Drake Sweeps JBRL Series!

The JBRL Nitro Series just completed its 15th season.  With an average of nearly 175 entries per event, it is easy to understand why the JBRL Nitro Series is the most popular racing series in the nation.  The JBRL series visited 7 tracks this year throughout California to test the skills of its competitors over a wide range of track conditions. This exciting series is fun for the novice and expert racer alike. 

Adam Drake was the big winner taking home three championships in Expert Electric Buggy, Expert Nitro Buggy, and Expert Nitro Truck.

Tekin Products used:

Expert Electric Buggy – Adam Drake

Adam chose to power his Mugen Seiki MBX8 Eco buggy with the award winning Tekin RX8 Gen3 and T8 Gen 3 1900KV motor.

Hooks Wins Cajun Classic

“Traveled to Shreveport Louisiana this past weekend to take part in the 2018 Cajun Classic. Turnout was pretty light but the racing was solid. Four rounds of qualifying as well as triple a-main events. I was feeling pretty confident going into qualifying so my lofty goal was to win every race I was in all weekend. My Tekin ESC’s and Spec R powered rides helped me do that! I ran my 13.5 Tekno wheeler from nationals in Mod 4wd as well as my B6.1D in Mod 2wd. I was able to take 8 qualifying round wins and win the first 4 mains to take the overall in both classes. I was also able to take the win in the $500 4wd Mod dash for cash. Big thank you to you guys for everything.” Tyler Hooks

Congratulations to Tyler Hooks winning Mod 4wd Buggy with the RS Pro BE and 13.5 Spec R!

Mod 2wd Buggy:
Team Associated B6.1D
Mod 4wd Buggy
Tekno EB410

Arkadiusz Smyk wins the 1st Round of the Polish Champs!


“The competition was on 27-28.10. The track was technical with popular ETS black carpet. It was located in Poznań on the big hall with a lot of audience during Hobby Trade. I started in Stock 17.5T and 6.5T 1/12. Both powered by Tekin motor. In Stock was fully equipped with Tekin Motor, Tekin RS Gen2 and Tekin servo. In 1/12 it was my first competition with a new motor 6.5T Tekin Gen3 Spec R. I won with TQ in both these classes all the qualifiers, all the finals. In 1/12 made with a few laps advantage to others. Both models were very well prepared on the practices with setup and setup electronic.” Arkadiusz Smyk

Tekin wins big at The 2018 Southern Nationals

The 2018 Southern Nationals was held this past weekend in West Monroe, Louisiana. Many Tekin factory and regional drivers were in attendance dominating the competition.

In Pro Ebuggy, Ryan Lutz would take the TQ spot. After all three mains were said and done it would be Joe Bornhorst who would take the win followed by Ryan Lutz, Tyler Hooks, Brandon Rose, and JR Mitch. All of the top 5 utilized the RX8 Gen3, Gen2 and Gen3 motors, and Mitch was also using the new Tekin Servos.

Joe’s Rx8 Gen3 1900kv Setup: 

In the Etruggy class, Privateer Joey Bourdon would qualify 5th, but make big strides during the mains to finish 2nd overall. Joey used the RX8 Gen3 and Gen2 Truggy motor. Brian Henn would also go on to finish 6th utilizing the RX8 Gen3, Gen3 motor, and the new Tekin Servos.

Finally in Pro Nitro Buggy JR Mitch would again utilize the Tekin Servos to finish 4th overall in the highly competitive class.

Darren Bloomfield 3x Consecutive BRCA 1/8 National Champion!

The last round of the BRCA Ebuggy National Championships in the books, we are proud to announce that factory Tekin team driver Darren Bloomfield is Champion again! He had this to say “with the British weather playing part in the series with 32c at one round to torrential downpours at another, low traction oiled tracks to bone dry high traction astro turf, my Tekin Rx8 Gen3 ESC and T8 2050 motor combo has kept me in control and reliable in every single moment, helping me achieve my 3rd consecutive BRCA e buggy national championship hand in hand with Tekin.”

Darren opened his tittle chase way back in April at Brookthorpe a totally new track to the BRCA scene, with some very close qualifying Darren would start the main second on the grid, but with a heavy downpour just before the start  with his Agama A215, Tekin Rx8 Gen3 and T8 2050 he had more control than the rest and claimed a convincing win.

Onto round 2 and it was up north to North West Nitro yet another new track to the calendar however the club have a small history of running UK nationals at there old venue not too far away. With a real loose surface Darren was off to a good start with full control in qualy thus starting P1 for the main converting it to a win stamping another mark on his tittle chase.

Round 3 was first day of July and at yet another club re entering the BRCA calendar after running nationals previously at the clubs old venue, great to see some new venues getting a crack at the whip. With Darren having never been to this track before and others having spent a substantial amount of time here, Darren settled for 2nd in qualifying and although he got real close to the win he would have to also setttle for 2nd overall, a great score towards his tittle never the less.

Round 4 and the very familiar BRCA venue Herts nitro model club, Darren’s home track and in the height of summer……. rain all day. Darren felt at an advantage here knowing exactly where every bump is on this track but also because he knew he had the smoothest and most well programmed motor and esc for the super slippery wet oild track conditions. With this said he took a convincing TQ and win lapping the entire field. WITH THIS SEALING THE BRCA E BUGGY NATIONAL CHAMPIINSHIP.

Onto the 5th and final round at Slough and yet another of Darren’s tracks he is very familiar with as he use to live one mile away, going round at this event as more of a victory round, Darren went on to TQ all 3 rounds and win the main lapping again up to 3rd place.

10 TQ’s, 11 wins and 3 2nd places out of the last 15 rounds over 3 years with one non appearance Darren is convinced he is using the best he can get as you should be also with Tekin. Darren is already looking forward to what 2019 will bring!




Tyler Hooks wins the 4wd 13.5 ROAR National Championship!

Tyler Hooks recaps his first ROAR National Championship:

“Well it has been a couple of days so I guess we should recap this shindig. Last weekend was the ROAR Nationals and I decided to run all the stock classes with Tekin Racing products at the event. To preface this, we showed up with Tekin Spec R‘s and Tekin RS Pro Be‘s straight from the package[note]Tyler did decide to do run stock somewhat last minute, and picked up a Spec R from his local hobby shop and used this motor to Tq the ROARS Nats[/note], I don’t know how to use a motor analyzer, I don’t know proper shimming[note]Tekin motors are shimmed properly from the factory[/note], and the stock rotor seemed good enough[note]Apparently good enough to Tq the ROAR Nats[/note]. This stuff was box stock. We set the timing to 50 ish degrees on every motor and let er rip.

To my surprise considering we didn’t really know what we were doing and just went off of the gearing Mr. Pike[note]It’s “The Randy Pike” Tyler ;)[/note] suggested, my stuff was fast, like really fast. There was a massive quad on the layout and I had no issues making it in either 13.5 4wd or 17.5 buggy. I was even able to make it for the first 2 or 3 minutes in truck which was as long or longer than any other brand.

I made one brake setting change on my wheeler after talking with Mr. Pike[note]The brake change was to provide more aggressive brakes, I suggested going up to 1 on Active Brake[/note] but otherwise left my stuff alone and could just focus on setup and trying not to fly off the track. I was able to 2nd seed all three stock classes, take the TQ in stock buggy, as well as 2nd starting spot in 13.5 4wd and 17.5 truck, and take the win in 13.5 4wd with a 2nd in 17.5 buggy and truck. It was an extremely successful weekend and I can’t thank everyone at Tekin enough. These products are no joke so if you have any questions feel free to reach out!” Thanks, Tyler

Tyler Hooks as most of you may know has been up and coming for quite some time. Known for this good attitude at the track, well put together cars, and overall positive attitude towards R/C racing in general. It’s been my personal pleasure working with him to improve his racing program using Tekin products. His results at the 2018 ROAR nationals using “off the shelf” equipment is what we at Tekin strive to provide not only our race team, but our customers. Tyler Tq’d and ultimately won his first ROAR National Championship with the Tekin RS Pro BE ESC; the ESC with the lowest on resistance of ANY competition ESC on the market today paired with the Tekin Spec R motor which are products you can pick up at any hobby shop or online retailer knowing your “off the shelf” purchase can compete at the highest levels of R/C racing today! Randy Pike, Tekin team manager.

Tyler’s RS Pro BE Setups:

Additional pictures of Tyler’s cars bodies off showing his installation of his Tekin RS Pro BE ESC’s, Tekin RS Gen2 ESC and Spec R motors:


Matt Dortmund Podiums 3x at the 32nd Hank Perry!

This past weekend was able to attend the 32nd running of the Hank Perry 240 in Spokane Washington. This would be the 2nd stop of the Northwest Championship Tour. Tekin team driver Matt Dortmund would run 2wd mod, 4wd mod and 1/8 E Buggy.  Matt electing to go with the Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen3 motor series in his 1/10 cars, and the aware winning Tekin Rx8 Gen3 ESC and T8 1900kv T8 motor for his E Buggy.

Matt would take off from great qualifying positions in each class taking 2nd overall in 2wd Mod Buggy, 3rd overall in 4wd Mod Buggy, and 2nd overall in 1/8 E Buggy! A great weekend of racing for Matt!