Alex Zanchettin and Tekin take Rd1 of the TLR Cup!

The first round of TLR 22 CUP was held this past weekend at Model Game Fair, in Bologna. The race attracted more than 50 drivers in 2wd class. The track opened at saturday to do some free practice and the race started on Sunday with in the morning 3rounds of qualifing and in the afternoon all the finals. Tekin factory driver Alex Zanchettin took the overall TQ of this class. Zanchettin won all the 3 A-finals while Daniele Monzani took 2nd place with his Kyosho and Marco Baruffolo took the 3rd with TLR. Alex during the race used Tekin Redline 7.5T motor and RS Gen2 Esc.

Alex Zanchettin TLR-Esc/Motor RS Gen2Redline Gen2
Daniele Monzani KYOSHO
Marco Baruffolo TLR-Esc/Motor  RS Gen2Redline Gen2
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