Dave Ehrlich cools the competition at the Big Chill

Dave Ehrlich ran up north of the board to attend The Big Chill 2014 in Chilliwack Canada.  Dave chose to run his VBC Racing cars to help dial in his new Tekin power under the hood.  Dave ended up finding the “spot” which was validated by his triple Tq and triple win weekend!

Dave Ehrlich Tq’d Modified TC running a Tekin RSX and 5.0 Redline Gen2 in his VBC Racing D06 DE edition. Dave once again chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen2 but this time chose a 4.5T motor in his VBC Lightning G12.  Dave chose the Tekin RS Gen2 to power his VBC Lightning F formual 1 car.  3 classes, 3 Tq’s, 3 wins….

Big chill 8 Big chill 9

Big chill 2

Dave Ehrlich will be looking for more success attending the International Indoor Champs held in Las Vegas next week which is brought you to by Scotty Ernst and title sponsored by Tekin!

Stop by the Tekin tables, say hello and see what’s new with Team Tekin.


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