Tekin Clinic: V280 Drag Firmware

HotWire 15.25.6 includes V280 Eliminator Drag Racing firmware for Tekin GEN3 ESCs! Check our the new features including Launch Power, Power Delay and Launch Boost as well as new Data Logging parameters PWM and Battery!

HotWire 15.25.6 Download

Choose your desired Launch Power from 1 – 100% and leave the start line effectively and consistently hit after hit. Dial in the Power that best suits your car and racing surface for the perfect launch, every time.  Be open minded about what might work best considering many of the fastest people in the country are launching at 30% to 40%.

Choose the time it takes for your ESC to reach full throttle after the launch. Fine tune your power profile for your car and racing surface and put down consistent ET’s.  Start slow and increase as your car can handle it due to traction conditions and car setup.

Need a little more pull on that high traction street or strip? Use Launch Boost to increase how aggressive the ESC increases to full throttle.  Setting is rpm based so recommended only for high traction and advanced users.  Only settings 2 or maybe 3 are useful with low turn motors.  Higher settings are useful for 13.5 classes to dial in the power response. 

Improved Data Logging now includes PWM and Battery monitoring, allowing you to see the actual output from the ESC to motor as well as watch battery ripple for signs of a setup that may need changes.

Pulse Width Modulation, the signals sent from the ESC to your motor to make it go. Recording PWM will show you exactly how the new Launch settings are affecting the output to motor, allowing you to fine tune power over the whole run.

Ripple voltage can indicate problems in a setup and spotlight issues such as an over geared motor, too much timing being added in, timing being added in too quickly resulting in excessive load on the system or a combination of all. This may also indicate a weakened battery or a motor that may have a sensor issue or solder connection issue.

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