All of a sudden race director Notch Johnson announces “RE START……RE START”. Apparently there were a few guys who collected each other in the sweeper and he thought it best to restart the race.

Patterson a bit frustrated having to give up his commanding lead calmed down lined up with the rest to get started again. A few mistakes throughout the beginning of the race placing Patterson in a chasing situation this time around. Patterson was able to get to P3 with 3 laps to go but was cleaned out by some back markers in the jump section and fell to 4th where he finished when the tone sounded.

My Tekin RS Spec esc ran flawlessly along with my Gen2 17.5 Redline motor. Geared 72/31 with endbell timing set to 34 degrees. Motor temp was only 110 degrees.

“Special thanks to Craig Patterson for helping out many Tekin customers and showing off the new Android app. Patterson also updated the hobby shops software to the current hotwire version.” Randy Pike

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