Tekin POWER CELL LiHV Batteries are now available! Complete your Tekin Power System with a battery to compliment the performance and style of top-tier Tekin products. We have developed 6 batteries that fit a wide array of applications, from 1/12 scale on-road, to 1/10 scale on-road and off-road, to 1/8 scale and scale adventure!

Tekin POWER CELLS are LiHV, meaning you can charge to a per cell voltage of 4.35V. This means more power, longer run times and less voltage fade during a run!

120C Rating and 5mm Hi-Power bullet connectors are standard on all hardcase POWER CELL Batteries. The 2S 6200 Shorty and 2S 8400 Stick both feature Pass Through bullets, allowing the pack to be flipped to keep your wiring clean and tidy. Each POWER CELL hardcase pack include a pre-soldered 5mm to t-plug charging harness with necessary plugs for balance charging. (2) 5mm Hi-Power bullet plugs are also included as well as (2) 4 to 5mm reducer bullet plugs, so you can use the batteries in cars or use charge leads with 4mm bullet plugs.

The 3S 4200mAh comes pre-wired with a T-Plug and 12AWG, so you can charge and hit the trails!

TT1602 – 2S 6200mAh LiHV Shorty 5mm POWER CELL
TT1604 – 2S 8400mAh LiHV Stick Pack 5mm POWER CELL
TT1606 – 4S 6500mAh LiHV Brick 5mm POWER CELL
TT1609 – 3S 4200mAh LiHV Soft Pack POWER CELL
TT1611 – 1S 8800mAh LiHV Shorty Ultra-LCG 5mm POWER CELL
TT1612 – 2S 4400mAh LiHV Shorty Ultra-LCG 5mm POWER CELL


New to the Tekin brushed motor line-up, the 5-Slot version of our popular HD series brushed motors offers extremely smooth performance and superior throttle resolution. Perfect for lighter competition rigs or small tire scale vehicles, the 5-Slot motors put full control of your truck or buggy right in your hands. Available in 12T, 16T and 20T variants, we have a motor that will fit your needs.


New GEN4 1:10 Motors!

We are proud to announce the GEN4 line of motors are shipping, so check your hobby shops!

The GEN4 is a completely new platform consisting of SPEC-R, Modified and Eliminator series motors. We tailored each for specific applications from Spec classes to Modified and now Drag Racing. Choose your GEN4!

Eliminator: https://www.teamtekin.com/eliminator.html

Modified: https://www.teamtekin.com/gen4.html

SPEC-R: https://www.teamtekin.com/specr.html