Tekin and Mark Moon win SOS Finally!

On September 27 2014 the SOS Series finally would be held in Loganville Ga. With well over 170 plus total entries. This was a 4 race series that took place in Ga. People from Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and other surrounding states made the trip to the series and finals. Tekin had drivers Mark Moon, Peyton MacDonald, Shay Brand, Griffin Hanna, and Blane Allen were in attendance for the SOS final to not only race but offer support to anyone running Tekin equipment.

Mark Moon,  Shay Brand, Peyton MacDonald, Griffin Hanna,

Mark Moon, Shay Brand, Peyton MacDonald, Griffin Hanna,

Tekin powered Mark Moon would take the overall win in 2wd Mod Buggy with TQs and wins in the last 3 events. In 1/10 4wd Mod Buggy, Moon would take and 2md overall. “This was the best racing and talent I’ve seen at a series race in years. In 2wd we had a stacked field of drivers in the main.” Moon

Mark Moon, Blane Allen

Mark Moon, Blane Allen

“I used my Tekin RSX esc in both vehicles to take the wins in the A mains. I ran gen 2 7.5 in the 2wd buggy and a 6.5 gen 2 in the 1/10 4wd. Let me say this in ending, without the smooth power that these great speed controls provide I couldn’t do these things without Tekin. Thank you guys once again for the great product.” Mark Moon

SOS Pro E-Buggy

In 1/8 E Buggy Tekins Shay Brand  was able to get the TQ in all 3 rounds of qualifying in Pro E-Buggy, which gave me the overall TQ with Tekin teammate Griffin Hanah not far behind. Brand had a great start to the 10 minute a-main, and was able to take advantage of his TQ position and never look back. Tekin teammate Griffin Hannah was able to get into the 2nd position, and stay there for the entire race solidifying the Tekin 1 and 2 finish for the finals. Shay Brand was also able to take the overall Series win in Pro E-Buggy!  “I was running the Tekin RX8 Gen2/T8 Gen2 1900kv combo in m Mugen MBX7-Eco buggy for the entire series. It was always consistent and offered smooth and controllable power. Huge thanks to all my family and all my sponsors for making this possible for me!”


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