Under the Hood with Eric Salvas

Oval racing is often filled with some of the most hardcore dedicated r/c racers on the planet. Being off a mere 3 or 4 seconds for their entire run means you may not make the show and may even be a lap down!  Lucky for Tekin we have two of the most friendly and helpful oval racers around Eric and Steve Salvas. Let’s take a look at the first Salavas brothers car…We go Under the Hood of Eric Salvas’s 2012 US Open Wheel Dirt Oval Nationals Championship winning car.

Eric runs a nice clean sinister looking Tekin RS Pro Redline Gen2 powered Custom Works Intimidator SE3 direct drive kit.

Eric controls all of his cars using Spektrum surface radio equipment. Supplying power to the Tekin equipment are SMC “spec” batteries required by DODC. Notice the clear lexan debris shield to keep stuff out of the gear mesh.

Eric rolls out on BSR racing tires while making ever left turn…Note that Eric runs his RS mounted so the solder posts get fresh clean cool air, cool electronics always run faster!

So next time you’re attending an RC Oval event make sure to say “hi” to one of the smiling Salvas Brothers, they’re twice as easy to find…there’s two of ’em!

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