Data Logging | ESC Programming

Data Logging is a very useful tool for monitoring things like Battery Voltage, Ripple Current, Motor RPM, ESC and Motor Temperature and more. Tuning a setup without data to view and compare is a bit like throwing darts blindfolded; viewing real-world results and changes is the right way to go about it. Our Data Logging tool lets you record and view data so you can see what gearing or ESC tuning changes are doing to the performance of your car or truck. The HotWire is require to connect your ESC to a PC or Android device to view recorded Data Logs on your Tekin ESC.

Follow along as we go through the menus and cover how the Data Analyzer on a PC can help you dial in your setup.

Loading ESC Setups | ESC Programming

The Tekin HotWire is a powerful, must-have device if you own a Tekin ESC or Servo! Unlock all the settings and the ability to create, save and load custom ESC Profiles. You have access to our library of track-tested Team Driver setups, giving you a great place to start with a setup. Check out where to find Team Driver setups and how to load them directly into your ESC!

All HotWire versions can be used to create, save and load custom ESC Profiles.

Team Driver Setups <<

HotWire Software Download <<

Brake Frequency | ESC Programming

Brake Frequency changes the pulse width being applied during braking. In general higher frequencies provide a softer brake power and feel with a more usable range of trigger motion, allowing for better brake modulation while keeping full brake power overall. Lower frequency gives more aggressive brakes with a stronger overall feel.

Brake Frequency can be adjusted through the HotWire device on a PC, and some Apple and Android devices.

Throttle Minimum | ESC Programming

Throttle Minimum is the minimum throttle power the ESC will apply to the motor when the user induces a throttle application. If you want a stronger initial throttle and higher motor start up RPM, use a higher value. Use a lower value or 0 to have a softer throttle and lower motor start up RPM. For Spec racing, higher values will increase the punch feel.

Throttle Minimum can be adjusted through the HotWire device on a PC, and some Apple and Android devices.

Reverse Delay | Tekin ESC Programming

Reverse Delay is an adjustable setting on Tekin ESCs that allows you to set the amount of time the ESC must see a neutral signal before it will allow you to drive in reverse. The default setting on Tekin ESCs is Forward\Brake with Reverse Delay. This means that when you transition from forward throttle into brakes, the ESC applies the brakes for as long as you hold them. To engage reverse, you must return the trigger to neutral and wait for the Reverse Delay timer to expire. The default Delay time is 3/4 of a second and the setting can be adjusted from 0s to 2s in milliseconds.

Setting the Delay to 0.0s will create a “double pump” reverse function, so you can double pump the trigger brakes and the second time will be reverse even if the car is still moving forward.

Reverse Delay can only be adjusted via a HotWire device on a Windows PC, and some Android and iOS devices.

Power Profiles | Advanced ESC Tuning

HotWire 15.40.9 introduces Power Profiles, yet another tuning option for your Tekin ESC. The Power Profiles allow you to manipulate the esc output vs the trigger position (radio signal). By doing so, you have full control over the trigger-to-motor relationship throughout the full range of the throttle. Add up to 64 control points from 1% to 100% throttle and move each point up or down to change the ESC output at that throttle percentage and move each point sideways to control the radio throttle percentage at that ESC output.

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Voltage Cutoff | ESC Programming

Voltage Cutoff is not a setting to be overlooked. LiPo cells cannot be discharged below 3V per cell and the voltage cutoff in the ESC prevents this from happening. The default on all Tekin ESCs is 2S @ 3.2V per cell. If you’re running anything other than a 2S battery, you’ll need to set the proper voltage cutoff before you go drive.

Over-discharging LiPo cells is dangerous and can result in serious bodily injury, loss of property and death. Proper care is extremely important in prolonging the life of your packs and keeping them in a safe state. Tekin recommends keeping cells at 3.2V or higher at all times, with a safe storage voltage of 3.5V – 3.7V per cell.

ESC Programming: Torque Level

Torque Level controls the initial power delivery or the “punch” your ESC and motor will provide. 1-10 steps are available with 10 being OFF, or full punch with no limiter. The default setting of 8 is a great starting place for most setups and surfaces. Use 4-7 for most modified setups on lower to medium traction surfaces. 7-9 for high traction surfaces. Setting 10 for any stock or SPEC racing class so no limiter is in effect.

Torque Level can be adjusted onboard as well as through the HotWire software on a PC, IOS or Android mobile device.