Team Tekin wins big at the 2013 Silver State Nitro Challenge!

Team Tekin drivers all converged to the Boulder City, NV.  Team driver such as Ryan Lutz, Adam Drake, Dylan Rodriquez, Chris Miller, and Kyle Johnson would be in attendance all looking to take big wins with their Tekin powered rides.

Early on it was clear that Ryan Lutz was on a mission. Lutz dominated 4wd SC qualifying with his Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 powered Desc410r taking the first 2 rounds giving him the overall Tq. Ryan would go onto win the A main event lapping the entire field.

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Ryan would continue on taking the overall Tq in the Expert 1/8 Electric Buggy division with this Tekin Rx8 and T8 powered Dex408. Ryan would have stiff competition from Tekin teammate Adam Drake, Dylan Rodriguez all fighting for podium spots during the 10 minute Amain. Lutz would bobble allowing Tebo to get by giving him 2nd place overall with Tekin teammate Dylan Rodriquez taking 3rd from the 11th spot on the grid!

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Pro2 SC had some serious racing. The rough track and win all played part in the qualifying and Amain. Tekin powered Chris Miller would take the overall Tq position with his Tekin RS Redline Gen2 powered Sc truck. Chris would lead each and every lap tone to tone taking the overall win in the Pro2 division.

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