Tekin powers Joe Bornhorst to WRL Series Championship!

Last weekend was the WRL (Winter Racing League) Finals at CRCRC. This was the 6th round of the series that carried all of the way through the winter. Going into the weekend Tekin powered Joe Bornhorst new that he was going to have to have some good runs to finish out the series good, seeing as the fastest drivers in the area were in attendance along with it being a Double Points race. Bornhorst raced both 2wd Buggy and 2wd SCT.

For the first round of qualifying 2wd Buggy was up first, and there was 4 full heats of buggies. Bornhorst  had a solid run for 5th overall and was pretty happy with it, a good start. Next up was 2wd SCT heat. Bornhorst’s truck was on point. Joe came out swinging in this race throwing down a flawless run grabbing the TQ by a couple seconds.  Going into the 3rd and final round of qualifying Bornhorst had a very clean run , bettering his time to a 15/5:09.5. TQ for the day was JP Richards with a 16/5:18.9. This run put me Joe 4th overall. Last qualifier for 2wd SCT and again Joe had a good run, but didn’t better his time while still keeping TQ from his Rd1 time which was a 15/5:17.8.

The 2wd buggy main was highly anticipated by everyone in the building, everyone was watching. When the tone sounded for the 7 minute main Bornhorst stayed in 4th and freight trained away from the pack with the top 3 drivers. 3 minutes into the race and the top 4 had a gap on 5th, all battling for position. No one was making mistakes, going into the last lap Bornhorst really wanted that last podium position and was trying to plan out a pass. Bornhorst  made the pass for the 3rd spot and just brought it around for his third podium of the series in 2wd buggy. When the overall series points were added up Joe’s 3rd place in 2wd buggy put him up into the 3rd spot overall for the series out of 97 total drivers. Joe chose a Tekin RS Pro esc, with a Gen 2 8.5T Motor, along with the Hotwire USB device.

The 2wd SCT A-main tone sounded and Bornhorst would go on to have a flawless run pulling away from the pack leading from tone to tone for a very convincing win over 2nd place JP Richards, and 3rd place Paul Sinclair. With the double points TQ and win in 2wd SCT in the last round it was enough to bring Joe up up into the 1st position for the series edging out Dustin Richards by just one point! Joe chose the Tekin RS Pro esc, with a Gen 2 7.5T Motor, along with the Hotwire USB device.

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