Tekin powered Mark Moon win the Peach State Classic!

On September 7th 2013, the Peach State Classic kicked off in Georgia at Loganville RC Speedway. An all electric race. Many racers from near by states entered the event. Tekin driver Mark Moon was able to Tq and win all three classes,2wd SC, 2wd race truck, and 2wd buggy. All 3 rides equipped with the Tekin RS Gen 2 esc’s and Redline Gen2 Motors.

Mark chose a 7.5 in 2wd SC and race truck. In 2wd buggy Mark chose an 8.5.

“I only took the Tq spot by 1 sec in sct, and buggy but was able to take the wins. All of my competition was mostly using Tekin products and they love em! The track had a lot of tough sections throughout the layout with a lot going on. But I’m telling you the Tekin made it smooth and easy to drive! Thanks Randy and Team Tekin for supporting me with such a great product.”  Mark Moon.

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