Under the Hood: Jared Wiggins

Let’s take a look Under the Hood of Pro Tekin Team Driver Jared Wiggins! Jared’s Tekno EB48 2.1 is dialed, to say the least. The Tekno cars have a very clean layout, which allows for nice installs and tidy wire routing and Jared’s car is a very nice example!

The RX8 GEN3 is paired here with a T8 GEN3 1900KV motor, which is our most popular 1:8 buggy system. The 1900KV provides massive torque if needed and I’ll be honest, most of us dial the ESC power back a bit to hang onto this thing. Big power is awesome for sure, but smooth and consistent is the way of the Pros so take notes! Actually, we took notes for you so you can run Jared’s exact ESC setup and see if it suits your driving style. Check out the setup sheet below and you can even download Jared’s ESC file and flash it directly into your own RX8 GEN3!

Feeding the RX8 T8 GEN3 system is our 4S 6500mAh Power Cell. We wanted to provide our Tekin users and team drivers with premium quality LiPo packs and the Power Cells deliver. LiHV capable, 5mm gold plated bullet connectors and quality cells all come together in this 4S pack to deliver peak performance and longevity. Less voltage drop over a run means consistent power and consistent power means easier to drive! White 12awg Tekin Flex Wire provides a low resistance path from battery to ESC to motor and brings the whole power system together.


You can also download Jared’s RX8 setup file and flash all the settings to your RX8 GEN3 with just a few clicks! Check out our team setups area!

Under the hood with a new class, 1/8 "Lite" E Buggy

A new class is beginning to surface at tracks all around the world. The class is being dubbed the “1/8 Pro Lite” class in most cases. What’s a “1/8 Pro Lite” buggy? It’s a new class that is using 4wd SC electronics or smaller power plants that don’t carry the immense power the 1/8 Electric buggy class has come to be known by.  There are no official rules at the moment but some general rules are being passed around from track to track.  In this “Under the Hood” I take you into my own Pro Lite e-buggy build up.

I started with a fresh TLR Ten SCTE 2.0 SC truck kit. That paired with the new MIP Pro 8 Superlite e buggy kit would be the foundation of my build. MIP was the first to develop a purpose built conversion kit for a 4wd SC truck to convert to this new Pro Lite class. I won’t bore you with the standard build up and “tips” you’re used to seeing.

The build starts off with the front steering assembly and front diff. Aside from the standard diff build I chose to install the MIP Super Diff kits in all 3 diffs. They include new hardened cross pins, washers and hardened cross pin bushings that help improve the diff smoothness. I chose to drop in the MIP steering upgrade kit that comes with titanium steering links and new rod ends. They add a bit more steering throw and allow for more bump steer adjustment options. Protek RC makes one of the nicer shock/rod end tools out there. Take advantage of it’s useful rod end guide when building your kit!

In the steering I did upgrade the steering posts to the lightened blue aluminum MIP units(not shown). I had a bit of a time seating the outer diff bearings onto the diff housing. A trick I was shown was to use the TLR 17mm nut wrench which has a whole in it, to act as a “press” tool. Pretty slick.

Again more “normal” build steps like the front suspension pieces, etc. With the MIP Pro8 Superlite kit you do get some nice 17mm hub adapters and their unique lock nuts for the kit. Note there are 2 different widths in the kit, 5.5s in front, 8.0s in rear.

Next up was the center diff which includes the upgraded MIP Puck Drive system. I also chose to use the MIP 41T spur gear since I’ve had good success with them and find them a bit quieter than stock.

I chose the Tekin T8i in 1950kv for my build since I plan on using a Protek 4s 3500mah pack.

The Protek pack is the same size as a standard 2s pack so it’s a direct drop into the factory battery mount! Sweet!
I dropped in my custom painted Tekin Rx8 Gen2 and KO Propo radio equipment. My Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc gives me an HV BEC output allowing me to get maximum performance from the KO Response HV Servo.
As you cans see in the pictures my car is ready for some “setup” on the bench in preparation to run. I’m using the DE Racing setup wheels and chose to use a JConcepts Punisher wing which comes with an optional gurney flap for tuning.  I managed to get lucky with this setup in the end as my SikLidz custom painted body from my other kit drops right on after a quick “adjustment” to the stock nerf bar mounts on the side guards.
Matt Olson from MIP put in a hard charge at the CRCRC Midwest champs with his MIP Pro 8 buggy kit taking 3rd overall running nearly the exact same setup you see here. Note: Tekin dominated the 1/8 E Buggy class taking all 3 podium positions.
Ready to hit the track with tires, battery, 2742 grams!
So what do you think of this new emerging class? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Google + to talk it out!
Randy Pike
Factory MIP Pro8 Build Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH1bAjyVToI

Under the hood with Tekin’s Joe Bornhorst

Today we go under the hood with Tekin facotry driver Joe Bornhorst. Joe hit the scene hard in 2013. Taking big wins at races like the Midwest Champs, making the A-mains at the 2013 ROAR 1/8 Electric Off-road Nationals, and most recently taking a podium at the 2013 Spektrum Race. At only 19 years of age he will surely be a racer to keep an eye on the next few years. Joe was picked up by Serpent USA and has already had great success with the cars. Let’s take a look “Under the Hood” of his Serpent Spyder Buggy SRX-2 RM buggy.

Joe’s Tekin powered SRx-2 is setup in traditional rear motor configuration. Joe runs a flo yellow/white/red paint job which is easy to see on the track. Looking at his buggy it looks factory clean, tidy and ready for battle.

The body off reveals a well thought out placement of equipment. Joe’s buggy is running the latest Tekin RSX esc(without the fan). Paired with the Tekin RSX esc is a Tekin Redline Gen2 7.5 motor. Joe runs a 2s shorty pack with the connectors to the rear. Note that his all white Tekin Flex Jacket wires are mismatched in length preventing him from plugging in the battery incorrectly, Factory!

Next up is a close up of the new Tekin RSX esc. One piece cnc’d aluminum upper heatsink housing with diagonal cut fins. Seen in the picture is the Fan/Programming port for easy access and convenience.Notice Joe’s switch is mounted so the “on” is forward in case of impacts. This will help keep your car powered up in case of a forward “tap” with other objects.

Next up is the power plant. Joe chooses to run a Redline Gen2 7.5T motor in his 2wd Serpent buggy. Notice the use of the included sensor harness clamp!  Joe also again takes advantage of the Tekin Flex Jacket wire and routes it cleanly between the motor guard and motor plate, factory.

If you’re ever at the races and you see this handsome face in the pits, be sure to stop by and say “hello.”  Joe’s known for being very approachable and helpful in the pits. Even though he’s young he’s knowledgeable and willing to help you with your Tekin questions.

Joe would like to take a moment and thank his sponsors:

“I’d like to thank Tekin, Serpent America, Desoto Racing, Magic hobbies, AKA, Double Crossed Designs, B-Fast, and PT RC racing oils.”  Joe Bornhorst.

Drake and Tekin dominate the JBRL Series

Known mostly for his 1/8 Nitro Buggy expertise Adam Drake is no stranger to electric powered R/C cars. Like most of our “founding fathers” of R/C Drake started with electric and quickly grew with the nitro scene. As the 1/10 gas truck class took off and become one of the largest classes raced. Then as 1/8 Nitro buggies got more and more reliable he became an industry leader and has become an icon world wide for the class. Drake recently won the 2013 ROAR Fuel Nats with TLR’s 8ight 3.0 buggy.

So who better to spear head TLR’s latest 8ight 3.0e buggy then “The Drake!?”  Drake teamed up with Tekin electronics a few years ago and we’re going to take an in depth look at Drake’s 2013 JBRL 1/8 E buggy championship winning ride!

Adam has quite a few years under his belt running the 1/8 E-buggy class and generally chooses between the 2050kv and T8 Gen2 1900kv motor. Now running our latest Gen2 T8 motors he rarely takes out the 1900kv motor noting “it’s super smooth and never lacks power.” Driving his Gen2 T8 is the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc.

Drake clearly takes advantage of the 8ight 3.0e buggies wire routing guides to route his wires from the esc to the motor along with his sensor cable. All tied together tight and clean. This is important to take the load off the Rx8’s solder posts and motors solder tabs during impacts. Taking the time here will help guarantee long term reliability.

Another key instillation tip here is the switch mounting. A small drop of CA glue is all it takes to mount the switch to the esc housing and secure it. Note that Drake runs his switch where “On” is forward in case of a collision. A hard front impact will keep the switch from being turned off with inertia caused by those impacts…Pro!

Again clean wiring, zip ties to hold the A B C motor wires together for neat and safe routing. Note the Hitec HV servo. The Rx8 Gen2 provides a true HV Bec pushing out 7 amps easily handling the Drakes servo power requirements.

Adam showed consistency is what wins championships. Look at these results:

Round 1 @ Thunder Alley Raceway TQ, Round 2 @ Palm Desert Raceway Qualified and finished 2nd,
Round 3 @ Revelation Raceway TQ and finished 2nd, Round 4 @ ARC Raceway TQ’ed and won,
Round 5 @ Chula Vista Qualified and finished second, Round 6 @ Thunder Alley Raceway TQ’ed and won, Round 7 @ Pro-Line Qualified 2nd and finished 3rd, Round 8 @ Hot Rod Hobbies TQ’ed and won!

Adam is always a contender in any class he throws a car down into. On top of being fast and consistent The Drake is always willing to lend a hand with any of his sponsors products. If you see him at a race in the pits, make a point to say “hi” and meet one of the greatest r/c racers of our time.

Under the Hood with Tekin’s Tj Bradley

When it comes to On-road racing there are very few veteran racers still at the top of their game. Tj is one of the easiest guys to talk to in the pits, he’s consistently fast, has well setup cars, and he’s always in the hunt for the win. Whether it’s carpet or pavement Tj has put his car on the box frequently. Let’s take a look “Under the Hood” of his ROAR National Championship winning ride.

Inside Tj’s Corally HMX is a Tekin RS Gen2 esc paired with a Tekin Gen2 Redline motor. Power is supplied by a RC King battery. Steering and radio equipment is by Futaba.

If you look at the layout Tj chooses for his electronics you can see he’s focused on efficiency. His transponder is right up front in the car ahead of the shock tower but behind the bumper enough to protect it. In a drag race to the line, these few inches can be the difference between 1st and 2nd. Directly behind the RS Gen2 is a motor fan tucked nicely between the two components for maximum effectiveness.

So if you’re attending one of the larger events in Tj’s home state of Florida, Nationals or the IIC race in Vegas and you see the fastest guy in the paddock with a beard, make sure you say “hi” to Tekin powered Tj Bradley!

Under the Hood with Eric Salvas

Oval racing is often filled with some of the most hardcore dedicated r/c racers on the planet. Being off a mere 3 or 4 seconds for their entire run means you may not make the show and may even be a lap down!  Lucky for Tekin we have two of the most friendly and helpful oval racers around Eric and Steve Salvas. Let’s take a look at the first Salavas brothers car…We go Under the Hood of Eric Salvas’s 2012 US Open Wheel Dirt Oval Nationals Championship winning car.

Eric runs a nice clean sinister looking Tekin RS Pro Redline Gen2 powered Custom Works Intimidator SE3 direct drive kit.

Eric controls all of his cars using Spektrum surface radio equipment. Supplying power to the Tekin equipment are SMC “spec” batteries required by DODC. Notice the clear lexan debris shield to keep stuff out of the gear mesh.

Eric rolls out on BSR racing tires while making ever left turn…Note that Eric runs his RS mounted so the solder posts get fresh clean cool air, cool electronics always run faster!

So next time you’re attending an RC Oval event make sure to say “hi” to one of the smiling Salvas Brothers, they’re twice as easy to find…there’s two of ’em!

Under the Hood with Tekin powered Ryan Lutz

Known as one of the nicest most approachable guys in RC racing, Ryan Lutz chose Tekin electronics after meeting team manager Randy Pike at a local race. “Lutz had recently defected to California and into my backyard. We began talking and he’d mentioned he was tough on electronics and often ran into issues running the classes. Tekin took it on as a personal challenge and he’s been on the team ever since.” Randy Pike

So when asked what was Ryan’s favorite electric class ride to show off he didn’t hesitate to whip out his Tekin powered Team Durango Dex408 buggy. Let’s take a look at what’s “under the hood” of Lutz’s E buggy.

Ryan chooses to run a Tekin T8 1900kv motor controlled by the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc. Powering up his Tekin system are a pair of Protek 100c 2s packs. Check out that fly white wire!
Ryan learned everything he knows about clean wiring and beautiful soldering from Tekin team manager Randy Pike 😉  Look at that install job!
As if Ryan wasn’t easy enough to spot roaming around the race track at well over 6 1/2 feet tall he runs his well known Blue/Pink paint scheme with AKA white wheels.  If you ever get the chance make sure to stop by and say “hi” to Mr. Lutz. 
Be sure to check out Lutz RC, follow Ryan on Facebook, and catch his race reports here!

Under the Hood with Tekin powered Ronda Drake!

If you don’t know who Ronda Drake is you’ve been living under a rock somewhere. All kidding aside Ronda is one of if not the fastest female talent RC Racing has in the world. Ronda has been racing and competing at the top level for awhile now(it’s not polite to ask guys 😉 ) . “I personally met Ronda back at an old Hot Rod Shootout circa late 90’s. She was in my heat and I learned then as did many others did that this “chick” was going to put an ass whoop’n on us. She proceeded to out qualify me by two heats!  So when I ran into her later down the road I knew she’d be a perfect fit for Team Tekin.” Randy Pike

Let’s check out what’s “Under the Hood” in Ronda’s favorite Tekin powered ride!

Ronda Drake

Ronda is smashing down the competition with her TLR Scte 2.0 powered by the latest Tekin Pro4HD 4300kv and Rx8 Esc. This combination has taken over the 4wd SC division and with it Ronda is tough to beat.

As you can see from the pictures the wiring install is clean and well routed. This not only looks pretty it assures that her equipment is always going to work.
Ronda has fashioned a lexan guard around her receiver to protect if from roost thrown by her front tires. These are the little details that separate the girls from the men….pretty smart.
Ronda’s 4wd SC body is nicely wrapped up by Upgrade RC. Next time you’re at the “big race” of the year and you get motored by this pink and black land rocket just know you’re getting beaten by the fastest gal in R/C!  
Make sure to “Like” her Facebook fan page! here

Under the Hood with Tekin team driver Adam Drake

Team Tekin factory driver Adam Drake is well known throughout RC racing all over the world. “The Drake” is best known for his consistent efforts in the 1/8 Buggy scene. We take an in depth look into Adam’s TLR 8ight E 1/8 Electric E buggy.

Drake’s signature paint scheme is easy to spot running around the track. Adam’s using the latest TLR 8ight 3.0 body on his 8ight E buggy wrapped up by Upgrade RC.

Look at the top with the body removed you can see Adam chooses a Tekin Rx8 and Tekin 1900kv T8 motor with a Tekno Traktion Drive that Adam feels makes the car more forgiving to drive on the rough tracks he visits such as the Psycho Nitro Blast or Silver State. Adam changes between a 15T and 16T clutch/pinion setup with a 48T metal spur depending on track size and layout.

Drake is also using a 4s 5400mah 35c “Sport” Thunder Power pack for weight savings. When coupled to the Tekin Rx8 and T8 1900 motor, Adam’s 8ight E lacks nothing in the power department with this combination. This allows Drake to run a car that is close in weight to his nitro buggy which helps greatly in the setup department. 
Thanks for checking out one of many upcoming “Under the Hoods” with the Team Tekin factory squad!