At Tekin, we don't compromise. When designing and supplying racers top-level, quality electronics, there are no short cuts. FlexWire from Tekin is high strand, braided and corded for great power flow while also tinned completely through for easy soldering and solid connections. The thin yet strong silicone jacket provides great flexibility and protection. Don't settle when it comes to wire, hook up your premium electronics with premium wire!


High strand count

Braided and corded structure

Pre-tinned throughout for easy soldering

High grade silicone jacket

Flexible profile

Available in 12awg, 14awg and 16awg





TT3011 - 12awg Silicone FlexWire 3pc 12" R/W/B



TT3009 - 12awg Silicone FlexWire 3' Pink

TT3012 - 12awg Silicone FlexWire 3' Red

TT3013 - 12awg Silicone FlexWire 3' Black

TT3014 - 12awg Silicone FlexWire 3' White

TT3015 - 12awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool Red

TT3016 - 12awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool Black

TT3017 - 12awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool White

TT3018 - 12awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool Pink





TT3031 - 14awg Silicone FlexWire 3pc 12" R/W/B



TT3032 - 14awg Silicone FlexWire 3' Red

TT3033 - 14awg Silicone FlexWire 3' Black

TT3034 - 14awg Silicone FlexWire 3' White

TT3035 - 14awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool Red

TT3036 - 14awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool Black

TT3037 - 14awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool White




TT3041 - 16awg Silicone FlexWire 3pc 12" R/W/B



TT3042 - 16awg Silicone FlexWire 3' Red

TT3043 - 16awg Silicone FlexWire 3' Black

TT3044 - 16awg Silicone FlexWire 3' White

TT3045 - 16awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool Red

TT3046 - 16awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool Black

TT3047 - 16awg Silicone FlexWire 50' Spool White





FlexWire sensor wires come in 100, 150, 200 and 275mm lengths and utilize high-grade flexible wire wrapped in a durable silicone jacket to compliment your professional electronics package. The FlexWire cable makes install and routing a snap in any application. The FlexWire Flat cables are also offered in 100, 150 and 200mm length options and provide an exceptionally clean look with installation. Routing options are vast and the FlexWire sensor cable is perfect for minimalistic wiring jobs while providing the durability you expect from a Tekin product.


FlexWire Cables

TT3838 - 100mm FlexWire Sleeved Sensor Cable

TT3839 - 150mm FlexWire Sleeved Sensor Cable

TT3840 - 200mm FlexWire Sleeved Sensor Cable

TT3841 - 275mm FlexWire Sleeved Sensor Cable


FlexWire Flat Cables

TT3835 - 100mm FlexWire Flat Sensor Cable

TT3836 - 150mm FlexWire Flat Sensor Cable

TT3837 - 200mm FlexWire Flat Sensor Cable



Tekin High Power Bullet Connectors (shown to the left) are a great addition to any Tekin ESC system. Designed for efficiency, our connectors are gold plated and made from high-quality materials, ensuring you get the most performance out of your system. Available in 4 sizes, each pack comes with 3 male and 3 female connectors. We also offer traditional Basket connectors.


High Power

TT3053 - Solid High Power 3.5mm Gold Connectors (3)

TT3054 - Solid High Power 4.0mm Gold Connectors (3)

TT3055 - Solid High Power 5.5mm Gold Connectors (3)

TT3056 - Solid High Power 6.5mm Gold Connectors (3)



TT3050 - Basket Style 2.0mm Gold Connectors (3)

TT3051 - Basket Style 3.5mm Gold Connectors (3)

TT3052 - Basket Style 4.0mm Gold Connectors (3)



With each Tekin ESC (excluding the RX8 series, they are built in) there are included power capacitors. These are crucial to the well-being of your ESC and must be installed at all times. Our caps are high-quality polymer caps and perform the important task of absorbing voltage spikes between the ESC and battery. Running multiple caps in series can reduce temperatures and improve performance!


Stock Capacitors

TT3518 - 16V 180uF B1 & B1R Series Cap (2)

TT3520 - 16V 330uF RS GEN2 & FX Series (2)


Option Capacitors


While not necessary for any normal applications, these can be used for specialty projects, such as speed runs or puller rigs that experience extreme amp spikes.


TT3522 - 16V 1000uF All models (2)

TT3543 - 25V 1800uF 5S LiPo Capacitor (2)

TT3544 - 25V 2200uF 5S LiPo Capacitor (2)

TT3545 - 25V 2700uF 5S LiPo Capacitor (2)

TT3552 - 35V 1500uF 6S LiPo Capacitor (2)



Accidentally melt a part of your ESC housing soldering or just want to freshen up the looks of your trusty controller? Replacement case kits are available for your ESC and include:


- Housing Top (RSX not included)

- Housing Bottom

- Housing Decal(s)

- Screws

- Buttons


ESC Case Kits


TT3818 - FX Case Kit

TT3819 - FXR Case Kit

TT3820 - FXR PRO Case Kit

TT3821 - FX PRO Case Kit

TT3823 - B1 Case Kit

TT3824 - B1R Case Kit

TT3826 - RS GEN2 Case Kit (White)

TT3827 - RS GEN2 Case Kit (Black)

TT3828 - RS SPEC Case Kit (White)

TT3829 - RS SPEC Case Kit (Black)

TT3831 - RX8 GEN2 Case Kit (White)

TT3832 - RX8 GEN2 Case Kit (Black)

TT3834 - RSX Lower Case Kit and Fan Shroud (Black)
TT3842 - RX4 Case Top ONLY
TT3843 - RX8 GEN3 Case Kit (White)

TT3844 - RX8 GEN3 Case Kit (Black)

TT3845 - RS PRO Case Kit (Black)
TT3846 - RS Pro 1-S Case Kit (Black)



The RSX, RX8 and RX4 all come with a cooling fan for use in extreme temperatures or highly modified setups. Replacement fan packs deliver two fans each.


Fan Packs


TT3812 - RX8 Replacement Fans (2)

TT3832 - RX8 GEN3 Replacement Fans (2)

TT3833 - RSX/RX4 Replacement Fans (2)

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