Tekin Builds EP.15 – Axial SCX10-II UMG10 Chassis Assembly

New month, new build! The Axial SCX10 platform has been the standard in scale crawling for over a decade. The potential to create whatever you are dreaming of is basically unlimited! The UMG10 is a kit version of the SCX10-II platform and heavily resembles the ever-popular Unimog from Mercedes Benz. This 1/10 scale kit gives builders a very nice platform to start with and from there create whatever they desire.

We are starting out our build by assembling axles and to give our truck an edge we are building the axles completely from aftermarket parts! Beef Tube AR44 housings provide 50g of weight and added strength to the axle tubes, Vanquish 6-bolt locker and gears beef up the inside, Vanquish shock/link mounts on the outside and RC4WD portal assemblies to top off our “Unimog” axles. We are also building our transmission and chassis, preparing our UMG10 for shocks, suspension links and axles to be mounted up. Next episode will cover electronics installation, mounting up wheels and tires and setting up the suspension!

Parts used in this build:

Tekin Racing
BXR Element Proof ESC
T30 Pro Handwound Motor
T-360 Servo

Axial Racing
SCX10-II UMG10 Builder’s Kit

Vanquish Products
AR44 Axle Gear Sets (2)
AR44 Suspension/Link Mounts (2)
Incision Drive Shafts
1.9 Method MR307 Wheels (5)

AR44 Front Portals AR44 Rear Portals

Beef Tubes AR44 Beef Tubes Standard Width

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