Hupo Hönigl takes RD1 of the Austrian Nationals!

MRC Oberaich hosted the 1st ever Austrian E Buggy Nationals. 4 rounds will decide the winner of the overall National Champion. MRC offers a great racing size and surface for the 1/8 cars. Weather caused continual track changes forcing the drivers to stay on their toes all weekend. Tekin powered Serpent factory driver Hupo Hönigl would set he pace early on taking the overall Tq position.  Starting from P2 in the finals after a bad tire choice Hupo would battle with Wollanka(Xray) securing the overall win taking A1 and A2 handily. Wollanka would take 2nd, Heiss 3rd overall.

Podium Rd1













Hupo Hönigl chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 1900 motor to power his Serpent Cobra E 2.1 buggy. Follow Hupo @ Hupo Hönigl RC

Under body













E Buggy


Sanford takes Rd2 of Proline Champs Series

Heritage RC Park in Chula Vista, CA hosted Round 2 of the Pro-Line Championship Series. Like Round 1, Round 2 had 70+ entries, and we would run 7 minute qualifiers. The track was watered every other heat.

The competition for this round would include J.D. Mora of LRP, TLR’s Don Vinkemulder, Mugen drivers Robert Wickham, Jaime Boquiren and Felipe Martinez, Darin Rogers of Tekno RC and some very fast local racers.

1/8 Scale E Buggy

Luca Sanford recaps: “For both qualifiers of E Buggy, I opted for a fresh set of Soft AKA GridIron IIs, and it was a good choice. The car was very planted, and easy to drive. In Q1, I had a perfect run, and would get the first round TQ. In Q2, Mora pressed me hard for the first 5 minutes of the 7 minute qualifier, but I ran mistake free. I just missed my first round TQ, but would start first in the 10 minute A Main.

I got a great start in the Main, and pulled out to an early lead over the field. My Kyosho MP9e TKI, with the Tekin RX8 Gen2 and Redline T8 Gen2 1900 motor was fantastic. The AKA GridIron II tires on DE Racing SpeedLine Plus wheels were amazing. I ran the entire 10 minute Main mistake free, and finished on top of the podium.”
















1/8 Scale E-Buggy Results:

1. Lucas Sanford (Tekin/Kyosho)
2. J.D. Mora (LRP)
3. Darin Rogers (Tekno RC)

“I would like to thank all of my sponsors for making it happen: Sanford and Son RC, Kyosho, KO Propo, AKA, DE Racing, Tekin, TTN Racing and Upgrade RC.” Lucan Sanford

Tekin Welcomes Nathan Dean to the Team!

Tekin would like to welcome Custom Works Factory driver Nathan Dean to the team. “Nathan is a well respected oval driver that brings a proven success record to our Team. He’s well respected, professional, and will help continue to prove how successful the Tekin RSX esc and Redline series of motor are in Dirt Oval racing.” Randy Pike

Tekin TD Nathan Dean 552015



















Nathan Dean had this to say “I want to thank Tekin for the amazing opportunity. I am honored to part of a great team with so many great drivers.”

Simon Moss reports from the Podium on the BRCA Nats Rd2

110 drivers made the trip to Kidderminster for the second round of the 2015 2wd BRCA Off Road National Series. Drivers were greeted with a slightly damp track.

Simon Moss reports: “Throughout changing conditions, my Tekin RSX and Redline Gen2 system worked flawlessly, delivering smooth power in the slippery conditions and great torque later on a drying track. After qualifying 5th, I finished with a 2nd and 3rd in legs 2 & 3 which gave me 3rd place overall behind Neil Cragg and Lee Martin.”

BRCA Rd2-2

Tekin reports from PNB 2015

The Psycho Nitro Blast one of the premier races out in the Southeast region of the US was once again, an event not to be missed. Racers from all over the country converged to Unadilla, Georgia, about 2 hours south of Atlanta to race some of the fastest drivers in the world. As always the 24 hour practice schedule, unique atmosphere and every changing track conditions provided for a “have to make this race” event for all who attended.

Early on Ryan Lutz and Joe Bornhorst were learning the track with their Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 powered Tekno ET48 E truggies and apparently having a great time doing so. Synchronized back flips were caught on film for all to enjoy:


Both drivers “feeling” the track and ready to take it to the mains and fight it out for the win. Lutz would take A1 from his Tq position and just clicked off the laps taking the win. Joe would take P2 followed by the rest of the field. A2 would prove dicier as Lutz would bobble falling back into the field giving JB the lead. Minutes into A2 Lutz would battle back to the front in time for JB to make his own mistake relinquishing the lead to Lutz who would go onto take the win and overall title. Tekin would dominate the power demanding E Truggy class sweeping the entire 5 position podium. All 5 drivers would use the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 line of motors.

Pic courtesy of LiveRC

Pic courtesy of LiveRC

Factory Driver Martin Harrison would take the overall Tq in the 4wd SC division. In both A-mains Harrison would check out and never look back taking the overall win. Martin chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and Pro4 4300HD motor in his TLR SCTE 2.0 truck.

Pic courtesy of LiveRC

Pic courtesy of LiveRC

1/8 Pro E Buggy was filled with the top pro names you’d expect; Lutz, Drake, McGinty, Flurer, Bornhorst, and more.  Bornhorst and Lutz were in the hunt for the overall but would make a few small mistakes Tebo just didn’t make. Tekin would take 3 of the top 5 positions with Bornhorst in 2nd overall, Lutz in 3rd, and Max Flurer in 4th. All 3 drivers chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 line of motors to power them to a podium position.


First U4RC in Austria

The very first ever U4RC in Austria ,Eisenerz on Erzberg. Lukas Klapfer built an U4RC track on his land close to the fence of the famous Erzberg in Austria! It was the first ever U4RC Race in Europe!

22 competitors separated in 2 Classes. (1.9 (12) and 2.2 (10)  from Hungary, Germany, Austria and Czech.

In the morning Daniel Siegl was able to set the fastest qualification time with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 Pro4 powered Yeti. Of the two main heats Siegl was able to win the second one. In the final, three Yetis ended on the Podium. With some traffic problems Siegl was able to finish 3rd overall.

2015-04-19 15.04.23-1 2015-04-19 15.07.21-12015-04-19 09.02.59-12015-04-19 11.12.39-12015-04-19 15.00.48-1





















Carson & Jonathan Yeung Take Rd1 of the EP Series

Hosted at Laliwarehouse indoor track in Hong Kong, over 85 entries made round 1 of the EP Series. 1/8 Buggy as well as  1/10 2wd and 4wd buggy were all filled nicely with entries.

Carson Yeung would take the Tq position in the 1/8 E buggy class over Jonathan Yeung.  But it would be young Jonathan who would go onto take the win in the Amain over his father. Both chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and 2050kv T8 Gen2 motor.

1-8 Open class podium












Both drivers also ran the 1/10 4wd buggy class with Jonathan coming in 2nd overall followed by Carson in 7th overall. The track conditions were tough, and racing even tougher! Both drivers chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen2 5.5T motors.


Duncan wins the Ashley Cup!

Ashley Cup March 22 2015. ( was held at Bechard Rc Raceway @ Glen Helen race park.

There were about 37 entries in U4RC with 5 different classes to race in. It was not a point’s race but to show support and help raise funds for the Ashley cup. Tekin team driver Mike Duncan drove in the 2.2 open class which has the Axial Yeti’s, the 1.9 Trophy class which is all hand built vehicles, and the 2.2 Trophy class which is also a hand built class. The races consist of two 8 min qualifiers and 10 mains.

In the 2.2 open class Duncan raced his Tekin Rx8 Pro4 powered Axial Yeti. I had good qualifying heats and placed second in the second heat. For the main I started on the front line and got a good start and stayed out front the whole race and took the win.

Ashley Cup Yeti













In the 1.9 Trophy class Duncan had good qualifying heats. Some good battles going on with the IFS cars through most of the race, then it came down to a few laps from the finish and Scott Coomes with his Twin Hammers started having a battle for first. The two passed each other a few times than Mike was able to get the lead back in the last couple of laps then broke a rear sway bar and took out the right rear tire sidewall so Scott was able to catch him for the win dropping Duncan to second place in the main. Mike chose the Tekin RS Gen2 esc and Redline 10.5T motor in the “Mini Beast.”

Ashley Cup 1.9













Mike Duncan also took the 2.2 Trophy class win as well running a Tekin Rx8 esc Pro4 4000kv motor as well.

Ashley Cup













“I want to Thank all my sponsors; with their support I am able to have the best products for racing out there.” Mike Duncan

Brand takes Rd1 of the SOS Series

This past weekend Round #1 of the Southern Offroad Series was held at Loganville RC Speedway. It was a really rough week leading up to the race with the rain, and it even rained the friday night before the race. Saturday morning the track was soaked, but the track crew and the over 160 people in attendance pulled together to make it happen. We more than a pallet of wood shavings on the track to soak up the water, and delayed the start time to allow it to dry up. By the end of round 1, the track had dried almost completely, and the racing was good.

SOS Series RD1  E Buggy











“After a tough round 1, I was able to get a good round 2 in and take the overall TQ in Pro E-Buggy, so I was starting first in the 10 minute A-main. I was able to take advantage of this and never look back, just running my laps and slowly stretching my lead lap after lap. I would come away with the win, with almost a full lap on the rest of the field. As always, the car was amazing and my Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 motor were flawless. The series looks to be shaping up to be full of great competition. Can’t wait for Round 2!” Shay Brand

Elliott Boots wins Rd2 of the BRCA E Buggy Nats!

Round 2 of the BRCA E Buggy Nats was hosted at Kent Model Rallycross Club.  Elliot would go out to take the overall Tq and win using his favorite combo, the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8i 1950kv motor.  Elliott will be looking to repeat his BRCA E Buggy national title again in 2015.















IMG_1912 IMG_1907







You can keep up with Elliott Boots on his website and Social Media pages here:  and