Tekin goes 1-2 at the RC Pit March Madness race.

The RC Pit March Madness race was filled with 139 entries. The largest class being 1/8 E Buggy with 3 full heats.

Tekin powered John Michael Tq’d the Pro Buggy class, qualified 2nd in the E-buggy class and 2nd in the 2wd 1/10 Buggy class.

Tekin factory driver Griffin Hanna would go onto to Tq the 1/10 buggy class and take the win with John Michael in tow in 2nd place.



Both drivers chose the Tekin RS Gen2 esc and Redline motors, programmed with the Tekin Hotwire 2.0

In E-buggy Tq Griffin Hanna would lead for the first 4 minutes of the race. A mistake from Hanna would give John Michael the lead which he would stretch out over the next 6 minutes to take the win. Griffin Hanna was able to finish 2nd.


Both drivers were equipped with the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 motors, programmed with the Tekin Hotwire 2.0.

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