ROC412 Trail Prep – Element Proof Motors

The Element Proof RX4 has proven to take water, mud and snow in stride and the Element Proof ROC412 line of motors are no different. Designed to handle whatever you can throw at it, these motors are pretty much ready out of the box to take on the trails. Sensor connections are the weakest link in any system that is going to see moisture, so we provide the proper dielectric grease with every RX4 and ROC412 EP motor.

The first step is completely optional and not necessary, but you can use M3 set screws to fill the 4 extra mounting holes in the motor’s face plate. A small dab of blue thread lock will keep them in place.

The second step is to grease up the sensor connections. Put a good amount directly in the sensor port, don’t be shy!

Next you should apply some grease to the sensor cable plug. The rear of the pins are somewhat exposed and need to be coated to avoid any shorting.

Plug the greased sensor cable into the greased sensor port. You can wipe away excess grease that squishes out or I use my finger and dab it around the plug edges. The more you can seal it up the better!

Last thing to do is install the motor and go play! It is highly recommended to disassemble the motor regularly to clean and dry components and oil the bearings if you play in the water often. A clean motor is a happy motor and happy motors keep trucks on the trail. Adventure your way!

-Ty Campbell

Mike Eglberger wins PA State Champs!

The PA State Champs was hosted by WOCRC Raceway. Tekin driver Mike Eglberger was in attendance for the weekend.

Qualifying for 4wd SCT had Mike setting round 1 TQ. Mike would improve the TQ during round 3 placing himself P1 for Sundays A main. 4wd SCT A main was up first and went Mike’s way leading uncontested tone to tone and take home the win.


Mike chose the following Tekin products:
RX8 Gen 3
Pro 4, 4600

Arkadiusz Smyk wins Two Polish National Championships!

This past weekend the Polish Nationals were held at Ruda Śląska a fast and at times bumpy track. The weather participated in the racing in the beginning raining hard the evening before washing off some of the prepped surface. Tekin team driver Arkadiusz Smyk attended running both the Modified TC division and ProStock class using a handout system.

Friday qualifying underway has Smyk taking Tq’s in rounds 1 and 2.  Round 3 a small change dropped him down to a P2. In qual 4 Smyk once again took the Tq position.  Unfortunately due to the weather the mains were cancelled with the results going down to qualifying points giving Smyk the clear victory with his 3 Tq’s and the Polish National Championship!

Smyk chose the Tekin RSX and 4.5T Redline Gen3 motor to take his national championship!

Tekin RS Pro BE and Spec R bring Matt Olson big wins at the Turf Nationals!

Tekin factory driver Matt Olson made his way out to RC Madness for the 2017 JConcepts Turf Nationals this past weekend. With over 270+ entries and the majority of the classes stacked nicely it was a great layout with lots of good racing for everyone to enjoy.

Matt would run two of the most heavily contested classes of racing we see today; 2wd 17.5 Buggy and 4wd 13.5.  Olson was equipped with the latest Tekin RS Pro BE and Spec R motors which he dropped into his AE rides just a day prior to travelling to the event. Not a single lap of practice until he got there.  A quick phone call to team manager Randy Pike who would set him onto the right path to get started would see him up to speed in short order.

Olson would struggle a bit with car setup in 2wd not having enough time on the track prior to the race. He’d with two other drivers who along with Matt would seperate themselves from the rest of the field. Tq and local fast guy Anthony Mazzara and Jeff  Statkicwicz would be in front of Matt who sat in P3 for the single A main.  Olson had a plan and he would share it with everyone starting on lap 1. Olson would take immediate advantage of his RS PRo BE Spec R combination and triple on over Jeff taking a the second spot.  A few laps later Matt would line up Anthony and pull the trigger with the same move tripling into the inside line to take the lead, there was no defending the pass.  Out front Matt would run clean fast lines while making sure his B6 was as wide as possible. Anthony had more corner speed for sure but Olson had enough power to pull away in straight sections while keeping it clean enough in the corners to keep the position. The 3 would nose to tail around for the next 4 minutes keeping it tight and clean, a great race to watch for sure.  Anthony looking for any opportunity would throw the dice on the last lap in the last 180 turn collecting Olson and allowing Jeff to catch back up, a super corner marhsall would free to the two cars racing to the line, Olson taking the win. Matt says “I had so much confidence in the triple during the opening few laps I figured I could get the passes and get out front. As long as I could stay clean and mistake free, it was my race to lose.”

Click here to see the Live RC video

JConcepts had a great FB Live feed, click here to watch the same race at the 5:10 mark.

Matt would also race the 4wd 13.5 Buggy class which is becoming one of the most popular classes here in the US to date.  Matt would Tq the class in dominating fashion and take the win tone to tone without any pressure from the field. Matt again chose the Tekin RS Pro BE ESC and Spec R in his AE B64.

Watch this race at the 29:00 minute mark click here

The Tekin RS Pro BE ESC proving that an entire package is truly measurable on the track. Coupled with the Spec R which is street priced around $99 with no additional a la cart features required.  This drop in and go system should be available to you through your favorite hobby shop or online retailer by the time you read this.


Hupo Hönigl wraps up Austrian National Title!

The 4th round of the Austrian 1/10 Nats was held at the ERT Steyregg club in Welser Kieswerke, Austria. JConcepts Lockness tires were used as a control tire for the first asto track in this Nationals history. A quick and super high grip layout greated all the drivers.

In 2wd Mod Buggy Tekin factory pilot Hupo Hönigl would battle with local driver Philipp Marzinger.  Marzinger and Hönigl would exchange Tq runs with Marzinger taking the overall Tq with a quicker run. In both A1 and A2 Marzinger would succumb to the pressure allowing Hupo to win A1 and A2 in cruise control. Hupo ran the Tekin RSX and Redline 6.5 Gen3 motor.

pic courtesy of RedRC

Hupo was the quickest in 4wd Mod Buggy but was making too many mistakes and would start P2 with Peter Pinisch taking the Tq.  The two would battle it out in A1 finishing less than a tenth apart! A2 would would see Hupo cruise to a win with a mistake early on from Peter. A3 would would be a near repeat of A2 giving Hupo the overall win for the weekend. This would also be Hupo’s 4th win in the National series allowing him to wrap up the overall 2017 Austrian National Championship in 4wd Buggy!  2wd will be decided in the final round. Hupo again chose the Tekin RSX and a Redline Gen3 5.5 motor in his Xray ride.

pic courtesy of RedRC

Yeung wins the 2017 Chinese National Championship!

The 2017 Chinese National Championship was held on the weekend of August 27th hosted at FS Off-road race track in Yongkang China.  Tekin factory driver Carson Yeung  run a well contested 1/8 E Buggy class. Over 200 entries total would provide plenty of competition for everyone. A large track with a 60m x 40m race surface and high 40c+ temps would punish the drivers all weekend.

In 1/8 EP Buggy class Carson would start off in the triple A main format the P2 position.  A1 would be chaos in the first lap dropping him down to last.  A steady push would get him back into 3rd in the end of A1.  A2 a better start would allow Carson to make a pass on P1 and take the win. A3 would be a rough start again, however once again a steady push would see Carson back to finish in P2 for A3 giving him the the overall win and the 2017 Chinese National Championship!


Caron chose the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen3 ESC and T8 1900kv combination running the latest v258 software.  “In the 40c+ temps my Tekin equipment performed without issues others were struggling with.” Carson Yeung.

Carson’s Rx8 Gen3 1900kv setup:

Garrison goes 2 for 2 at Team Associated Summer Series

Round 3 of the Team Associated Summer Series was held at Fastlane Raceway in Blue Springs, Missouri this past weekend. Fastlane is also host to the annual JConcepts Winter Indoor Shootout, as well as a host to various other major events over the years including the Off-Road JAM, ROAR Regional 1/10-scale and 1/8-scale championships, and many more.

The largest number of entries were found in the 17.5 2wd Buggy and 13.5 2wd Buggy classes. Tekin’s Mike Garrison was one of the drivers who made the last minute decision to switch from 1/8-scale to 1/10-scale. With very little preparation and no practice decided to enter both classes with his new Tekin RSX ESC and Gen 3 17.5 motor powered TLR 22 4.0 – powered by a Venom 4500mAh shorty pack, sitting on JConcepts Gold Spacebars front and rear.

After a rough first round of qualifying, a few minor changes and tweaks saw Garrison set TQ in both classes. His TQ time for 13.5 2wd Buggy using added timing to his Tekin Gen3 17.5 motor was faster than any 2wd time of the round – including the Mod 2wd Buggy class TQ time!

The mains saw some VERY close racing in all classes, and despite some collisions with traffic, Mike was able to patiently drive his way back to the front for a satisfying win in both 17.5 and 13.5 buggy classes.

“This was my second time out with the 22 4.0.The Tekin Hotwire 3.0 Bluetooth made switching from 17.5 “blinky mode” to advanced timing mode for 13.5 easy and painless in a matter of seconds.”

Mike chose the Tekin RSX Esc along with Redline Gen3 motors and the new Hotwire 3.0 BlueTooth device.

Mike Eglberger goes big at the High Voltage Shootout!

High Voltage Shootout hosted at WOCRC Raceway in New Florence, PA.  Over 100 entries would make up the event.  Mike would run 1/8 E Buggy and 4wd SC Truck.

In 4wd SC Truck Mike would take the overall Tq in Rd2 going into the mains. Mike recaps the A-Main; “After the second lap I had already started to pull away from the pack, but a few laps later I made two costly mistakes dropping me back to 2nd. I was quickly able to make the pass back into the lead and started to pull away. At the end I was able to hold onto the lead and take the win.”

Mike ran the latest Tekin Rx8 Gen3 ESC and Pro4 HD 4300kv motor in his Tekno 4wd SC truck.

1/8 E Buggy was up right after 4wd SC Truck.  “Lined up in P2 myself and the rest of the A-Main group all went over the center triple clean two turns later 1st went a little wide onto the straight and I was able to make the pass for the lead. From that point on I was able to pull away and put in solid clean laps and finish in 1st.”Mike Eglberger

Mike chose the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen3 ESC and T8 1900kv motor to power his Tekno EB48.4 to the big win.


Bricker dominates 5th Annual Firecracker Shootout!

Tekin factory driver Shawn Bricker attended the 5th Annual Firecracker Shootout hosted at Lawton RC Raceway’s outdoor banked oval. 93 entries  total for the race was a good turn out. Bricker ran SC Modified and 10.5 Midwest Modified.

In SC Modified Shawn used an Tekin RX8 Gen 3 with 258 update and a Pro4 4600 motor tuned by the new Hotwire 3.0 and iPhone Hotwire app. He took advantage of a lower torque control setting along with a higher throttle frequency to manage power on a loose dirt track that had low to medium bite. Shawn managed 2nd place finishes in both heat races and 3rd qualifier overall while looking for added steering. Shawn made some big changes for the main and by lap number 10 had made it into the lead. Shawn lead for the remainder of the race while fighting off two very good young drivers.

In 10.5 Midwest Modified Shawn used the Tekin RSX, Gen 3 10.5 with the 12.5 torque rotor, Hotwire 3.0 and iPhone Hotwire app. Shawn won both heat races with only going up 1 tooth on the pinion and secured the TQ spot by 2 laps. Bricker started the main in the front and lead the race from start to finish while lapping the field and completing the sweep.

“I am very proud to run Tekin products. I have never once had a failure. I have been able to help solve a number of problems that other racers have encountered with info provided by you and experienced that I have gained. Thank you for your support.” Shawn Bricker

Tekin takes big wins at AMS 8.0!

The Alabama Manufacturer’s Shootout is one of those bucket races that you should think about hitting up. Hosted in an agricultural center in Cullman, Alabama it’s a great venue with a laid back atmosphere and always seems to have consistent grip one year to the next. The dirt is a red clay that starts off a bit slippery but quickly builds grip on the race line as the laps are put down on it.  The layout has some huge elevation changes and some technical jumps as well as some high speed sections making for quick lap times and plenty of areas to make up time if you were good enough to do so.  RaceTime has done a great job of setting up manufacturers all in a row providing a great opportunity for the average racer to swing by and ask a few questions, get some setup tips or technical help from their favorite brands.  Tekin was in attendance and had quite a few team drivers on hand as well. With nearly 300 electric entries as part of the 475 total entries there was plenty of people looking for the latest Tekin tips at this race. Our team manager Randy Pike was in attendance to personally assure that anyone choosing to run Tekin would have full factory support available to them.

One of the fiercest classes of the weekend was Pro E Buggy. Tekin factory pilot Joe Bornhorst would be the overall Tq going into the triple A’s. Joe would lead nearly tone to tone in A1 but would make a small mistake on the closing laps to give Ryan Lutz the win in A1, Joe 2nd. A2  Joe would again start from P1 but would be pressured right away by Spencer Rivkin which would allow Cole Ogden to battle in that fight as well. Joe would fight back getting around Ogden and force an error out of Rivkin to retake the lead never to give it back. Lutz would be in this battle as well with Rivkin, Tebo and Ogden. A few position changes going back and forth for the remainder of the race. Lutz would take advantage of Tebo and Rivkin battling and put the move on Tebo to take 3rd in A2.  A3 would be the last race of the night running around 11:30pm.  Bornhorst would lead tone to tone gaping the field  handily to take the overall win. Ogden would take 2nd.  Once the triple A’s were totaled Joe Bornhorst was your overall winner followed by Ryan Lutz 2nd, Rivkin 3rd, Cole Ogden 4th, Tebo 5th. Notable A-main drivers also using Tekin were JR Mitch and Tyler Hooks.  With over half the field using the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen3 and or Tekin T8 Gen2 motors it’s clear Tekin is the choice of fastest guys in this class.

pic courtesy of JConcepts

Tekin factory driver Martin Harrison would put on a show in 4wd SC taking the overall Tq and taking A1 and A2. Nathan Harrison would take a 2nd overall after a great battle in A3. In this class Tekin was the clear choice with 90% of the entire field the award winning products. Both Martin and Nathan chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen3 and Pro4 HD 4300kv motor in their TLR SCT’s.

pic courtesy of JConcepts

Harrison and team manager Randy Pike would qualify 1-2 in the 40+ E Buggy class. With over 30 entries in this class the racing was close and competitive.  Harrison would have a mechanical in A1 allowing Pike to get away. Mark Moon was in the hunt also and after a few laps Pike would make a bobble over the right side hip jump allowing Moon to run away. A2 would be a similar story with the right side hip jump giving Pike a hard time(I sucked on that jump! Randy).  Moon would take the win in A2, Pike 2nd, Harrison 3rd.  Moon sitting out A3 would have Harrison starting from pole , Pike 2nd.  This is where they’d finish the main as well. Harrison would win the tie breaker with a 1-3 compared to Pike’s 2-2.  Harrison and Pike both chose the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen3 ESC and T8 1900kv motor. Seth Rippee father of Brad Rippee would finish 5th also running Tekin!

pic courtesy of JConcepts

Open E Buggy was heavily contested this year. Going deep in to an E-Main this year at AMS 8.0!  Team manager Randy Pike would manage to qualify 7th overall in this competitive class. The up and coming young guns were out for blood.  A1 allowed Randy to be patient and let the top 5 take each other out getting up to 3rd on the 2nd to the last lap battling out with Grayson Thompson, the two swapping positions on every other turn on the last lap. Thompson would get Pike on the sweeper drag race to the line. A2 was as similar story with Pike getting up to 3rd on the 2nd to last lap battling out with James Calhoun and John Carrio on the last lap taking 5th. A3 was a bit of a crash fest.  Pike would suffer a mechanical half way through taking 5th overall.

pic courtesy of JConcepts

All of the team driver setups can be found HERE