Tekin Builds EP. 19 – Axial UMG10 Maiden Voyage

Winter sure does put a damper on the outdoor RC fun for us here in Idaho, but sometimes it just takes a trip to lower elevation to get out of the snow! Finally got to put some trail time on the UMG10 build and I gotta say, this is a great rig and has become my favorite Axial vehicle to date. I love the body, the tires are perfect style and size and all the upgrades brought it together.

The Body

This body is hands-down my favorite Axial body ever. Yeah it isn’t licensed, but is that really an issue? Not for me and Knight Customs has options to slap a Mercedes grill and emblem on the front if your little heart desires. I decided to go with the standard issue grill with a big Axial logo in it, because Axial.

The light bar mount is also from Knight Customs Shapeways store and is holding a Pro-Line 6″ Curved LED bar. I had to use a 6mm spacer on each side and 20mm M3 screws to mount it and it looks great! The stock snorkel still fits with this light bar mount installed.

SOR Graphics came through with the custom snow camo style wrap. Wraps are great for crawlers, the thick vinyl really toughens up the bodies and is pretty easy to peel off and replace later on to change up the style. I chose the matte finish, which is textured and looks a lot like scale bed liner.

I also scored and found a free file for 3D printed inner fender liners on Thingverse! Author Heckmic originally designed them for the Cherokee, but another user Kanook modified them to work on the UMG10 and they sure did! Printed out of ABS, sprayed flat black and now the wheel wells look properly finished.

Last but not least, I found a PEZ dispenser that had a Darth Vader head on it and it is the PERFECT size for the driver figure in the Axial interior. I painted him up (he was clear originally) and mounted him with a block of plastic and an M3 screw. Lord Vader approves of his ride.

The Wheels

Vanquish decided to drop these super awesome KMC Panzer wheels while I was in the process of finishing this build up, so I ordered 3 pairs and replaced the Methods I installed previously. These Panzers really fit the UMG10 style and look like a big truck wheel; 12 bolts instead of 6 looks a lot better on a Mog build. 6 are short and just screw into the hubcap and the other 6 bolt the wheel to the hub same as all the other Incision wheels.

The Maiden Voyage

Watch the video, reading is boring!

Parts used in this build:

Tekin Racing
BXR Element Proof ESC
T30 Pro Handwound Motor
T-360 Servo

Axial Racing
SCX10-II UMG10 Builder’s Kit

Vanquish Products
AR44 Axle Gear Sets (2)
AR44 Suspension/Link Mounts (2)
Incision Drive Shafts
Incision 1.9 KMC Panzer Wheels (5)

AR44 Front Portals
AR44 Rear Portals

Beef Tubes 
AR44 Beef Tubes Standard Width

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