Tekin powered Blais brothers win the 3rd Annual Mid-Summer Shootout!

Hosted at Coyote Hobbies the 3rd Annual Mid-Summer Shootout wrapped up over the weekend. The house was full and the racing was close.

Tekin powered Chris Blais would take the overall Tq over his brother Nick. Going into the A the tension was pretty thick while the drivers waiting for the “go” tone. Chris would run out front until a minor mistake would let Nick take the lead. Chris would make a diving pass to the inside on the 2nd to last turn, the two would make contact with Nick getting the best out of it taking the win. Both drivers chose the Tekin Rx8 and T8 motor to power them to the podium.

The 4wd SC would be up last but would have some of the tightest racing of the weekend! Chris Blais would put his Tekin powered Tekno SC in the Tq spot over his brother Nick and local fast guy Rudy Rico. The 3 would battle it out for the entire main. Nick would attempt a bold move near the end but would bobble giving up 2nd place Rico. The 3 would finish up with Chris 1st, Rico 2nd, and Nick 3rd. Chris and Nick both chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and Pro 4 HD motor.

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