Snowbirds Update

Jason Schreffler sits 2nd in 1/12 10.5 after3 rounds of quals:

Jeff Cuffs Tq’s the 1/12 17.5 Class!  Smyka(privateer) 2nd, EA(privateer), Kenny Lambert 7th, Carissa Smyka 10th(mickey ears).

1/12  Mod has both Donny Lia and Chris Tossolini in the show after 4 rounds of quals.

13.5 TC Foam Wes Lion sits 3rd.

13.5 TC Rubber  Hason Schreffler has the TQ after 3 rounds, Larry Fairtrace sits 3rd, Barry Baker 4th, Jeff Cuffs 8th .

17.5 TC Rubber Jeff Cuff is Tq after 3 rounds, Lambert 7th, EA(privateer) in 10th.

M Class Mike Hanulec is Tq after 3 rounds.

Mod TC Rubber Chris Tossolini sits 6th.

Phil Marbella sits 2nd after 3 rounds in 1/12 10.5, Jimmy Flack sits 2nd in 13.5 COT, Phil also sitting 5th in 21.5 Nas Truck…

Snowbirds Update

Tekin is laying it down in qualifying. After the 1st round of qualifying Tekin’s:

Jason Schreffler sitting in 3rd in 1/12 10.5 GTP.

Jeff Cuffs along with Kenny Lambert are sitting 2,3 in 1/12 17.5 GTP.

Wes Lion is sitting 2nd in 13.5 Foam TC.

Barry Baker is sitting 1st in 13.5 Rubber TC followed closely by Jason Schreffler in 2nd with Jeff Cuffs in 4th.

Jeff Cuffs sitting 3rd in 17.5 Rubber TC.

Chris Tossolini is sitting in 4th in Mod TC Rubber.

More to come…

Team Driver Jeff Cuffs fastest in controlled practice in 17.5 TC Rubber, Barry Baker fastest in Mod TC Rubber, Jason Schreffler fastest in 13.5 TC Rubber.

Kevin Jelich win’s at the 2nd Annual Golden State Offroad Challenge!

Team Tekin’s Kevin Jelich from Norcal Hobbies took the hard earned vicotry in the highly contested 2wd mod buggy class at the 2nd annual Golden State Electric Challenge held at Lakeport Hobbies raceway.

Kevin was surrounded by factory Kyosho driver Tyler Vik, AE Drivers Cody Turner, Chris J., Aaron Biners and more.

Kevin utilized at Tekin RS Pro, Tekin Redline 10.5 motor and the new Vegas 2.0 software(203) to take the title and the cash!

Great Job Kevin!