2018 Manufacturer’s Cup by Tekin and AMain RC Tracks

Finally had a moment to recoup from the 2018 Manufacturer’s Cup brought to you by none other than Tekin Racing at Silver Dollar Raceway, home to Amain Hobbies.

I’ve been to each and every one of these races and I’m always more impressed by Kevin Jelich’s track building skill every time I show up. The layout for this event was fun, SUPER flowing, great jump construction, off camber turns, and a few very racy yet technical sections where the Pro guys could really show the rest of us mere mortals how to go fast.

I signed up for 40+ E Buggy and Open E Buggy racing the same Tekin Rx8 Gen3 T8 1900kv power system I have’d since I built this car. I am of course using the latest Tekin T-250 servo to control my Mugen Mbx7r Eco buggy.  I managed to take top seed in both classes during all 3 rounds of seeding.

Qualifying had 3 rounds of which I Tq’d all 3 in 40+ E Buggy, the first 2 in Open E Buggy, electing to sit out the 3rd round held very late in the evening. Now besides getting a few extra hours of beauty sleep, I didn’t feel we’d ever race in the cooler night temp track conditions so felt it was worth getting out of the long hot days and resting a bit.

Mains day was up and I was Tq in both classes. A few Tekin customers needed some software updates and adjustments prior to their mains, hoping to do better than where they qualified. Starting from the top spot in 40+ was able to get through the first half a lap and only listen to the carnage I was leaving behind. I made one bobble when a damn fly flew into my eyes around the half way mark, no harm no foul.  I’d go onto win this class uncontested.

Pic courtesy of Live RC

Open E Buggy however would not be as smooth sailing. I got out to a quick 4 second lead and somehow manage to collide with another car from another lane or something. I honestly couldn’t tell you where the car came from. But I was hit pretty dang hard in the rear. As my car was going down the straight away I could see my rear wing was not straight. A few more turns and jumps later I could tell this was going to be an issue. On the next lap I rolled the car over in an off camber section and cleanly put the wing 90’s over while allowing P2 and P3 to get by me. I pushed hard to try and catch up only to find out that the rear wing on a 1/8 Buggy is VERY critical to its handling, just a pro tip for the day!  I would have to settle for 3rd overall, only being 4 seconds back from the leaders. On the box, but thinking it could have gone better.

Out all the 1/8 E Buggy classes including E Truggy and 4wd SC thrown in for good measure, Tekin dominated the field being in over 95% of the cars. I even lent a “non Tekin” user an ESC so he could keep racing on qualifying day when his “other” esc failed him. I updated many users to the latest 272 software you can find HERE.



Adam Drake is your 2017 JBRL Nitro Series E Buggy Champ!

The JBRL Nitro Series just completed its 12th season.  With an average of nearly 165 entries per event, it is easy to understand why the JBRL Nitro Series is the most popular racing series in the nation.  The JBRL series visited 8 tracks this year.  Traveling all over Southern California and Nevada and Arizona to test the skills of its competitors over a wide range of track conditions. This exciting series is fun for the novice and expert racer alike.

Tekin Factory driver Adam Drake has once again took the overall championship title in the E-Buggy division running his Tekin Rx8 Gen3 T8 1900 powered Mugen Mbx7r ECO  buggy.  This Adam’s fifth time Drake has taken this coveted title! Everyone at Tekin would like to congratulate him on his championship!

“Thank you for all the great products, support and for making this series successful!”  Adam Drake

Lathrop wins the Triple Crown Dirt Oval Series

Tekin team driver Jennifer Lathrop would travel up to the Auburn Performance Raceway where the final round of the Triple Crown series was held.  In the final round Jen would take 3rd place in the Mod Sprint division giving her the overall title!  Jen was running a brand new C4 chassis powered by a Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 8.5T motor.

Jen also managed be in second place during the SC Mod division race only to drop out with a mechanical failure. P2 would have given Jen another overall title but she’d have to settle for 2nd place overall even with the DNF.  Jen again chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Motor series to power her to another podium result.

Hooks takes the win at the Cajun Classic

Tekin team driver Tyler Hooks recaps the Cajun Classic:

“This past weekend was The Cajun Classic in Shreveport Louisiana. I ran 2wd Mod Buggy and 4wd Mod buggy. Qualifying went well and I was personally able to TQ both classes. I had some rough luck in the 2wd Mod mains, but I was able to take the win in A3 to take 2nd overall. In 4wd mod buggy I was able to wrap up the win after A2. My Tekin RSX’s and Gen 3 6.5 and 5.5 preformed flawlessly! Big thank you to everyone at Tekin who helps make it happen.’

Tekin Dominates The Casino Classic @ RC Tracks of Las Vegas!

Tekin factory drivers Chris Wheeler, Matt Olson, Rob King and Hunter King all attended the Casino Classic. While the entries were a little on the low side the racing action was taken serious by all who attended.

Chris “18” Wheeler would take the overall Tq in the 17.5 2wd Buggy class which had the most entries. Teammate Matt Olson would sit in P2.  Hunter King would sit in P7.  Matt Olson was the only driver to dip into the 19 second lap range with his RS Pro BE Spec R 17.5  powered B6 during qualifying. A single A main would see Matt Olson jump over Wheeler in the quad section! Wheeler would try to fight back immediately in the next corner and the two would collect each other. Olson got a racers roll and the lead, Wheeler would drop back.  Olson would get caught up in some traffic allowing Wheeler to catch back up and make a pass stick. The two would finish 1-2 separated by 2 seconds. The two RS Pro BE Spec R 17.5 powered buggies were the only two to dip into the 19 second lap range in the entire field. Results here.

In the 4wd 13.5 class Matt Olson would dominate qualifying and the A-main lapping the entire field and once again was the only driver in the 19 second lap range running the RS Pro BE and Spec R 13.5 motor in his MIP equipped B64. Results here. Olson was the only driver to make the quad on this layout as well.

pic courtesy of RC Tracks of Las Vegas

Chris Wheeler also won the 2wd Mod Buggy class running the Tekin RSX and Gen3 7.5T motor.


Jonathan Yeung wins XMG James Racing Cup!

The XMG James Racing Cup held this past weekend in Dongguan, China drew top racers from Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong. A controlled tire race meant it came down to driving and car setup.

Jonathan and Carson Yeung were in attendance. Jonathan would take the Tq position and win the 1/8 E Buggy division with his Tekin Rx8 Gen3 T8 1900kv motor with father Carson taking 4th as well. The brutal heat and humidity caused problems for others but not these two Tekin powered drivers with Jonathan winning all 3 rounds of A-mains!

Mike Eglberger wins PA State Champs!

The PA State Champs was hosted by WOCRC Raceway. Tekin driver Mike Eglberger was in attendance for the weekend.

Qualifying for 4wd SCT had Mike setting round 1 TQ. Mike would improve the TQ during round 3 placing himself P1 for Sundays A main. 4wd SCT A main was up first and went Mike’s way leading uncontested tone to tone and take home the win.


Mike chose the following Tekin products:
RX8 Gen 3
Pro 4, 4600

Arkadiusz Smyk wins Two Polish National Championships!

This past weekend the Polish Nationals were held at Ruda Śląska a fast and at times bumpy track. The weather participated in the racing in the beginning raining hard the evening before washing off some of the prepped surface. Tekin team driver Arkadiusz Smyk attended running both the Modified TC division and ProStock class using a handout system.

Friday qualifying underway has Smyk taking Tq’s in rounds 1 and 2.  Round 3 a small change dropped him down to a P2. In qual 4 Smyk once again took the Tq position.  Unfortunately due to the weather the mains were cancelled with the results going down to qualifying points giving Smyk the clear victory with his 3 Tq’s and the Polish National Championship!

Smyk chose the Tekin RSX and 4.5T Redline Gen3 motor to take his national championship!

Tekin RS Pro BE and Spec R bring Matt Olson big wins at the Turf Nationals!

Tekin factory driver Matt Olson made his way out to RC Madness for the 2017 JConcepts Turf Nationals this past weekend. With over 270+ entries and the majority of the classes stacked nicely it was a great layout with lots of good racing for everyone to enjoy.

Matt would run two of the most heavily contested classes of racing we see today; 2wd 17.5 Buggy and 4wd 13.5.  Olson was equipped with the latest Tekin RS Pro BE and Spec R motors which he dropped into his AE rides just a day prior to travelling to the event. Not a single lap of practice until he got there.  A quick phone call to team manager Randy Pike who would set him onto the right path to get started would see him up to speed in short order.

Olson would struggle a bit with car setup in 2wd not having enough time on the track prior to the race. He’d with two other drivers who along with Matt would seperate themselves from the rest of the field. Tq and local fast guy Anthony Mazzara and Jeff  Statkicwicz would be in front of Matt who sat in P3 for the single A main.  Olson had a plan and he would share it with everyone starting on lap 1. Olson would take immediate advantage of his RS PRo BE Spec R combination and triple on over Jeff taking a the second spot.  A few laps later Matt would line up Anthony and pull the trigger with the same move tripling into the inside line to take the lead, there was no defending the pass.  Out front Matt would run clean fast lines while making sure his B6 was as wide as possible. Anthony had more corner speed for sure but Olson had enough power to pull away in straight sections while keeping it clean enough in the corners to keep the position. The 3 would nose to tail around for the next 4 minutes keeping it tight and clean, a great race to watch for sure.  Anthony looking for any opportunity would throw the dice on the last lap in the last 180 turn collecting Olson and allowing Jeff to catch back up, a super corner marhsall would free to the two cars racing to the line, Olson taking the win. Matt says “I had so much confidence in the triple during the opening few laps I figured I could get the passes and get out front. As long as I could stay clean and mistake free, it was my race to lose.”

Click here to see the Live RC video

JConcepts had a great FB Live feed, click here to watch the same race at the 5:10 mark.

Matt would also race the 4wd 13.5 Buggy class which is becoming one of the most popular classes here in the US to date.  Matt would Tq the class in dominating fashion and take the win tone to tone without any pressure from the field. Matt again chose the Tekin RS Pro BE ESC and Spec R in his AE B64.

Watch this race at the 29:00 minute mark click here

The Tekin RS Pro BE ESC proving that an entire package is truly measurable on the track. Coupled with the Spec R which is street priced around $99 with no additional a la cart features required.  This drop in and go system should be available to you through your favorite hobby shop or online retailer by the time you read this.