Tekin wins big at the JConcepts Super Cup Finals!

Team Tekin wins big at the final round of JConcepts Super Cup series in Sarasota Fl. For Tekin powered JR Mitch, Chris Viesins and Peyton MacDonald it capped a very successful spring series.


JR Mitch would win the final round followed by his Tekin teammate Chris Viesins both running the Tekin RSX esc in their 22-4’s. The 4wd class championship came down to a 3 way tie(wow that’s close) in the finals.


JR wasn’t done winning. He would go onto battle once again with his Tekin teammate Chris Viesins in the 4wd SC Class. Both drivers using the ultra reliable Tekin RX8 Gen2 esc to battle it out, swapping positions multiple times during the main. Viesins would be running the Pro4 4600kv with JR running a Trinity motor proving the Rx8 Gen2 esc can run them all fast!  JR would take the win followed by Chris in 2nd.


Peyton’s Tekin’s RSX in locked spec mode and Redline Gen2 17.5 motor would power his AE Sc10.2 to victory where gearing and timing were crucial. Peyton’s SC10 ran at 22 degrees timing and 27/75 gearing. Peyton would wrap up the points series with an overall Championship with his Tekin powered SC10 truck.


Peyton MacDonald wasn’t done however. Once again he would he would take the win with his Tekin RS Gen2 Redline Gen2 powered T4.2 truck wrapping up the points Championship! Way to go Peyton!(RP) Peyton’s T4 was happiest at 27 degrees of timing and 26/75 for gearing.



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