Ben Sterling Podiums At 2022 Australian 1:8 Nationals!

New Tekin Team Driver Ben Sterling had a fantastic weekend at the 2022 Australian 1:8 Off-Road Nationals!

“My Tekno RC Coast2Coast RC Buggies were on fire all weekend long. I can’t thank the people around me enough and the Valley Raceway, RCORRSC and Sunshine Coast for putting on a ripper race event considering the weather circumstances.

I ran the Tekin RX8 GEN3 and T8 1900KV GEN3 system in my E-Buggy!”

Tekin Builds EP. 28 – Vanquish Phoenix Maiden Voyage

Maiden voyage time for the Vanquish VS4-10 Phoenix Portal! This truck was a ton of fun to put together and even more fun to wheel. Lots of potential and a prime candidate for modifying and custom building!

The RX4 and ROC412 system provides plenty of speed for hooning around in 2WD and also nice smooth low speed control for crawling technical terrain. I like trucks that have plenty of pep to jump over something if necessary!
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ESC Programming: Torque Level

Torque Level controls the initial power delivery or the “punch” your ESC and motor will provide. 1-10 steps are available with 10 being OFF, or full punch with no limiter. The default setting of 8 is a great starting place for most setups and surfaces. Use 4-7 for most modified setups on lower to medium traction surfaces. 7-9 for high traction surfaces. Setting 10 for any stock or SPEC racing class so no limiter is in effect.

Torque Level can be adjusted onboard as well as through the HotWire software on a PC, IOS or Android mobile device.


Throttle Frequency allows you to adjust how aggressive the throttle on your ESC reacts. Lower values provide a more aggressive feel and higher values provide a more mild feel. This setting can be used to fine-tune the feel you’re looking for on different surfaces.

Default is 6kHz with a range of 2-12kHz available. Lower values are great for stock classes and higher traction surfaces, 5-8kHz are great for most modified and 1/8 electric setups on all surfaces. 9-12kHz soften the low end of the throttle up and can help out if you drive more nitro style.

Throttle Frequency can only be adjusted via HotWire.


Verify your sensors are working properly quickly and easily on your Tekin brushless ESC! If you ever feel like the ESC is running in sensorless, you can quickly check the sensors using the LED bar. With the ESC powered on and sitting in neutral, watch LEDs 5, 6 & 7 at the right hand side and each will light up as each sensor is hit.

ESC Error Codes –


Push Control allows you to set some artificial coast to help “push” the car when you let off throttle and go to neutral. It does the exact opposite of Drag Brake, so rather than apply brakes the ESC will keep throttle on and fade to zero throttle so long as you stay in neutral. This can help eliminate drive train drag and assist with entering corners and carrying more momentum everywhere on the track. This setting is most beneficial for stock classes.

Push Control can only be adjust with the HotWire, so plugging in or connecting via Bluetooth is necessary to adjust this setting.


Brake Minimum adjusts the minimum amount of brake the ESC will apply to the motor as soon as trigger brakes are engaged. The higher the value set, the stronger the initial brake power will be. This will also move where full brakes are at on the trigger, so if a setting higher than 0 is used, 100% brake signal is reached before 100% trigger throw.

Brake Minimum can only be adjusted with the HotWire, so plugging in or connecting via Bluetooth is necessary to adjust this setting.


RPM Brake allows you to set a different brake strength that works off of the motor RPM. This setting adjusts your “slow speed” or “infield brake” power. First you’ll set your normal Brake Strength for high speed areas of the track, so set them how you want them for braking on the straight and for corners at the end of high speed sections. Then you can use RPM brake to increase braking strength at slow speeds, if necessary.

If your car is perfect braking from high speeds, but seems to lack brake strength at slower speeds, like in the infield in tight sections, you can turn RPM Brake up to increase the slow speed brake power.

RPM Brake can only be adjust with the HotWire, so plugging in or connecting via Bluetooth is necessary to adjust this setting.