Tekin wins the 5th annual Gobble Stopper!

A very exciting race were instead of the traditional trophy you win food, Winner gets a Turkey, ham for second and Sausage for third. This has always been a well attended event and was looking to have some of the best in the region out to race. Not disappointing with 110 entries converged on MMR to see who was going to take home their supper on the holiday weekend.

Tekin team driver Andrew Mowery recaps:

“I was feeling really well when I got to the stock buggy A. Tone went I death gripped the throttle. Holy #$%^  I just back flipped my stock blinky buggy on the line! Lucky I landed back on my wheels and pulled into traffic in the 4th spot. Ok 8 minutes to hunt the leaders down. I fought hard working through traffic. My Tekin RS Gen2 esc Redline Gen2 17.5 powered C4.2 converted B4.2 was working perfect. Balance was stellar and the super smooth Tekin power was allowing me to put the car in the table in the middle quad every lap. I managed to get up to Clayton’s bumper and start applying pressure. Small mistake and I got inside pulling into the lead. While he tried to make a run back he got loose in the wagon wheel and the crash/marshal gave me enough space to get comfortable and drive out the rest of the race… A very nice hard race with a excellent result and A main win.

4 wheel mod A-main was next. The horn blows I head into the jump up table, feeling like I don’t have enough to clear I goose it a bit to much and lawn dart the far tube, over jumping by 6 feet…  ok got my head back car is good. Mid pack running with some great drivers lets just calm down. 8 minutes to get it done still.
I work my way up to the 4th or 5th spot and nose to tail with Joe we come up the jump up table, down the staircase. Nose to tail weaving are way through the field working up to the front. The car is stellar and the Tekin power is super smooth but my focus is a bit off. I got a bit of a groove and I seperate just a bit from the field. We are down to just a couple of laps and I miss the landing again but this time am even less lucky as the marshal is busy with another car. Coming out second I have given up too much space to get another run at Ice so I finish in second. Still a great race and a great car. Tekin you have really given is some nice tools with this new RSX and I can not wait to use it again.

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