Nick Buechler wins Rd1 of the NCT Series!

This weekend was the first of 6 stops for the Northwest Championship Tour held in Wenatchee, Wa. Weather was a perfect 75 and sunshine for the weekend of racing on the loamy outdoor track. 198 entries for the weekend. Tekin factory driver Nick Buechler put in a stellar performance it kick off the series.

1/8 E-buggy as usual this was one of the largest and most competitive classes with nearly 40 entries. Nick Buechler was able to take the TQ spot on Saturday with a 1 and 2 on the tiebreaker. In A1 Buechler was able to get a clean start and not look back to take the win by over 5 seconds. A2 was looking good early until Nick’s body mount broke forcing him to eventually pull off. In A3 Buechler would find himself back in 4th mid race but charged up to 2nd and made a pass for the lead and overall win on the final lap! Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc’s and T8 Gen2 motors were the power items in Nicks car.

NCT Rd1 E buggy











1/10 4wd mod buggy came in with 29 entries in this class. Buechler would just miss out on TQ to Kyosho’s Jesse Munn and put his Tekin powered  D413 2nd on the grid. In A1 the two would batte most of the race but Jesse would take the win by 3 seconds over Buechler. A2 was another close race the whole 6 minutes and Buechler would come away with the win. A3 Buechler would pull away early and never look back to take the overall win. Nick chose the Tekin RSX esc and Redline Gen2 to power him to the top spot.

NCT RD1 4wd Mod Buggy












Tekin wins at JBRL Rd2

This past weekend was the JBRL Round 2 at Coyote Hobbies. The track and the facility were often refereed to as “awesome” and “excellent” by all who attended.

After a good solid run in qualifying with Ryan Dunford would put his Tekin powered TLR SCTE 2.0 on pole taking the overall TQ. Dunford would lay it down taking the win over David Jensen and Tekin teammate Rudy Rico in 3rd. Both Ryan and Rudy chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and Pro4 line of motors to power them to the podium.










2wd Mod SC was an all out battle. Ryan Dunford would put his Tekin RSX Redline Gen2 powered TLR 22 SCT 2.0 on the box in 3rd.













Rudy Rico would take the overall Tq and win in the 1/8 E buggy class running his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 T8 Gen2 powered Tekno buggy.

JBRL RD2 E buggy

Tekin sweeps the Spring Sting at Badlands.

A great weekend of racing here in Myrtle Beach SC at the Badlands track which hosted the Spring Sting race with 132 entries. There was a very high percentage of rain in the area but somehow Mother Nature was on our side and only had a small 10 min delay.

Tekin factory drivers Max Flurer, Griffin Hanna and John Michael McGinty III would sweep the E-buggy podium.

spring sting 2 2015

All 3 drivers chose the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 motor to power them to the podium.

Brand wins TN State Champs!

This past weekend the Tennessee State Championship race was held at ROCCK Racing in Knoxville, TN. The race drew in an amazing crowd of over 160 racers from all over the southeast. There were 30 entries in the Pro E-Buggy class alone!

Tekin factory driver Shay Brand was running his Tekin powered Mugen MBX7R-Eco at the event. Shay was able to get the TQ in all 3 rounds of qualifying and solidify his #1 position for the main. At the start of the main Shay was able to jump out to a quick lead. A mistake allowed 2nd to pass Shay who would put his head down and charging back. Shay was able to make the pass for 1st with about 2 minutes left and hold on to take the overall Win!

TN State Champs Pro E-buggy

“My Tekin RX8 Gen2 esc paired with the T8 1900kV motor had unbelievable power and consistency. Thanks to all of my sponsors for their help and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!” Shay Brand

Pham takes U4RC Winter Series

Auburn Performance Raceway hosted the U4RC Winter Series which consisted of 6 races total.  Team driver Michael Pham would compete in multiple classes including 2.2 Limited, 1.9 Trail, and 1.9 Trophy.

Pham would take the overall win in 1.9 Trail with his Axial Honcho/VP powered by a Tekin RS Gen2 Esc and Roc412 3100kv taking 3 1st’s, 2 2nd’s, and a 5th to win the overall.


Pham would also go onto to win the 1.9 Trophy Class with his Rock Bouncer chassis powered by a Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc Pro4 4600 system. Takin 4 1st places and 2 2nd places Michael proved he had the setup to beat.


Pham would take a hard fought 3rd overall in the 2.2 Limited Class running is Axial Wraith/VP powered by a Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and Pro4 4600kv system in this class as well.


Tekin Welcomes Max Kuenning to the team

Tekin would like to welcome one Max Kuenning to the team. Max is one of the premier road racers in the United States and is always in the hunt for major wins in any race he attends.

Max K Meet the Team

Max had this to say “I’m very excited to join the Tekin team! I’d like to thank Randy Pike for giving me this opportunity to run for them and support their products. With the Data Logging in every Tekin speed control, you can acquire everything you need to finely tune your speed control and your car to maximize your results in any class. One of the most unique features that Tekin has to offer! Looking forward to running them in all my cars at the MHIC in a few weeks! With my Trinity motors and batteries, this is going to be a killer power package!”


Ehrlich cleans up Rd7 of the Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series

The final round of the Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series was held at TVRCRC in Kamloops BC.

Tekin powered Dave Ehrlich would Tq and win the Mod TC class running his Tekin RSX Redline Gen2 powered VBC Racing car.


Pic Courtesy of RedRc

Dave would continue his success taking the the win in 1/12 stock from his Tq position with his Tekin powered VBC Lightning 12.


Dave would also show everyone the way in 1/12 mod Tq’ing the division and taking the main win running the Tekin RSX paired to a Redline Gen2 in his VBC Lightning 12.



Stephansen takes NCRL Race Series Round 1

Round 1 of the Northern California Racing League was held at LSR Speedway in Sacramento, Ca. With over 150 entries and racers from all around Northern California and Nevada attending the racing was heated and provided some of the closest racing in the region.

2wd Mod Buggy was up first. A Reedy Race format meant you had to be fast and consistent to win.  A1 would have Tekin powered Derek Stephansen lined up outside Tekin teammate Justin Moon.  The two would get a clean start and begin gapping the field. Moon would bobble on the center triple giving Stephansen room to breath and take the win. A2 would have Derek lined up in P9 and get wrapped up in a crash early on. Half a lap down to the leader he would put his head down and run them down but run out of time taking 2nd. A3 starting mid pack Derek would set back and watch Strange and Cortez battle out each other for the lead which allowed Derek to pick them both off taking the win!  Going into A4 three drivers could be the possible overall winner: Cavalier, Bernal, and Stephansen.  Once again starting mid pack Stephansen would get a great start working up to 2nd quickly. The leader would make a mistake giving Derek the lead and would not relinquish it to take the overall class win and set the fastest time of the day in 2wd Mod buggy be nearly 10 seconds! Derek chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen2 7.5 motor for his B5m buggy.

NCRL 2wd Mod Round1

2wd Mod SC truck was another heavily battled over class.  A1 would have Stephansen would take the win setting the fastest time overall. A2 Derek would be hit hard when his motor backed off causing a DNF and giving Kyle Layton his second win of the day.  A3 Stephansen would have to bit down and put in work. He would do just that and take the win in A3 with is Tekin RSX Redline Gen2 7.5 TLR SCT 22 2.0. Layton would also win his heat which meant Derek was now in a must win situation. A4 would have all the heavy hitters in the same race: Layton, Stephansen and Bernal. Layton and Stephansen would line up in the back row together. On the tone Stephansen would use his Tekin horsepower to pick his way through the pack to take the lead and lap the entire field up to 3rd place taking another win and the overall class win, his second for the day!

NCRL 2wd Mod SCT Round 1

“Big thanks to Codey Hughly, Jeremy Hardesty, Kevin Jelich, and all of the LSR crew for a great race day! Time to get ready for round two at Outback raceway on April 18th! Also thanks to my sponsors Tekin Racing and RaceAKA for the continued support!” Derek Stephansen


Rippee wins the 2015 AMS Pot o’ Gold!

Yesterday Brad Rippee was able to attend the AMS Pot O’ Gold race. This event is an annually held race at AMS Raceway in Grand Blanc MI. There was a total of 105 entries in attendance at the race.

In 4×4 sc Rippee  was able to take TQ and in the main leading tone to tone with his Tekin Gen 2 rx8 and Pro 4 HD 4300 motor under the hood.

Pot of Gold 4wd SC

In 1/8th E-buggy Rippee was also able to TQ and take the win with his Rx8 Gen 2 and Gen2 T8 2050 motor.

Pot of Gold E Buggy

And lastly was E-truggy we were able to find a good group of guys to run truggy at this event. Rippee was also able to TQ this class and lead the main the whole time coming away with another win. “My Tekin Rx8 Gen 2 and Gen2 t8 2250 truggy motor gave me more than enough power throughout the entire race.” Brad Rippee

Pot of Gold E Truggy


Tekin takes Rd1 of the JBRL Electric Series

Round 1 of the JBRL Electric series kicked off at IERC Raceway.  Tekin was well represented with multiple team drivers in attendance.

Rudy Rico managed to Tq in 1/10 4wd Buggy, 4wd SC and 1/8 E buggy. In 4wd SC he would take the win followed by teammate Doug “Casper” Nielsen in 2nd. Both drivers chose the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and Pro4 line of motors.

JBRL Rd1 4wd SC

Rudy Rico would continue his winning streak in 1/8 E buggy taking the win and was once again joined by Doug Nielsen in second place. Both drivers using the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 line of motors.

JBRL Rd1 E buggy

Rico would take a hard fought second in 1/10 4wd buggy having a battle with Cody Turner. Rico chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen2 to power his wheeler.