Tekin takes RD4 and points lead of the 2014 JBRL Series

This past weekend was JBRL Round #4 at OCRC in Huntington Beach, CA. A great turnout once again for the JBRL with 265 entries for the one day event!

Doug “Casper” Nielsen was able to take a convincing win at round #4 of the JBRL at OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach, CA in Electric 8th scale. Casper drove his Tekin RX8 Gen2, T8i  powered TLR 8ight-E 3.0 to the victory.  He would start the main in P2 loosing out on the TQ by only .8sec over TLR teammate David Jenson. At the tone David Jenson would lead the field for the start of the 10 min “A” main. Casper would follow close behind and the two would break away from the pack after a few laps. About 3-4 min into the race David would make a mistake and Casper would be able to capitalize on the mistake and take the point and never look back. TLR/Tekin teammate Ryan Dunford would put in a great run to finish 3rd and take the JBRL points lead with the effort after 4 rounds.


In Pro-4 Casper would finish a strong 3rd to put him on the podium with TLR teammates David Jenson first and Ryan Dunford 2nd to ensure a TLR podium sweep with the SCTE 2.0. Both Casper and Dunford chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 and Pro4 line of motors.


Pro4 A3 courtesy of Blais Racing:

Tekin wins the Motown Showdown!

The Motown Showdown was held this past weekend at Modesto RC Raceway in Modesto, Ca. Racers from all over the region would converge to the more “traditional” race track surface that is not known for “sugar coating” it’s racing surface. This would be a welcome change for many of the local racers.

2wd Mod buggy is known for being the hart and soul of the local racing community in Norcal. AE factory Driver Chris Jarosz would take the 1st 2 rounds of qualifying with Tekin factory driver Derek Stephansen taking Rd3.

In the single A-main format the top 3 would get out early and gap the field. Chris Jarosz checking out early on. Stephansen would bobble over the tricky triple allowing Tekin teammate Jason Moberly to take over 2nd. Moberly would get into some lapped traffic and fall victim to the triple handing back 2nd to Stephansen. In the end it would be Jarosz, Stephansen and Cody Hughey 3rd. Derek chose to run a Tekin RSX and Redline 7.5 motor in his B5m.

2014 Motown Showdown 2wd

Hughey, Jarosz, Stephansen

The 4wd Mod buggy class has grown leaps and bounds locally. Tekin factory driver Derek Stephansen would sweep qualifying taking all 3 rounds with his Tekin RSX Redline 6.5 powered XBR4 buggy. Stephansen would take the win followed by Doyle Howell and Duan Moore in 3rd.

2014 Motown Showdown 4wd

Moore, Stephansen, Howell

4wd SC truck was dominated by Tekin powered Jason Moberly. Jason would run up front from the tone with his Tekin Rx8 Gen 2 Pro4 HD powered Tekno truck. Mo would check out and lead from tone to tone to take the win.

4wd Mod SC

Luu, Moberly, Jenkins

Tekin powered John Scott would take the win in 2wd Stock buggy with his Tekin RS Gen2 17.5 Redline Gen2 powered TLR 22. Being patient starting from his P3 position John would meticulously put pressure on the leaders forcing errors and take the win on the last lap.

Moore, Scott, Wilcox

Moore, Scott, Wilcox

Tekin powered Greg Stephansen swept qualifying winning all three heats to earn TQ. Stephansen would also cruise to the A Main victory with John Harrison finishing second, Doug Frid third.

40 over

Frid, Stephansen, Harrison

Hanna and Tekin win big!

The Carolina Spectacular held at The Pit in Lugoff SC kicked off with a format of 4 10min heads up mains. They took the best 3 out of 4 finishes. This unique format was going to make for some close racing! Read on….

Two full heats of 12 each in electric 1/8 buggy. With going into the 4th round Griffin Hanna and Kyosho driver Rob Meyers were tied overall with points. At the start of the tone Griffin and Rob stretched out their lead over third. They traded places a few times making it an exciting race for the final. After a mistake from Meyers, Griffin Hanna was able to take the checkered flag after the 10 min race which gave Hanna the overall win in the 1/8 E-Buggy class. Griffin had the fastest run of the day with his Serpent 811 Cobra. His car was insanely fast powered by his Tekin RX8 Gen2 ESC and T8 Gen2 1900kv motor.

boys at the pit

Both Griffin and Collin finished 2nd and 4th in mod 2wd buggy.


Tekin RD @6 of FSEARA series!

Last weekend was race 6 of the infamous FSEARA series that has been running here for 33 years strong. Race 6 being the second to last race of the points series had the racers around the pits calculating finishes and putting together game plans for the race. The Punta Gorda track is located in the Port Charlotte area on the southwestern region of Florida. The weather was perfect with practice getting underway Saturday we no chance of rain with a slight breeze from the ocean.

On Sunday the weather stayed perfect as the drivers prepared for qualifying action. The largest class would be 17.5 Touring Car and it would show some of the tightest racing of the season. Round 1: Team Tekin driver Cory Parsons would set the early TQ setting the only 21 lap run of the round, Bruce, Morris , and Harrison were all in tow. With some of these guys testing setups for the Reedy Race, Cory switched from his Tekin RSX to a Tekin RS Gen 2 for the second round proceeding to reset TQ on used tires and a hotter track. Needless to say Cory was very happy with his Tekin RS Gen 2.

In the Modified Touring Car class Team Tekins TJ Bradley would take his Tekin RSX & Gen2 Redline 4 turn equipped Xray to battle with hot shoes like Scotty Gray, Jeff Brown, Mike Bruce, Robert Cooper to name a few. After qualifying was over Scotty would wrap up TQ in mod with a tight field rounding out the A final. Cory Parsons would secure the 17.5 TQ.

Finally it was time for the mains and the first A up would be the 17.5 Touring. From the tone Tekin’s Cory Parsons would get the jump from TQ with Austin Harrison giving him pressure and Michael Bruce rounding out the top 3. As the race progressed we saw great battles for the lead between Cory and Austin and a epic fight for third between Bruce and Morris. As the race was coming to a end Cory managed to hold of Harrison and Jimmy Morris snuck by Bruce for the final podium spot. Congrats Cory Parsons for the TQ and Win.


In Mod TC Tq Scotty Gray got a clean start with Bruce and Bradley getting together bunching up the battle for second. For the first 2 minutes Bruce, Bradley, and Copper diced while Scotty pounded out laps. At the halfway mark of the race Bradley would get inside on Bruce entering the straight and pull away for the duration of the race securing second with Mike Bruce rounding out the top 3.


Tekin wins big at the JConcepts Super Cup Finals!

Team Tekin wins big at the final round of JConcepts Super Cup series in Sarasota Fl. For Tekin powered JR Mitch, Chris Viesins and Peyton MacDonald it capped a very successful spring series.


JR Mitch would win the final round followed by his Tekin teammate Chris Viesins both running the Tekin RSX esc in their 22-4’s. The 4wd class championship came down to a 3 way tie(wow that’s close) in the finals.


JR wasn’t done winning. He would go onto battle once again with his Tekin teammate Chris Viesins in the 4wd SC Class. Both drivers using the ultra reliable Tekin RX8 Gen2 esc to battle it out, swapping positions multiple times during the main. Viesins would be running the Pro4 4600kv with JR running a Trinity motor proving the Rx8 Gen2 esc can run them all fast!  JR would take the win followed by Chris in 2nd.


Peyton’s Tekin’s RSX in locked spec mode and Redline Gen2 17.5 motor would power his AE Sc10.2 to victory where gearing and timing were crucial. Peyton’s SC10 ran at 22 degrees timing and 27/75 gearing. Peyton would wrap up the points series with an overall Championship with his Tekin powered SC10 truck.


Peyton MacDonald wasn’t done however. Once again he would he would take the win with his Tekin RS Gen2 Redline Gen2 powered T4.2 truck wrapping up the points Championship! Way to go Peyton!(RP) Peyton’s T4 was happiest at 27 degrees of timing and 26/75 for gearing.



Tekin wins Rd3 of the JBRL Series

Tekin factory drivers converged for Rd3 of the 2014 JBRL series hosted at Rainman’s Hobby & Raceway.  This facility may be “new” to the racing scene but the experience all the racers took away from the event was it was yet another great facility to add to the JBRL Series!

Tekin would sweep the podium in the 4wd mod buggy class with Matt Pages taking the win over Tekin teammates Ryan Dunford in 2nd, and Doug “Casper” Nielsen in 3rd.  All 3 Tekin team drivers chose the Tekin RSX esc and Redline Gen2 motors to sweep the competition.

4wd Mod Buggy

Ryan Dunford would take the overall Tq and win with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8i powered TLR 8ight 3.0e buggy.

E Buggy

In the hotly contested 4wd SC class Ryan Dunford would take a hard earned 2nd place overall running his Tekin Rx8 Pro 4 4600 powered TLR Ten SCTE 2.0.

4wd SC


Tekin wins big at the Traction Showdown!

Traction Raceway hosted their 3rd Annual Traction Showdown out of Reno, NV. With drivers from all around the region attending the competition was good in all classes. Tekin drivers as well as team manager Randy Pike were all in attendance to help support Tekin users as well as show the way around the fun and technical layout!

Qualifying was Ifmar best 2 out of 4 rounds. 3 rounds on Saturday and one on Sunday following a cool 24 hour practice schedule meant there were no excuses for lack of track time!  Tekin powered Jason Moberly would Tq the Pro2 Mod 2wd SC class and Justin Moon would Tq the 2wd Mod ST Truck class as well. Tekin was found in nearly every single class at the top of the qualifying boards.

Tripe A-mains would kick off after the last round of qualifying. Justin Moon would start from P5 in A-1 of the 2wd Mod buggy class and put in a great run for a 2nd in A-1. A-2 taking 4th battling it out with Tekin teammate Jason “Mo” Moberly. A-3 would give Moon another 2nd chasing down AE’ Chris Jarosz. Justin Moon would take a well deserved 3rd on the podium. Just chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen2 7.5 in his Serpent mid motor buggy.


Justin would start from P1 in the Mod Stadium truck class using Tekin team manager Randy Pike’s TLR 22T “rent a ride” taking A-1 and A-2. The truck was powered by a Tekin RSX and 8.5 Redline Gen2 motor.


The 2wd Mod SC Class was dominated by Tekin powered trucks in the A. From his Tq position Jason Moberly would begin to check out early with clear track in front of him. Randy Pike would push hard from his P4 position forcing a few errors from Kyle Layton and Terry Wickum making the needed passes to take 2nd position. With lap traffic becoming a factory as early as Lap 3 Pike would push hard setting the fastest lap of in A1 but a few last lap bobbles fighting through traffic he’d run out of time settling for 2nd behind Tekin teammate Moberly. A-2 would be just as exciting right from the tone! Once again Moberly would try to checkout early on but Pike would make an aggressive move on the start tone to slip inside Wickum for 3rd. Layton would run wide opening the door for Pike who would waste no time taking the position. Pike would make an aggressive push pulling right up to the back of Moberly. Moberly was taking a different line up the step up section tapping the top where as Pike was clearing the section. This gave Moberly a nice tight line into the 180 corner but allow Pike a pass attempt however Pike would have the door shut on him! This however left to the two trucks body tucked together(Sorry Mo! RP) The two would work the trucks from each other not losing a position and continue on racing where once again Pike would attempt a pass this time over the top of Moberly on the step up. It would go wrong for Pike who would flip off the track requiring a marshal. This let Moberly cruise to another A win taking the overall!  A-3 would once again be no easy task. Tekin power still starting 2 3 4 and 5 meant everyone had the power to win. Pike’s start tone pass wouldn’t’ work this time as  Wickum was ready  for it closing the door immediately on Pike. Pushing hard again though Wickum would bobble allowing Pike by getting onto the straight away. Pike would be pushing hard to catch up to now P1 Kyle Layton with Wickum in tow never going away.  Pike’s push to catch the leader would only last another 2 laps once again setting the fastest lap of A3 coming around the high speed sweeper where a back marker would be marshalled right in front of the high speed trucking 22 SCT! Yup you guessed it, COLLISION!  Clean up in aisle 2, Pike would pop a ball cup going a lap down during the repair attempt. Layton would cruise to a victory with Wickum taking 2nd. Tekin would fill the podium with Moberly 1st, Layton 2nd, and Wickum 3rd. Moberly chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen2 9.5. Layton and Wickum both running RS Pro’s and Redline motors also.


Kyle Layton would also have success in the Stock Stadium Truck class with his Tekin powered AE truck. Kyle running a Tekin RS Gen2 and Redline 17.5 Gen2 motor.

Stock Truck

Lucas Sanford and The Tekin T8i and win the JConcepts TNS Series!

Sanford and Son RC headed out to IERC Raceway in San Bernardino, CA on April 26th for Round 8 of the JConcepts Top Notch Winter Series.

There were 175 entries for this final round of the series. Factory drivers in attendance included Hobby Pro USA’s Andrew Smolnik, Tekno RC’s Rudy Rico, TLR’s David Jenson, Brian McDuffy and Brian Sullivan, Jimmy Wright from Trackstar RC, Pres Ilog from AKA, and a number of fast local drivers, including Kevin Kasten and Scott Wagner. There would be two rounds of 5 minute qualifiers, followed by 6 minute A Mains.

1/8 Scale eBuggy

Tekin powered Lucas Sandford would run the first qualifier mistake free taking the TQ. A quick car change would have his lap times in round 2 .7 seconds per lap faster allowing him to better his TQ time significantly giving him P1 on the grid for the A Main.

In the A Main, Sanford got a great start and quickly pulled out to about a 2 second lead. A mistake free giving Sanford the A Main win. “My Tekin Rx8 Gen2 T8i Gen2 powered Kyosho MP9e TKI was fantastic all day!” Lucas

1/8 Scale eBuggy Final Round Results: 1. Lucas Sanford (Tekin) 2. David Jenson (TLR) 3. Chris Burling

1. Lucas Sanford (Tekin)
2. David Jenson (TLR)
3. Chris Burling

2wd Mod Buggy

In the A Main Sanford would start from his P2 position would spin his wheels on the start allowing McDuffy and Rico to get by.  However, Lucas drove well the rest of the race and would finish fifth overall. Fortunately, his finish would give him enough points to win the overall series.!

“My Tekin RSX with the Redline Gen2 7.5 powered RB6 equipped with AKA clay Typo tires was very good.” Lucas Sanford

2wd Mod Buggy Overall Series Results:1. Lucas Sanford (Tekin) 2. Andrew Smolnik (Hobby Pro USA) 3. Cameron Bash

1. Lucas Sanford (Tekin)
2. Andrew Smolnik (Hobby Pro USA)
3. Cameron Bash

Mod Truck

Lucas Sanford would win all five races he competed in taking the TQ in four of the five. Sanford chose his Tekin RSX and Redline Gen2 6.5 powered RB6T on AKA clay Typo tires with DE wheels in this class.

Mod Truck Overall Series Results:1. Lucas Sanford (Tekin) 2. John Schultz 3. Mikey Bustamante (Tekin)

1. Lucas Sanford (Tekin)
2. John Schultz
3. Mikey Bustamante (Tekin)

“I would like to thank all of my sponsors for making it happen: Sanford and Son RC, Kyosho, AKA, DE Racing, Tekin, TTN Racing and Upgrade RC. Thanks also to JConcepts and DE Racing for sponsoring this series, and IERC Raceway. Last but not least, I would like to thank all of my fellow racers for coming out to this series, all the track owners and track crews, and the TNS organization. A special thanks goes out to Neobuggy for their continued support throughout the series.

Without the dedication and support of everyone involved, we would not be able to enjoy this passion of ours.” Lucas Sanford

Tekin cleans house at the 10th Annual Newred Hobbies race!

Tekin teammates JR Mitch, Peyton MacDonald, Chris Viesins and Jamie White race to the podiums at Newred Hobbies 10 year anniversary race in Ocala Fl.

The one day event started early at 6 am and the facility filled to capacity quickly with 140 entries on the single day event with 2 rounds of qualifying and triple A mains. RC legend and pioneer Brian Kinwald was in attendance for the celebration.

Tekin powered Peyton MacDonald would pull the hat track on the day running 3 classes consisting of Stock 2wd Buggy, Stock Stadium Truck and Stock Short Course. Peyton used the Tekin RS Gen 2 and Tekin RSX ESC’s in locked spec mode and 17.5 Gen 2 Redline Motors. After setting TQ for all 3 classes of stock, he would never look back as he lead ever lap of his Amains but 1. Gearing and timing for his B5M were 33/72 at 25 degrees, both his T4.2 and SC10.2 sat at 26/75 at 20 degrees of timing for the T4.2 and 25 degrees on the SCT.


JR Mitch TQ’d both of his classes of Modified 2wd Buggy and Modified 4wd buggy, both utilizing the Tekin RSX ESC.  JR wrapped up the 2 classes as he doubled down in A1 and A2 of the modified classes. Tekin teammate Chris Viesins gave JR a run for the top podium of 4wd buggy running a close and tight 2nd place overall finish.

10177950_10152370757193216_4286029092219197048_n (1)


10273361_672041066190898_1484361516876201008_o 1625509_10152370655303216_5691728817939543888_n 10010685_672040049524333_4813278278649853770_o

The Ments make a statement at Rd2 of the South African Off-road Nats Series.

This past weekend saw the running of the second leg of the South African 1/10th Electric Off Road National series. The series is made up of 5 events with the best 4 to count towards the national ranking.


Tekin team driver Jonathan Ment and his son Jarod were in attendance for the 2nd round.

Jonathan was running the TLR 22 2.0, TLR 22-4 and TLR SCTE 2.0, while his son drove the older TLR 22 and TLR 22 SCT. Both of powered by Team Tekin ESCs and Tekin motors.

Saturday qualifying and Jarod chose to run both Spec 17.5 2wd buggy and 2wd Mod with the same car proved to be a good decision as he was lapping the entire field in Spec and  amongst the top drivers in the Mod class. Jarod’s Short Course was also awesome taking TQ in both 2WD Spec SCT and 2WD Mod SCT on Saturday. Both cars running the RSPro with a 17.5 for 2WD Spec or a 13.5 for the SCT Class.

Jonathan’s runs during the day on Saturday resulted in a 10th place in 2WD Mod, a 6th in 4WD Mod and TQ for 4WD SCT. Jarod on the other hand was TQ for 2WD Spec, TQ for 2WD SCT and a solid 8th in 2WD Mod (ahead of his dad!) But the important thing here is that all through qualifying he ran Blinky mod on the car even in the Mod class. So an 8th was a great accomplishment!

Mains day…..
Round 1
Jarod was up first with a clean run needed in 2WD Spec which he did including lapping the second place man! Another clean run in the 2WD SCT, giving him a win in each! I went on to place second in the 4WD SCT and a 5th in the 4WD Mod.

Round 2
Again another clean run from Jarod in both Spec 2wd buggy and SCT giving him the overall win in both classes! Another second place in the 4WD SCT with Jonathan making way too many errors to catch the leader.

Round 3
4WD SCT for me this time Jonathan took the win putting in a more consistent run this time (overall 2-2-1). 4WD Mod again 4th – putting me 4th overall. The 2WD Mod race this time Jarod managed a second in the main – giving him an overall (6-4-2) solid 4th for the weekend due to our points system.


“The weekend overall was awesome – my son was awesome taking home plenty of silverware between us. Him with the TQ and Win trophies for 2WD, and 2WD SCT, me with the TQ for 4WD SCT and 2nd for the main. Great weekend for Team Tekin, with their RSPro, RSX and RX8 Speedos and various motors showing the way!” Jonathan Ment