Brushless Rotors


The rotor is the magnet assembly which rotates inside a brushless motor. Magnets can lose strength over time and motors can be refreshed with replacement rotors. Our 1/10 Redline GEN2 line can be tuned with different sizes of rotor for your application. Rotors are not cross-platform compatible, meaning GEN2 rotors only fit GEN2 motors and T8 rotors will only fit T8 motors for example. Note that there are two sizes of T8 rotor, 4030 Buggy and 4038 Truggy, they are not compatible with each other.


1/10 Redline GEN2 Rotors


TT2461 - 12.3mm x 25mm Standard RPM Rotor

TT2464 - 12.5mm x 25mm Standard ROAR Legal Rotor

TT2465 - 12.5mm x 25mm High Torque Rotor

TT2466 - 13mm x 25mm Standard Modified Rotor

TT2467 - 13mm x 25mm High Torque Modified Rotor


1/10 Pro4 Rotors


TT2515 - Pro4 Rotor 5mm Shaft

TT2516 - Pro4 Rotor 1/8" Shaft


1/10 Pro4 HD Rotors


TT2528 - Pro4 HD Rotor 5mm Shaft


1/10 ROC 412 Rotors


TT2615 - ROC 412 Rotor 1/8" Shaft


1/10 Pro2 Rotors


TT2517 - Pro2 Rotor 1/8" Shaft


1/8 T8i Rotors


TT2389 - T8i Rotor 5mm Shaft


1/8 T8 GEN2 Rotors


TT2371 - T8 GEN2 4030 Buggy Rotor 5mm Shaft

TT2372 - T8 GEN2 4038 Truggy Rotor 5mm Shaft

Brushless Motor Parts


Need a set of bearings for your Tekin motor or a new sensor board? Replacement end caps or solder tabs? Below are all the parts to all of our current motors.


1/10 Redline GEN2 Parts


TT2470 - FF/RR Caps / Bearings / Solder Tabs / Hardware

TT2471 - FF/RR Caps / Hardware

TT2472 - Bearing Set

TT2473 - Sensor PCB

TT2474 - Solder Tabs


1/10 Pro4 & Pro2 Parts


TT2510 - FF/RR Caps / Bearings / Solder Tabs / Hardware

TT2511 - FF/RR Caps / Hardware

TT2512 - Bearing Set

TT2513 - Sensor PCB

TT2514 - Solder Tabs


1/10 Pro4 HD Parts


TT2523 - FF/RR Caps / Bearings / Solder Tabs / Hardware

TT2524 - FF/RR Caps / Hardware

TT2525 - Bearing Set

TT2526 - Sensor PCB

TT2527 - Solder Tabs


1/10 ROC 412 Parts


TT2610 - FF/RR Caps / Bearings / Solder Tabs / Hardware

TT2611 - FF/RR Caps / Hardware

TT2612 - Bearing Set

TT2613 - Sensor PCB

TT2614 - Solder Tabs


1/8 T8i Parts


TT2390 - FF/RR Caps / Bearings / Solder Tabs / Hardware

TT2391 - FF/RR Caps / Hardware

TT2392 - Bearing Set

TT2393 - Sensor PCB

TT2394 - Solder Tabs


1/8 T8 GEN2 Parts


TT2378 - FF/RR Caps / Bearings / Solder Tabs / Hardware

TT2379 - FF/RR Caps / Hardware

TT2382 - Bearing Set

TT2383 - Sensor PCB

TT2384 - Solder Tabs

Brushed Motor Parts


Brushed motors need brushes and springs in good shape to operate properly. Your crawler is probably subject to dust, mud and water and all of these increase wear and tear on the brushes and commutator. Freshen up your motor with a rebuild kit and a quick spin on a comm lathe!



T-Series HD Parts


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