Adam Drake 3X JBRL Series Champ!

The JBRL Nitro Series just completed its 17th season.  With an average of nearly 250 entries per event, it is easy to understand why the JBRL Nitro Series is the most popular racing series in the nation.  The JBRL series visited 6 tracks this year throughout California to test the skills of its competitors over a wide range of track conditions.

Adam Drake was the big winner taking home three championships in Expert Nitro Buggy, Expert Nitro Truck, and Electric Buggy.

Thank you to Jimmy Babcock and the entire JBRL crew for a successful series.  We hope to see everyone soon at the races!


Adam Ross is the 4WD SCT Otter Cup Champ!

Team Driver Adam Ross has claimed the Otterville Cup Championship in 4WD Short Course! Adam runs the full Tekin package, including the RX8 GEN3 ESC, PRO4 4600KV brushless motor, T-250 servo and a 2S 8400 Power Cell.

“With the help of all my Tekin goodies I was able to get my SCTE 3.0 in the TQ position giving me a shot at the Championship. Using my Bluetooth 3.0 hotwire I bumped up the timing just enough to win the A1 putting me in a tie for 1st overall. A2 was an epic battle to the last lap but my Tekin-powered kit had enough to take the win and give me the overall win in the Otter Cup championship. These were two 10-minute races in extreme heat and I had no heat troubles. I am happy to be running the best gear in the biz, Team Tekin for the win!”

-Adam Ross

Dylan Bartlett Sweeps the 2022 NCT Series!

Dylan Bartlett, 2022 Northwest Championship Tour Champion! Dylan won the series overall in not one, not two, but THREE classes this season.

1/8 Expert E-Buggy Champ.
1/8 E-Truggy Champ.
1/8 Expert Nitro Buggy Champ.

Dylan charged hard all season and with consistent finishes brought home the hardware in 3 of the most competitive classes in the Northwest.

Under the hood of Dylan’s Hot Bodies / 1ARMY E-819RS

Dylan’s E-819RS is actually running a custom 1ARMY chassis, allowing for a balanced electronic and battery layout. The motor is now up front on the left side, the ESC is turned long ways and saddle pack 2S configuration all keep weight closer to the center line and allow for super clear wire routing. Twin Tekin 6200 Power Cells provide the power for the RX8 GEN3 and T8 1900KV GEN3 brushless motor. 1ARMY has developed quite a few performance parts the last couple of years, this chassis being one of the newest and they are certainly proving it works well!

Dylan “The Champ” Bartlett with father Robert and brother Brenden.

Chris Wheeler Appointed as Tekin West Team Manager!

We are excited to announce Chris Wheeler as Tekin West Team Manager! Chris is an experienced racer and long time Tekin driver, bringing years of his experience and industry knowledge with him!

“I’m looking forward to this new position and helping the Tekin brand grow stronger across the board! Thank you to Jim and everyone at Tekin for the opportunity and all the support in the past as well as moving into the future.”

– Chris Wheeler

Kyle Turner Wins E-Buggy at Amain Labor Day Shootout!

Attended this years Labor Day Shootout at Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico. It was a 2 day event with 3 rounds of qualifying Saturday and mains on Sunday. Ended up taking the TQ in the first 2 rounds of qualifying during the day in Nitro Buggy and Ebuggy, then qualifying 2nd for the night round in both classes. Nitro buggy in qualifying was really good, having a 99.3% consistency run in the second round while having the fastest lap in the class, and did the same thing with ebuggy in the first round. The nitro buggy main was disappointing since I flamed out before my first pit stop, in a 30 minute main. I’m pretty sure it was my fault because the car was on 2 wheels and I tried to save the car from rolling over, but since I hit the gas and flipped over anyways I think that’s what killed the engine (plus it was about 110° that day). Then I was sitting in 3rd for the entire race and the car died again with 30 seconds to go, so I dropped from 3rd to 4th on the last lap. The idle on the engine sounded perfect when I was in the warm-up, but someone was telling me that when the engine gets really hot on a day like that the idle can get lower (which I didn’t know), so I learned something new that day. The ebuggy main was pretty much flawless, car felt great and I got another 99% consistency in the 10 minute main. Enjoyed hanging out with the Amain guys again.

Thanks to the Amain tracks crew and friends for making it another great event!
Thanks to all my sponsors for the continued support!

Nitro Buggy (TQ/4th)

Jared Bardin Appointed as Tekin East Team Manager!

It is with great pleasure we announce Jared Bardin as Tekin East Team Manager!

“I couldn’t be more excited and grateful for the opportunity Tekin has given me to become their East Coast Team Manager. I have believed in Tekin products since day one and it is a pleasure to represent such a stand-up company with an incredibly successful past and present. I want to thank Jim, Sherri, Ty and JD Campbell for this wonderful opportunity and I cannot wait to represent the Tekin team and brand to the best of my ability. See everybody trackside and in the pits!”

– Jared Bardin

Welcome to the family Jared, we are incredibly excited to have you and look forward to working with you!

Ben Sterling Podiums At 2022 Australian 1:8 Nationals!

New Tekin Team Driver Ben Sterling had a fantastic weekend at the 2022 Australian 1:8 Off-Road Nationals!

“My Tekno RC Coast2Coast RC Buggies were on fire all weekend long. I can’t thank the people around me enough and the Valley Raceway, RCORRSC and Sunshine Coast for putting on a ripper race event considering the weather circumstances.

I ran the Tekin RX8 GEN3 and T8 1900KV GEN3 system in my E-Buggy!”

2022 Dirt Nitro Challenge Tekin Racing Results

Pro E-Buggy

The Team Tekin Racing crew showed up and showed out at the 2022 Nitro Challenge utilizing the complete line of 1/8th scale products to great success.

Ryan Lutz lead the charge in Pro Ebuggy battling it out with David Ronnefalk for the entire 10 minutes ultimately settling with a fantastic 2nd place finish! Jared Tebo would finish 8th with Jared Wiggins 11th, and Joe Bornhorst 16th.

Pro E-Truggy

Adam Drake would finish 2nd in Pro Etruggy as well as taking TQ.

Intermediate E-Truggy

Dylan Bartlett would take the win in Intermediate Etruggy with Chad Panek running a borrowed Tekin System finishing up in 3rd with the TQ as well!

Intermediate Nitro Truggy

Tayler Wonders battled up to a 2nd place finish in Intermediate Truggy using Team Tekin T-250 servos!

Congratulations as well Jared Tebo for finishing 3rd in Pro Truggy, Dylan Bartlett on his 2nd in Intermediate Buggy, and Joe Bornhorst on his 2nd in Pro Buggy.

Ryan Lutz Ebuggy RX8 Gen 3 Setup:


Had a good time this weekend at the Golden State Arena Cross at Delta RC. Ended up taking the overall TQ and wins in 4wd Mod Buggy, 1/8 E-Buggy and 4wd SCT! The event also had a Dash for Cash but I didn’t end up winning that, it was fun anyways though. Overall a fun time just hanging out with some old friends that I haven’t seen in a while. 

Thank you to all my sponsors for the continued support!

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1:10 4WD Truck is a class that looks to be gaining some momentum in a few areas and Matt Dortmund showed the field how it’s done the last weekend at Round 4 of the Northwest Championship Tour in Pasco, WA. The track at Tri-Cities RC Raceway is a tenth scale racer’s dream with its smooth surface, good traction and fast, flowing layouts. There is usually very little room for error in Pasco and every single lap on the clay-type surface demands precision driving and calm nerves. Tekin Driver Matt Dortmund took both the TQ and the win on mains day with his full Tekin-powered 1:10 Truggy.


PRO2 5100KV
T-250 Steering Servo