Tekin Drivers Master the Dirt In Myrtle Beach!

Masters Of Dirt race held by Brent Densford at Beach Hobbies in Myrtle Beach SC had over 140+ entries along with special guest Steven Hartson.  Tekin drivers in attendance included Griffin Hanna, Matt Olson, and Rudy Rico.

Griffin Hanna had a stellar start Tq’ing 2wd Mod Buggy, 4wd Mod Buggy, and Mod ST Truck!  Running Tekin RSX ESC’s and Redline Gen2 motors in all of his cars, Hanna showed the speed early on putting the field on notice.

Griff tq BRC

Tq Hanna would lead everyone out in the double A-main format. Making a small mistake in each A-main and settling for 2nd in both behind Hartson Hanna would take a 2nd overall for the weekend with his Tekin powered Serpent buggies. Rudy Rico would take 3rd, and Matt Olson would take 4th. All 3 drivers choosing the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen2 lineup of motors.

Griff 2wd BRC

L-R : Olson, Hanna, Hartson, Rico,

In 4wd Hanna would battle it out with Hartson in the double A-mains again swapping positions repeatedly but succumbing to champ and taking another 2nd overall for the weekend.

Griff 4wd

L-R: Olson, Hanna, Hartson, Rico, ?

Hanna would wrap up his weekend $300 richer taking the Dash for Cash also!

Griff dash for cash




Tekin Battles it out at the 2015 Fall Brawl

The annual Fall Brawl hosted at the Outback Raceway in Chico, Ca played hose to over 220+ entries. Drivers from all over the west coast converged to race against each other in a 2 day winner take all “brawl” triple A format. A fast flowing “bring it” layout was dropped in by the “Dirt Whisperer” Kevin Jelich.  Racers raved about how fun the layout was all weekend.

2015 FB ST 1st

Jason “Mo” Moberly would take the Tq and overall win in the Mod ST Truck class running a Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen2 7.5.

Jason also took the overall Tq and win in the 13.5 4wd buggy class using another Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen2 13.5 motor.


2015 FB SCT 3rd

Jason continued his success taking 3rd in the Mod 2wd SCT truck class running the Tekin RSX ESC and Redline 8.5 Gen2 motor.

Justin Moon also had great success finishing 2nd overall in 2wd Mod Buggy running the Tekin RSX ESC and 9.5 Redline Gen2 motor.

2015 Fall Brawl 2 Mod1




Boots wins Kyosho Masters, 2 and out!

Elliott Boots made the trip to the U.S. for the Annual Kyosho Masters held at the RC Tracks of Las Vegas.  The annual event pulls Kyosho drivers from all over the world including world champ Cody King, Jared Tebo, and recently crowned European Champion Elliott Boots.  Tekin powered Boots managed to Tq the event overall and take A-1 and A-2 in convincing fashion securing the overall win for the weekend!

Kyosho Master 2015

Boots ran his tried and trusted award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and favorite T8i 1950kv in his Kyosho buggy.

Tekin wins the North Vs South Shootout!

The 2016 edition of the annual event that brings racers from all over Oklahoma & Texas together to decide who will walk away the winner between the north & south. Practice kicked off early afternoon as the sun was still beating down on the track that yielded very little traction to lay down fast laps. This is normal for Battleground though, so everyone is just getting a feel for their cars adjusting for what is to come when the sun goes down. Although the track was dry slick, it started to take a little rubber before the races even got kicked off. This even featured Midwest Modifieds, ODRA SC Modifieds, Open Sprint Cars, Latemodels, & 4wd latemodels.

The open electric sprint had about 40 entries meaning qualifying was going to be important as there are only 2 rounds and a re-sort after the first round. Tekin powered Brian Stanton was in the last heat of Open Sprints and had a fairly smooth run with only a few issues lapping cars. His RSX/7.5 Gen 2 powered Custom Works Outlaw 3 was hooked up and drove to the first round TQ position. The second round was indeed faster, as expected. The second heat race already had someone claiming new TQ honors. Making use of all the grip, Stanton put the RSX/Gen2 power down, only having an issue with two lap cars all run, but it wasn’t enough to reclaim TQ as Tekin teammate Nathan Dean had an amazing run as well to claim the pole for the A-Main with me rolling off behind him in 2nd place.

2016 North South Podium

The main events had started after full darkness had set in. The track was really holding moisture and the clay was yielding some very fast lap times with tons of grip. At the start, Nathan and Brian were able to clear real estate from 3rd place quickly. A small bobble on Stanton’s part allowed Dean to stretch a lead on me, but a tangle with lap cars pulled Stanton right back on his bumper. For a few laps the two teammates were within a few feet of each other until Dean was able to navigate lap traffic a little quicker than Stanton could. In the end, Nathan Dean took the win, Brian Stanton was second, and Andrew Dean rounded out the podium for Open Sprints. This was a repeat of our finish last year, going 1-2 again in the A main.

All three drivers chose the Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen2 7.5 T motor.

10.5 Midwest Mod had the most entries of the weekend and the field was very close with the top 20 cars being within 8 seconds of each other. It was Tekin driver Nathan Dean taking TQ and the win followed by David Alford and Steve Eaves taking 3rd, Steve was so running Tekin motors and speed controls.

Steve Eaves was also able to win Mod Late Model running all Tekin products. He did a great job and his car was a rocket all weekend.




Tekin Sweeps the Carolina Triangle Series

This past weekend was the final round of the Carolina Triangle Series at Speed Rc. Max Flurer was able to take home the Tq and wins in 2wd Mod Buggy and Mod Stadium Truck. Alex Mueller took the Tq and win in 2wd SCT. Both drivers chose the Tekin RSX ESC and with 7.5 Gen2 motors.


Max Flurer would take the overall series win in both 2wd Mod Buggy and Mod Stadium truck while Alex took the overall in Sct!



Darren Lord gives Tekin Stock National Title!

Tekin factory driver Darren Lord is the new 2wd Stock Buggy Champion for Australia in 2015.

Darren recaps the weekend:

“With limited practice cause the rain effected both practice days I decided to stay at work and not attend.  Getting updates from guys up there I knew driving on the wet surface was not going to be any advantage at all cause the weather should be fine for race days I made the decision to just attend race day and use the 1 practice round of 5 mins to learn the track before going into qualifying.

Track was back to high grip and was a real fun track and after practice one I was 6th on the time sheet but only 0.1 of fastest lap time. Slight battery position change and I was ready and feeling confident going into 4 rounds of qualifying.  I was running a YZ-2 Yokomo buggy with a brand new Gen2 17.5 motor and Gen2 Rs ESC , the power and smoothness of this combination was awesome geared to 72/34 had plenty of speed and punch.
I TQ rounds 1 , 2 and 4 after I tried a few things in round 3 which did not work so I went back to original set up, so after securing the TQ it was onto the finals to be best 2 of 3 to count.

I admit the pressure got to me with silly mistakes in final 1 and with 2 in the 1st lap I dropped to 9th after lap one , this got me thinking wow that’s not good so I put my head down and for the next 4 minutes I passed 7 other cars to get back to secure good points in 2nd place and walk off a bit disappointed but I knew that’s a decent result to start with.

So with final 1 out of my mind and on the grid for final number 2. Deep breaths and on the sound of the tone I drove away from the field and had a nice lead by the end of lap one and went on with no crashes to win final 2 and was right back to lead the points over all going into final 3

Final 3 , and again at the sound of the tone I was away and had a great little buffer when I heard that car 5 who was the only person that could be beat me on points was involved  in a couple of crashes and to be honest after I heard this on the scoring update I went into cruise mode knowing I could not lose the title from here on , but I did ease of a tad to much that let 2nd place catch up and I had to pull my head in and drive away from the field to secure the win and the National Title for 2wd Stock Buggy.

Stock Nats

Day 2 race day is 4wd day

Again with 1 round of practice in the morning then into 4 rounds of qualifying I thought I should be on the pace and I was just off pace but finished in the top 5 after practice.

Slight change in set up and I was ready for qualifying with my Bmax3 running a Gen2 17.5 motor and just the RS Gen2 Spec ESC again power and smoothness was awesome gearing for this buggy was 72/33 with motor timing.

With a very heavily sugared track set up was a challenge and I just did not get it quite right and I ended up 2nd after qualifying with 2nds in 3 of the 4 rounds.

Not the result I was looking for but still starting from 2nd on the grid was going to be a good position to chase the leader down I thought.

Final 1 with the track breaking up a bit I found a double , double section was playing havoc with my line through that section and it would end up making me crash there in both finals 1 and 2 where I would have to come back through the field to chase but the leader was gone.  Final 1 I did get back to 2nd and final 2 I could only get back to 3rd

So with 1st place secure and him not running the 3rd final it meant that the final positions were not secure. So with no one in front of me and a race plan changed for the section that I was crashing on everything went to plan and honestly I believe if I had made the adjustments in the earlier finals results might have been different but that’s why it’s called racing we are all way learning but onto final 3 with not even 1 bobble it was a perfect run with me winning final 3 and securing 2nd place with a faultless run and winning by over 10 seconds was a great end to a fantastic weekend at a national titles.

So final results were 2wd Stock Buggy TQ and Win, and 4wd Stock Buggy q2 and 2nd overall.

Eppley wins the Boys & Girls Charity Race

Held at the Outback Raceway in Chico, Ca. This annual 1 day race helps bring awareness and raises money each year to give back to the local Boys and Girls charity.  Over $3500 was raised at the annual one day race!

Tekin team driver Mason Eppley would manage to qualify P2 and take the overall win in the 4wd Mod Buggy class with his Tekin RSX Redline Gen2 powered Xray buggy. Great job Mason!

Boys and Girls

Wheeler wins the Battle in the Desert!

This past Saturday the final round of the Battle in the Desert Points series hosted by Hobbytown SRS in Phoenix, Az, and Warehouse 3 Raceway in Peoria, Az. After 6 races with 1 throw out Tekin powered Chris “18” Wheeler was able to secure a podium spot in 2wd Modified buggy with the 3rd position. Chris would also take the overall win in the 2wd 17.5 Buggy class.

Battle in the Desert 17.5

In Mod Chris chose the Tekin RSX with an 8.5 gen 2 motor geared 21/76
In 17.5 Chris chose the Tekin RS Spec with a 17.5 gen 2 motor geared 32/75

Battle in the Desert Mod

Eppley Wraps up the NCSOS Series Championship

Rattlesnake Raceway in Anderson California held the final round of the NCSOS series. A 3 round series that held nearly 100 entries at each round brought out the fastest races in the region. Tekin factory driver Mason Eppley would wrap up the 1/8 Electric Buggy Championship Tq’ing and winning A1 and A2 while lapping field.  Mason chose the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen2 ESC and T8 1900kv Gen2 motor in his Tekno EB48.3


Tekin powers UK SRS Champion!

Tekin would like to congratulate Steve Ibbotson on his SRS Championship!  Read the news from X-Factory UK below.

1-8 Buggy SRS

This weekend saw the final round of the SRS championships and the series headed to the awesome Herts track.
The weather was great and everything looked set for a close final round. Steve Ibbotson and Matt Mussett were in attendance for X-Factory UK, running their Tekno, Tekin, Vampire, JConcepts package…..


All Steve needed to do was finish either 2 places behind the current series leader or in the top 5 if he was lower than 3rd to secure victory in the championship, so this event was more about bringing the car home in a good position rather than going all out for the win. Qualifying started well and immediately his car felt good on the damp track. Putting in a safe 2nd in round, then a 3rd in round and finished on a 2nd in round to mean he was lining up second on the grid.

The finals started and he had a great battle with Mark Rumble for about 5 minutes, a small mistake and he got ahead, then unfortunately Ashley (the series leader) dropped out due to a problem with his car. All Steve then needed to do was make sure the car got to the end of the final above 5th place. He backed off and brought the car home in 3rd to win the SRS championship!


Steve commented that his whole package has been faultless all year running the Tekno EB48.2, JConcepts tyres, Vampire LIPO Batteries and Tekin RX8 Gen2 ESC and T8i 1950kv motor. Congratulations also to Matt Mussett for coming 4th in the championship and narrowly missing out on 3rd.