With the release of V272 we introduced an adjustable Drag Brake via a spare channel on your radio! Setting this up is pretty simple, we'll walk you through it! This feature is available on the below ESCs:










The first step is to use TT3825 HotWire 2.0 Adapter Cable which is included with all Tekin brushless ESCs. Plug the small end into your ESC Data Port and plug the other end into a spare channel on your receiver.



Set your desired Drag Brake Strength in the HotWire or with the buttons on the ESC. This is the setting that the ESC will default to every time it is powered on.



Now, you will need to program a switch on your radio to send out the proper signals so the ESC knows to adjust the Drag Brake up or Down. We will use a Spektrum DX5C as an example.  Make sure your radio and receiver are bound and that you have steering and throttle working properly.


Turn on the radio and find your AUX programming section. Here you will select which switch you'd like to use and set up the way the switch works. You will need to have a 3-position switch to adjust the Drag Brake. and ideally you want to program it for momentary* operation.




*Momentary means that the switch has a center (neutral) where it naturally rests and two active positions (left/right or up/down). When you press the switch one way or the other and hold it, the radio keeps sending out a signal until you release the button and the signal returns to neutral. Think of this switch like a throttle. It has a neutral signal, "brake" signal and "full throttle" signal. To increase the Drag Brake one step, the ESC needs to see neutral-throttle-neutral and the adjustment will move up. Same thing to decrease Drag Brake one step, the ESC needs to see neutral-brake-neutral and the adjustment will move down. This is easily setup on a 3-position switch with a momentary feature.


If you don't have a momentary option, you can still use this feature with a few more switch clicks involved. If you set it up as 3-position, anytime you click up or down on the switch and release, the radio is still putting out a full up or down signal. To complete the one step adjustment, you have to click the switch in the opposite direction to get it back to neutral signal. Example, to increase Drag Brake one step, you would need to up-down and the adjustment will move up. Same thing to decrease Drag Brake one step, you have to click down-up and the adjustment will move down.


For a more in-depth explanation of setting up the switch on your radio and to see this feature in action, check out the video!



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