Joey Bourdon Wins The Kentucky State Race!

“Last weekend we traveled to Hazard Kentucky for the Kentucky Stat Race at Dixon’s RC Raceway where I ran in both the Pro-Ebuggy and E-truggy classes.  They ran 3 qualifying rounds and one main.  After the first round of qualifying I was TQ in both classes, but I was beat in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and ended up qualifying 2nd overall in both.  In the E-buggy A-main I had a really good battle with the guy who got TQ and he left an opening on about the 5th lap and I took it.  I was able to keep the lead for the rest of the race and finished 1st.  In the E-truggy A-main I was able to stay close to 1st place but was never able to get past him and ended up 2nd overall.
It was our first time at Dixon’s and we had a really good time  It’s a really fun track and we met a lot of good people there.” Joey Bourdon

Equipment used:
Ebuggy:  Tekin RX8 Gen3 with Tekin Gen 2 T8 1900kV Etruggy:  Tekin RX8 Gen3 with Tekin Gen 2 T8 2000kv

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