Kyle Turner Wins E-Buggy at Amain Labor Day Shootout!

Attended this years Labor Day Shootout at Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico. It was a 2 day event with 3 rounds of qualifying Saturday and mains on Sunday. Ended up taking the TQ in the first 2 rounds of qualifying during the day in Nitro Buggy and Ebuggy, then qualifying 2nd for the night round in both classes. Nitro buggy in qualifying was really good, having a 99.3% consistency run in the second round while having the fastest lap in the class, and did the same thing with ebuggy in the first round. The nitro buggy main was disappointing since I flamed out before my first pit stop, in a 30 minute main. I’m pretty sure it was my fault because the car was on 2 wheels and I tried to save the car from rolling over, but since I hit the gas and flipped over anyways I think that’s what killed the engine (plus it was about 110° that day). Then I was sitting in 3rd for the entire race and the car died again with 30 seconds to go, so I dropped from 3rd to 4th on the last lap. The idle on the engine sounded perfect when I was in the warm-up, but someone was telling me that when the engine gets really hot on a day like that the idle can get lower (which I didn’t know), so I learned something new that day. The ebuggy main was pretty much flawless, car felt great and I got another 99% consistency in the 10 minute main. Enjoyed hanging out with the Amain guys again.

Thanks to the Amain tracks crew and friends for making it another great event!
Thanks to all my sponsors for the continued support!

Nitro Buggy (TQ/4th)

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