Active Brake or Active Braking is another brake adjustment available on the RS SPEC, RS GEN3, RSX Pro, RS Pro BE and RS Pro 1S. Active Brake lets you set a strong brake pulse when quickly snapping to full trigger brakes. Normal application of the brakes will not trigger this setting. The default is OFF and the higher the setting, the stronger the Active Brakes will be.

We found this to be very beneficial at the end of the straightaway when the motor is at a very high RPM and it can also help with jumping, like needing to bring the nose of the car down quickly. It can only be adjusted with the HotWire, so plugging in or connecting via Bluetooth is necessary to adjust this setting.

2022 Dirt Nitro Challenge Tekin Racing Results

Pro E-Buggy

The Team Tekin Racing crew showed up and showed out at the 2022 Nitro Challenge utilizing the complete line of 1/8th scale products to great success.

Ryan Lutz lead the charge in Pro Ebuggy battling it out with David Ronnefalk for the entire 10 minutes ultimately settling with a fantastic 2nd place finish! Jared Tebo would finish 8th with Jared Wiggins 11th, and Joe Bornhorst 16th.

Pro E-Truggy

Adam Drake would finish 2nd in Pro Etruggy as well as taking TQ.

Intermediate E-Truggy

Dylan Bartlett would take the win in Intermediate Etruggy with Chad Panek running a borrowed Tekin System finishing up in 3rd with the TQ as well!

Intermediate Nitro Truggy

Tayler Wonders battled up to a 2nd place finish in Intermediate Truggy using Team Tekin T-250 servos!

Congratulations as well Jared Tebo for finishing 3rd in Pro Truggy, Dylan Bartlett on his 2nd in Intermediate Buggy, and Joe Bornhorst on his 2nd in Pro Buggy.

Ryan Lutz Ebuggy RX8 Gen 3 Setup:


Brake strength adjusts the amount of trigger brake the ESC will apply to the motor. There are 1-13 steps available using the onboard QuickTune system, with each step being about 8% brake strength. You can also fine tune the brake strength via the HotWire at a higher resolution of adjustment, with 0-100% steps available.

Brakes are extremely important and you need to adjust them appropriately. Track surface, moisture content, tires and car will all come into play when setting brakes. Typically a good brake strength is going to be 80% or less. I find myself setting even as far down as 55% at times, which really helps me not over brake and carry more speed.


Drag Brake – Drag Brake also known as coast brake or auto brake is braking power applied by the ESC anytime the ESC sees a valid neutral signal from the transmitter. The higher the value, the more drag brake is applied. You can adjust Drag Brake with the onboard QuickTune LED and button setup or via the HotWire. Onboard you have 0-13 steps of Drag Brake and through the HotWire you have 0-100.

You can also set up the Aux Drag Brake and adjust 1-10 steps of Drag Brake using a spare channel and three position switch on your radio. Very handy for Rock Crawling!


We’ve gone nitro! I decided to finally after two and a half decades get into the fuel-burning side of RC. I have always liked nitro and watching the nitro mains is exciting for sure, dare I say a little more so than watching triple A Electric mains. Both are fun, both are exhilarating in their own unique ways but I can definitely see how the sound and strategy of racing with pit stops attracts gear heads. Being a gear head myself since I was a toddler, I think I’ll fit right in with this nitro business.

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Vanquish Products VS4-10 Phoenix Portal Build Part 1! Finally, let’s see the build man!

The VS4-10 Phoenix is a brand new rig from Vanquish Products featuring new F10 Portal Axles in plastic (yes, plastic!), the new VFD Twin transmission, new SC8E shocks, new Phoenix truck style body and new IDS-10 driveshafts. New with some more new and a little more new on top of the already proven VS4-10 platform!

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Tekin Builds EP.24 – Vanquish VS4-10 Phoenix First Look

Let’s talk about the new Vanquish Products VS4-10 Phoenix! The Phoenix is a brand new truck based on the already proven VS4-10 platform and comes in at $499. Yes, you read that right! The new F10 Portal axles are plastic, with brass axle tubes. Machined gears, 6MM axle stubs and a 1.4:1 portal gear reduction make these an incredible value.

The VFD Twin Shift Transmission brings crazy features to the table, with on-the-fly selectable front Overdrive as well as rear Dig functions, so you can use ALL the channels on your radio system. Let’s check out what is going to power this Phoenix and some of the other awesome features it brings to the world of scale trail RC!

RX4 Element Proof ESC
ROC412 3100KV EP Motor
T-440 Steering Servo
T-120 Shift Servos

Vanquish Products
VS4-10 Phoenix Portal 1:10 Scale Truck Kit
Incision LED Lighting Kit
Incision 1.9 Method MR307 Black
Incision #4 Hubs

Axial Racing
1.9 Nitto Trail Grappler 4.75″ Tires R35

Crawler Innovations
Lil Nova 4.5 Comp Cut Inner / Soft Outer
Lil Nova 4.5 Comp Cut Inner / Med Outer


Tekin POWER CELL LiHV Batteries are now available! Complete your Tekin Power System with a battery to compliment the performance and style of top-tier Tekin products. We have developed 6 batteries that fit a wide array of applications, from 1/12 scale on-road, to 1/10 scale on-road and off-road, to 1/8 scale and scale adventure!

Tekin POWER CELLS are LiHV, meaning you can charge to a per cell voltage of 4.35V. This means more power, longer run times and less voltage fade during a run!

120C Rating and 5mm Hi-Power bullet connectors are standard on all hardcase POWER CELL Batteries. The 2S 6200 Shorty and 2S 8400 Stick both feature Pass Through bullets, allowing the pack to be flipped to keep your wiring clean and tidy. Each POWER CELL hardcase pack include a pre-soldered 5mm to t-plug charging harness with necessary plugs for balance charging. (2) 5mm Hi-Power bullet plugs are also included as well as (2) 4 to 5mm reducer bullet plugs, so you can use the batteries in cars or use charge leads with 4mm bullet plugs.

The 3S 4200mAh comes pre-wired with a T-Plug and 12AWG, so you can charge and hit the trails!

TT1602 – 2S 6200mAh LiHV Shorty 5mm POWER CELL
TT1604 – 2S 8400mAh LiHV Stick Pack 5mm POWER CELL
TT1606 – 4S 6500mAh LiHV Brick 5mm POWER CELL
TT1609 – 3S 4200mAh LiHV Soft Pack POWER CELL
TT1611 – 1S 8800mAh LiHV Shorty Ultra-LCG 5mm POWER CELL
TT1612 – 2S 4400mAh LiHV Shorty Ultra-LCG 5mm POWER CELL