Tekin wins E Truggy and E Buggy at RD 2 of the ROAR Region 2 Mid-Atlantic Series.

On May 4th, 2013 LCRC Raceway in Oakland Mills, PA hosted the Mid-Atlantic Roar Region 2 – Race 2.

Tekin powered Joe Bornhorst would take the win in the 1/8 E Buggy Class. The field was deep with  5 heats of 1/8 E-Buggy, 51 total drivers in the class. When the tone sounded for the start of A1, Gunnar Rieck and Joe Bornhorst started to check out from the pack. They were nose to tail for the first couple of minutes, having an amazing race, and neither of them were making any mistakes. At about the 2:30 mark, Bornhorst’s  car started to act a little weird as the right rear wheel was bouncing in the air. Later found out to be a broken shock shaft so Bornhorst was running on only a spring. Bornhorst kept pushing forward to try and finish as strong as he could. A slight mistake Bornhorst would up the inside line, and Gunnar got around.  After a few more laps, Gunnar got caught up with a wrecked lapped car, and Bornhorst got back around! At this point, they were right back where they started, nose to tail and having a very close battle. Bornhorst took advantage of a couple of mistakes by Rieck, and started to slightly pull away. With about a 2.5 sec lead, the announcer called one minute to go, and he knew that he just had to bring it home for the win. Bornhorst did just that, and came around for the A1 win!

Going into A2, Bornhorst knew that he just needed a solid race to get the overall win. When the tone sounded, it didn’t exactly go to plan.. Bornhorst caught a tube in the second turn, going straight to the back of the pack. On the first lap Bornhorst took advantage of everyone being bottled up together, and made a handful of passes within the matter of a couple of sections. Bornhorst came around on the first lap in the 6th position. Pushing as hard as he could, Bornhorst made it all of the way up to the 3rd spot with two minutes to go. On the last lap of the race, Bornhorst made a last minute pass for 2nd, and finished there. I then knew it would come down to a tie breaker of overall time for the win between Anthony Mazzara and Joe. The race sheets to be posted, and to Bornhorst relief, he won the tie breaker along with winning the overall!

Serpents own Paul Cicarello would take the E Truggy win with his Tekin Rx8 T8 2000kv powered Serpent electric truggy.

Both Joe and Paul chose the folllowing Tekin products:

Video of the Ebuggy Mains:

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