Tekin and Mikey Bustamante recap Round 5 of the Top Notch Series!

Tekin factory driver Mikey Bustamante recaps the TNS Rd #5  at Pegasus Hobbies

“Round #5  of the Top Notch Series hosted at Pegasus was a blast. I qualified 2nd in stadium truck, 4th in mod sct and I was able to snag the TQ over TLR teammate Frank Root by 3 tenths.

When the mains came around I was ready. In truck I had a good start and was able to get the lead. Second place was coming quick but a mistake caused him to break giving me tons of breathing room to take the win.

Pro 2 was one of the gnarliest battles I have ever had. Starting 4th I knew it was going to be tight. I got hit on one of the first laps and fell back to 6th. I was driving very hard as my car was dialed and got back up to 4th and made an aggressive pass on 3rd and 2nd place in the same corner taking over the second position! At this point Frank Root had a commanding lead and there was not enough time to catch back up so i had to settle for second.

I was very confident in mod buggy. The start was good leading the first lap. Root was right on my tail and bumped me in a corner flipping me over. I fell to third but wasn’t going to give up yet. I caught up to Root and we tangled again giving the leader a very large lead. I finally got by Root and started charging for the leader. Withing the last 3 laps the gap went from 4 seconds to less than a second. If I had one more lap I could have made a pass for the lead. Unfortunately I ran out of time at the line.

My cars were on point all weekend! My Tekin Redline Gen2 motors and RS Gen2 speedos were great.” Mikey Bustamante

Tekin wins the Norcal Hobbies Offroad Kings race!

Factory Tekin driver Jason “Mo” Moberly was in attendance and running his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 Pro4 HD powered Tekno SC truck to an overall Tq and victory in the heavily contested Pro4 SC class.

 This race like many in recent weeks was ran on a sugared track in prep for the worlds. AKA was in full force along with their team of Tebo, Cavalieri, Jarosz, and Joel Johnson himself.

Tekin wins the Freakin Weekend at HotShot RC Raceway!

Tekin team drivers John Crawford and Blane Allen attended the Freakin Weekend race at HotShot RC Raceway this past weekend. Crawford took TQ and win in Mod Truck. Crawford was able to break the track record for both fastest single lap and fastest qualifier in Mod Truck.

Tekin Racing teammates Allen and Crawford battled it out in 2wd Mod buggy. Crawford took the lead on the first lap and was able to hold off Blane until lapped traffic where John made a mistake on lap 21. Blane then lead the race until the buzzer where Crawford would settle for 2nd overall.

Both drivers chose the RS esc and Redline Gen2 motors to power their cars programmed by the Tekin Hotwire and “Vegas Edition” software.

Tekin powered Mark Moon win the Peach State Classic!

On September 7th 2013, the Peach State Classic kicked off in Georgia at Loganville RC Speedway. An all electric race. Many racers from near by states entered the event. Tekin driver Mark Moon was able to Tq and win all three classes,2wd SC, 2wd race truck, and 2wd buggy. All 3 rides equipped with the Tekin RS Gen 2 esc’s and Redline Gen2 Motors.

Mark chose a 7.5 in 2wd SC and race truck. In 2wd buggy Mark chose an 8.5.

“I only took the Tq spot by 1 sec in sct, and buggy but was able to take the wins. All of my competition was mostly using Tekin products and they love em! The track had a lot of tough sections throughout the layout with a lot going on. But I’m telling you the Tekin made it smooth and easy to drive! Thanks Randy and Team Tekin for supporting me with such a great product.”  Mark Moon.

Tekin dominates the Wicked Weekend!

The Wicked Weekend was held in Gainesville, GA. An event put on by the same guys as the Pyscho Nitro Blast but held at a different location. There were over 380 entries with the biggest class being 1/8 ebuggy! Factory Tekin driver Barry Pettit Tq’d the class and won all three A-mains. Fellow Tekin teammate John McGinty came in 3rd overall.

Both drivers were powered by the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 motor!

Brian "Smiley" Henn Wins ROAR Region 9 Titles powered by Tekin!

This past weekend(Aug 30-Sep 1st) was the Region 9 Roar Off-Road Regionals hosted by the largest track in the US, Thornhill RC in Hutto, Tx.  Thornhill is a massive 250×150 outdoor track that made for some great racing.  Friday was open practice.  Tekin factory driver Brian “Smiley” Henn was running Pro4 Sc, E-Buggy, and Nitro Buggy at this race.

Saturday was 4 rounds of qualifiers.  In Pro4 Sc, Henn was able to Tq the first 3 Quals and sit out the 4th. In E-Buggy, Henn Tq’ed Round 1, AE’s Jake Dellinger Tq’ed Round 2.  In the 3rd Round, Henn was able to snag Tq once again.  Heading into the last round, both drivers were going to be pushing hard for the Tq.  Dellinger was able to take Tq in the last round.  Since both had 2 Tq’s, it went to our 3rd quickest run which gave Henn Tq for E-buggy.

Sunday was main day. All electric classes did a Double A format.  In Pro4, Henn was able to win A1, and A2 securing the Roar Region 9 Title.  In E-Buggy, Dellinger and Henn had a very close battle for the majority of A1. Brian was able to grab the win by only a few seconds.  In A2, the two had an early battle brewing, but a costly mistake by Dellinger cost him some time in the last few laps.  Henn went on to take the A2 win and the Roar Region 9 Title, his 2nd of the weekend!

Brian “Smiley” Henn chose the following Tekin products:

In the SCTE 2.0- Gen 2 RX8/Pro4 HD 4300, Hotwire
In the HB D8’12 E- RX8 Gen2/Gen2 1900, Hotwire

Tekin wins the Great Snake Shootout!

The Great Snake Shootout in Lewiston Idaho which was the 5th round of the Northwest Championship Tour was held over the weekend of August 23rd. With 139 entries the racing was going to be epic all weekend.

 In mod stadium truck Shane Preugschat was able to get out to a little lead in the 1st qual and hold on to the win over AE driver Mike Hudson. In Q2 Preugschat was within a few seconds of Mike but couldn’t manage to make up enough time finishing 2nd. In Q3 Preugschat was again within a few seconds of him until he made a small bobble and was able to take over the lead until the last lap. Preugschat cut a corner a little to close and clipped a pipe giving Mike back the lead and the overall TQ. In the mains it was a vary close battle but Preugschat was able to win the first 2 mains for the overall win. Shane chose the Tekin RS Pro and Redline Gen2 to power his TLR 22T.

Having previously locked up Pro 4 SC class Jayson Tjepkema would go onto dominate this class again in Rd5 taking Tq runs in the first two qualifiers. Jayson would then go on to win A1 and A2 to take the overall win. Tjepkema was the only driver to get twelve laps in this class and would run twelve laps every time hisbcar was on the track. Jayson chose the Tekin RX8 Gen2 esc and Tekin Pro4 HD motor to dominate this class every round of the NCT Series.

In the 1/8 E-Buggy class Tekin pilot Nick Buechler would take TQ by only .059 of a second in front of Jayson Tjepkema in Q1. Tekin’s own Jeremy “Pg” Potter took TQ in Q2 9.829 seconds in front of Nick Buechler who took second. Then in Q3 Jayson Tjepkema took the TQ with the only fifteen lap run made by anyone in any class for the event during qualifying. This gave Jayson Tjepkema the overall TQ in 1/8 e-Buggy. In A1 Jeremy Potter would take the win with Tjepkema just 2.404 seconds behind him. In A2 Nick Buechler would take the win with Tjepkema again taking second place just 2.295 seconds behind Nick and Potter just 6.535 behind in third. In A3 Tjepkema took the win with Travis Kendall taking second place just .260 of a second behind and potter in third just 3.029 of a second behind Travis. This gave Tjepkema the overall win, Potter second and Travis third for 1/8 E-Buggy.

All 3 drivers were using the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 in either 1900 or 2050kv.

1/10 4wd buggy would be a battle between Tekin powered  Nick Buechler and AE’s Jesse Munn, a battle that would continue this weekend. Buechler was able to take the Tq on Saturday with Munn 2nd. Munn would win A1 with Buechler 2nd. Buechler would win A2 with Munn following up in 2nd. It would come down to A3, Buechler got off to a great start with a commanding lead after Munn broke out. Unfortunately Buechler also broke with a few minutes remaing giving the A3 win to AE’s Mike Hudson and the overall to Jesse by just .5 seconds on the tie breaker over Buechler in 2nd overall.

Chris Miller takes Tekin to the top spot at the 2013 Proline Indoor Champs!

The 2013 Proline Indoor Championships was held at he Warehouse 3 in Peoria, Az. This race had a total of 327 entries! Racers from all around showed up for some great racing and good times.

Tekin powered Chris Miller was able to secure the 2wd SC Pro Lite division with his Tekin RS Gen2 and Redline Gen2 17.5 motor over 37 other entries.

Chris continued to have a good event taking 1st in the 4wd Mod Buggy class with his Tekin RS Pro Redline Gen2 powered Durango buggy over nearly 30 other entries.

Tekin powered Kev Lee reports from Stotfold!

Stotfold is a full astroturf track and very high grip when dry. It has a various features which allow for a wide range of track layouts. Saturday’s layout for the 2wd National was something new from the Stotfold team and seemed to be something that was popular with the racers. The track and pitting area were well prepared and it was easy to see the efforts made by the club.

2wd practice started a little damp from the overnight dew, but the forecast was dry for the day so it was just a matter of getting some track time in with the Tekin RS Pro Redline Gen2 Powered RB6 in the first practice. In the second practice it had dried completely and I wasn’t happy with the feel of my car as it was very edgy on the high grip choppy surface. I was running Ballistic Buggy white rear and Schumacher low profile staggers up front. My car felt very fast but it didn’t feel like I would be able to hang on to it for the duration of a run, so I needed to calm it down. I opted to  increase the weight under the shorty Lipo to 80g and also changed front tyres to some scrubbed staggers rather than the new ones used previously.

pic courtesy of Racer Mag

My car felt loads better in the first qualifier and was able to get a pretty clean run, taking second place just behind Danny Mcgee, and in front of Lloyd Storey. Lloyd, Danny and myself were actually only split by 0.16 seconds and it was close all the way through the field. In the second leg I managed to take tq, so in the third I decided to try yellow Mini-spikes on the rear as I had two good runs in the bag. Mini spikes felt more balanced through the turns but they did not seem to absorb the bumps and landings as well, so in the 4th I returned to BB whites.

Qualifying done and tq achieved it was all about finals now… Unfortunately in the first leg I didn’t get a clean start – popping a wheelie and leaving Neil to take up the lead into the first corner. After this I made a couple of errors which dropped me down to 9th. I managed to recover to some degree and finish in 3rd, but it wasn’t the first leg I was hoping for. In the second leg (and a better start) Neil and I pulled away slightly from the field for the first few laps,  everything felt comfortable until I grip rolled at the start of the straight (something I’d not done there all day) and Neil and Danny went through. This is how it finished after a good battle for the last few laps with Danny. Neil had done what he needed now and took the meeting with a win in the first 2 legs so it was all about 2nd place! I drove this as I should have driven the first two, I finished just ahead of Neil and took the fastest time of the finals which made for a nice consolation.

pic courtesy of Racer Mag

Very happy with the result and am extremely grateful to my sponsors for all the support.
Team Tekin
Team Kyosho
Team Orion
Inside Line Racing
RCS Graphic Works
Answer RC

Tekin powers Tjepkema to win at the Pacific Northwest Short Course Shootout!

The Pacific Northwest Short Course Shootout was held in Burlington Wa. August  17th  2013 with 62 entries.

Jayson Tjepkema ran Pro4 4wd Short Course which was by far the biggest class of the weekend. Tjepkema was able to take TQ in both the first qualifier and again in the second qualifier locking up over all TQ. Tjepkema was the only one to run fifteen laps at the event and did so in both qualifiers.

Jayson took the win in A1 and I was just .06 of a second from lapping second place! Jayson would go onto dominate A2 and again was just .211 of a second from lapping second place again.That locked up the win for Jayson for the weekend.

 “My Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and Tekin Pro4 HD 4300 motor. Gave me the power and reliability needed to take the win. While others had high temp issues and failures my Tekin products ran flawless all weekend.”