Tekin’s Ryan Lutz wins 2013 ROAR Off-road Nats!

The 2013 ROAR 1/8 Electric Off-road Nats was hosted at LCRC Raceway located in Oakland Mills, PA. Factory drivers from all the major chassis teams were in attendance. Lutz, Phend, Blair, Hartson, Potter, and many more were all looking to put their cars into the top positions. Tekin’s very own Jeremy “PG” Potter would be in attendance to support the team and anyone using Tekin products.

1/8 E Truggy was a tight class all week. Ryan Lutz would put his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 T8 Gen2 powered Dex408T into the Tq position after some tight qualifying. In A1 Lutz would get some early pressure from his Tekin teammate Austin Blair. Lutz would gain a small gap when Blair would come under fire from Phend early on. Lutz would go onto take A1 followed by Blair and Phend. A2 would be a battle from tone to tone. Lutz would have Phend as a shadow for most of the race. Staying cool and keeping out of trouble Lutz would go onto take A2 securing the overall National Championship! Phend would take 2nd and Blair 3r. A3 would have Lutz participating only as a spectator. Phend would take A3 with Blair 2nd. This would put Lutz 1st, Phend 2nd and Blair 3rd overall. Lutz and Blair both chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen 2 2000kv motors. Again Tekin would power over half of the field with team drivers Lutz, Blair, JM McGinty, Bornhorst, and Pettit all taking a position in the Amain field. Great work guys!

In the 1/8 E Buggy class qualifying was tight all weekend long. Tekin powered Lutz and Blair would battle it out all weekend with TLR’s Dakota Phend. Phend would take the overall Tq but not by much. Tekin powered Austin Blair would take A1 in exciting fashion, Phend taking 2nd and Lutz 3rd. Phend would take A2 followed by Lutz in 2nd and Blair in 3rd. It would come down to A3 for the overall title. Phend would bobble allowing Lutz to take the lead. Phend and Blair would battle it out allowing Lutz to get a small gap. Phend would finally get past Blair and chase down Lutz. With only a few minutes on the clock Lutz would case the front straight triple requiring marshalling allowing Phend to get by. Lutz would chase him down near the end but would run out of time taking 2nd overall. Tekin would power Lutz to a 2nd overall and Blair to a 3rd overall on the podium Tekin would power over half of the A main field. Austin Blair and Ryan Lutz both chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 1900kv motors.

Pro 4wd SC would have everyone who was watching on the edge of their seats. The top 3 were extremely close in qualifying which would provide yet another exciting set of triple A mains to watch. A1 would see the top 3 battle it out around the 3 minute mark. For the next 2 minutes the top 3 would gain ground on the field while swapping positions to end the A with Phend 1st, Lutz 2nd and Blair 3rd. A2 Would have Lutz taking an early pass just a few laps into the main. Lutz would retain the lead but would case the double around the 3 minute mark allowing Phend to take the lead. Lutz would pressure Phend for the remainder of the race but again run out of time. The finishing order would be Phend, Lutz 2nd, Blair 3rd. Phend would sit out A3 which would be somewhat uneventful with Lutz leading from tone to tone. Blair would end up 3rd in A3. Lutz would take a hard earned 2nd place overall with Tekin teammate 3rd overall. Both Lutz and Blair chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and Pro 4 4600kv motors.

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