Tekin K-55 Rally Raid Truck Build

In 2017, we returned from Axialfest with the crazy dream of building a 1/10 Rally Truck like you’d see in the Dakar and Silkway Rally Raids. I am a big rally fan, but those big 10 ton trucks racing at speeds up to 120mph across all kinds of terrain for days on end is just intriguing and spectacular to watch. With the support of some amazing companies, we were able to bring that project to life. When that project, named the M-55 was complete and Axialfest 2018 was over, we immediately dove headfirst into the next truck build. It had to be bigger, better and faster. More features, cleaner layout and wiring and back up its looks with performance. It is safe to say, the new K-55 delivers everything we hoped it would.

We started with the basics, which included a massive pile of Vanquish Products aftermarket parts for the SCX10-II and Bomber platforms, bearings from Fast Eddy Bearings, King shocks and 2.2 ZXL tires from RC4WD, a 2-speed SCX10-II transmission and a couple WB-8HD driveshaft kits from Axial Racing. There are LED bars from Pro-Line Racing, more LEDs from the interwebs soldered up by yours truly, an ESS ONE+ sound module and of course, Tekin gear to push the beast, shift gears and steer. 2 ProTek LiHV 8200mAh packs provide the go juice for the RX4 speed controller, the 2300kV ROC412 HD brushless motor, the T-440 steering servo and the T-120 shift servo. The livery is custom Tekin-designed and printed by SOR Graphics. Check the end for the complete build sheet and truck specs!

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Tekin M-55 Rally Truck Build

The M1083 6×6 constructed in 2017.

We manufacture electronics, that is true. We are also RC fanatics that enjoy building vehicles of all types. Last year we acquired a 3D printer and shortly after decided to put our skills to the test and build a 3D printed 1:10 6×6 military cargo truck. A few months and a couple spools of filament later, we had created something completely from scratch and spare Axial parts.

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Tekin would like to Welcome Jim Rowe to the team!

Tekin would like to welcome Jim Rowe to our crawling team!  Jim has been an avid Tekin user from the beginning and after this recent successes with the product he’s being added to the team.


Jim had this to say; “I’m super excited to be apart of the Tekin team. I’ve been using their products the entire time and I look forward to helping make them better any way I can.”

Tekin Welcomes Jimmy Maddison to the team!

Tekin would like to welcome England’s on-road ace Jimmy Maddison to the team. Jimmy brings years of experience and top results to the team.

Jimmy Maddison

Jimmy had this to say; ” I picked up a few of the latest Gen3 Redline motors for a race and was blown away by their performance right out of the box. I got great support from team manager Randy Pike even not being on the team. With his help I had great success right away and knew Tekin would be a great fit for me. I look forward to working alongside Randy and helping others around me go fast with Tekin.”

Jimmy will be attending the 2016 IIC in Las Vegas as well as local events around his region. Look for some of his setup sheets to appear here: http://www.teamtekin.com/hotwire/escsetups/rsx-setup-sheets.html

Tekin signs Hupo Hönigl

Tekin is happy to announce the signing and partnership with European driving ace Hupo Hönigl.  Hupo and Tekin have already experienced success in the 1/8 Electric market winning the Austrian National Championships!  

Tekin TD Hupo Honigl 2162016


Hupo had this to say “I´m really happy to join Team Tekin after already using the Rx8 and T8 for a full season in my 1/8th electric car with amazing
feeling and absolutely flawless. Also it is a bit like a revival for me, because in the beginning of my career (22 years ago) I used Tekin speedos and they were great and I have good memories only.
I´m really looking forward to a successful year with my new power unit.“


#Hashtag Contest winner found! #TekinIIC

Ben Skewes was the winner chosen out of hundreds of #TekinIIC contest applicants.  The Tekin Hashtag contest held alongside the 2014 International Indoor Champs put up a Tekin RSX system of the winners choice. To enter all you had to do was photobomb Tekin and post to your social media account using the #TekinIIC to enter. Chosen at random Ben was contacted via Instagram and had this to say “Thanks Tekin, I’m truly grateful!” he continued to say “I have recently installed the system in my SC truck and am really happy with it.”

Ben and Amy SkewesBen and Amy Skewes2Ben we’re glad you’re happy with your new gear! We’d like to congratulate Ben and Amy Skewes. Ben just let us know:  “On a side note last club day was the hottest on record @ 43 Celsius. The Tekin electronics in my 2wd Sc performed flawlessly. I TQD and won the day outright. Will be sticking with Tekin for a long time to come!”

Spec Grand Touring class to be powered by Tekin RS GEN2 SPEC Speed Control and Redline 2 motors!

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